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Roy Bagley (Character)
from King Kong (1976)

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King Kong (1976)
[first lines]
Joe Perko: OK, Boan, how much you got here?
Boan: About eighteen hundred.
Joe Perko: Eighteen hundred? What's going on?
Boan: There's Bagley.
Joe Perko: Hey, Mr. Bagley! Something's haywire. They only loaded me enough pipe to push one test hole. Less than two thousand feet.
Roy Bagley: Yeah, that'll be enough.
Boan: Are you kidding? On Bagatan, we didn't come until we were past twenty-six thousand feet.
Roy Bagley: You take my word, fellas. This hole proves out within two thousand, or it's a write-off.

Roy Bagley: Well, Fred, I finished testing the samples from that pool. It'll be real great oil!
Fred Wilson: Son of a bitch! Ah, ha ha! Fred Wilson is "crazy" is he? Wait'll those candy-asses in New York hear about this one! Wait'll I put the screws to them! I'll grind them...
Roy Bagley: Like I said, it *will* be real great oil... as soon as Mother Nature finishes cooking it a little longer... a bit more aging.
Fred Wilson: How much longer?
Roy Bagley: Shit, hardly a tick o' the clock, as geological time goes. Say, uh, ten thousand years. Until then, you'd get better mileage filling up your Cadillac with mule piss!