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Quotes for
Dwan (Character)
from King Kong (1976)

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King Kong (1976)
Dwan: [to Kong] You Goddamn chauvinist pig ape!

Dwan: God it's scary it's like there's a curse on all of us.
Fred Wilson: Damn it! I'm tired of you trying to confuse this girl's mind! This is her big chance and yours too! You know there are stars in Princeton the same way there are in Hollywood Jack. You want out, you want me to cable Harvard or Yale and get Kong another keeper?
Jack Prescott: Coast to coast tours, beauty and the beast, that's a grotesque farce!

Dwan: How can I become a star because of... because of someone who was stolen off that gorgeous island and locked up in that lousy oil tank?
Fred Wilson: Its not *someone*! Its an animal, a beast who tried to rape you.
Dwan: Thats not true. He risked his life to save me.
Fred Wilson: He tried to rape you honey. And before you cry a lot, you should ask the natives on that island what they thought of losing Kong.
Jack Prescott: Actually, they'll miss him a lot.
Fred Wilson: Like leprosy.
Jack Prescott: No, you're dead wrong. He was the terror, the mystery of their lives, and the magic. A year from now that will be an island full of burnt-out drunks. When we took Kong we kidnapped their god.

Dwan: Did you ever meet anyone before whose life was saved by "Deep Throat"?

Dwan: You know I had my horoscope done before I flew out to Hong Kong. And it said that I was going to cross over water and meet the biggest person in my life.

Dwan: I'm Dwan. D-W-A-N, Dwan. That's my name. You know, like Dawn, except that I switched two letters to make it more memorable.

Dwan: Radio your computer and ask them if you don't believe me.

Dwan: You know we're going to be great friends. I'm a Libra. What sign are you? I bet you're an Aries. Aren't you? Of course you are." I knew it. That's just wonderful.

Dwan: You're just going to America to be a star.

Dwan: [Kong has been wrecking the ship] Hey, Kong. Remember me from before, your blind date? Why are you waking up all these sleepy people?