Captain Englehorn
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Captain Englehorn (Character)
from King Kong (1933)

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King Kong (2005)
Carl Denham: $2,000. It's a deal. Will you take a check?
Captain Englehorn: Do I have a choice?

Carl Denham: I'll give you another thousand if we leave right now.
Captain Englehorn: You haven't given me the first thousand yet.
Carl Denham: Can we talk about this later? Can't you see we are in the company of a VIP guest?
Captain Englehorn: Ma'am.
Ann Darrow: Ann Darrow.

Captain Englehorn: Ma'am?
Ann Darrow: Ann Darrow.
Captain Englehorn: So, you are ready for this voyage, Miss Darrow?
Ann Darrow: Sure.
Captain Englehorn: Nervous?
Ann Darrow: Nervous? No. Why? should I be?

Captain Englehorn: That's the thing about cockroaches. No matter how many times you flushed them down the toilet, they always crawl back up the bowl.
Carl Denham: Hey buddy, I'm out of the bowl. I'm drying off my wings and trekking across the lid.

Captain Englehorn: [after saving Denham and his film crew from natives] Seen enough?

Carl Denham: I've risked everything I had on this film.
Captain Englehorn: No Denham, you risked everything I have.

Carl Denham: I'll give you another thousand to leave right now.
Captain Englehorn: You haven't given me the first thousand yet.

Venture Crew - Helmsman: Fifteen Fathoms! We have seabed!
Hayes: You should stop the ship!
Captain Englehorn: [continues steering] We're getting out of here Mr. Hayes.

[Jack Driscoll must sleep in a cage where animals slept]
Captain Englehorn: So what are you, Mr. Driscoll, a lion, or a chimpanzee?

Captain Englehorn: [after discovering boxes of chloroform stacked haphazardly in one of the crates] What are you trying to do, put the whole ship to sleep?

Captain Englehorn: There's nothing out there!
Carl Denham: Then you have nothing to lose...

Captain Englehorn: [Asking Jack which cage to stay in] What are you Mr. Driscoll, a lion? Or a chimpanzee?

Captain Englehorn: There's a warrant out for your arrest. Did you know that? I have been ordered to divert to Rangoon.
Carl Denham: Another week. I haven't got a film yet. Please I have risked everything.
Captain Englehorn: No Denham. You risked everything I have.
Carl Denham: What do you want? Tell me what you want. I will do anything.
Captain Englehorn: I want you off my ship.

Captain Englehorn: [Sarcastically after shooting several natives] Seen enough?

King Kong (1933)
[Captain translates Native Chief's comments on Ann Darrow]
Captain Englehorn: He says, "Look at the golden woman."
Carl Denham: Yeah, blondes are scarce around here.

[Kong has been knocked out by gas bombs]
Carl Denham: Why, the whole world will pay to see this.
Captain Englehorn: No chains will ever hold that.
Carl Denham: We'll give him more than chains. He's always been king of his world, but we'll teach him fear. We're millionaires, boys. I'll share it with all of you. Why, in a few months, it'll be up in lights on Broadway: Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Captain Englehorn: Serve out the rifles! Man the boats!

Captain Englehorn: And you expect to photograph it?
Carl Denham: If it's there, you bet I'll photograph it!
Jack Driscoll: Suppose it doesn't like having its picture taken?
Carl Denham: Well, now you know why I brought along those cases of gas bombs

Carl Denham: Wait a minute, what about Kong?
Jack Driscoll: Well, what about him?
Carl Denham: We can here to get a moving picture, and we've found something worth more than all the movies in the world!
Captain Englehorn: [incredulous] What?
Carl Denham: We've got those gas bombs. If we can capture him alive...
Jack Driscoll: Why, you're crazy. Besides that, he's on a cliff where a whole army couldn't get at him.
Carl Denham: Yeah, if he stays there...
[looks at Ann]
Carl Denham: but we've got something he wants.
Jack Driscoll: [holds Ann] Yeah. Something he won't get again.

Carl Denham: Whaddaya think of that wall, Skipper?
Captain Englehorn: Colossal; might almost be Egyptian.
Carl Denham: Yeah, but what's on the other side of that wall; that's what I wanna find out.

Carl Denham: [the witch doctor has complained to the Chief] What's that?
Captain Englehorn: Must be the Witch Doctor. He says the ceremony is spoiled because we've seen it.
Carl Denham: Well, calm the old boy down! What's the word for friend?
Captain Englehorn: Bala.
Captain Englehorn: [moving toward the Chief, arms out and palms up] Bala; bala.
Skull Island nation leader: Punya!

Charlie: [offering native jewelry] Skipper, look what I find.
Captain Englehorn: A native bracelet!
Charlie: Crazy black man been here.

Carl Denham: Hey, wouldja' look at that...
Captain Englehorn: Natives running through the village.
Carl Denham: Yeah... looks like the night before election.

The Son of Kong (1933)
[Hilda sings Runaway Blues]
Carl Denham: Hey, she's got something there.
Englehorn: It certainly isn't a voice!

Carl Denham: Skipper, believe it or not, there's a little Kong!
Englehorn: What? A little K -... How little?
Carl Denham: Well, just a little one... about twelve feet high.

Helstrom: [sees Denham and Englehorn sitting in a Dakang bar] Carl Denham! Don't you remember me? Nils Helstrom.
Carl Denham: Why, for the love of Mike. Helstrom! Sure I remember you!
[indicates Englhorn]
Carl Denham: Oh, this is Captain Englehorn. Captain Helstrom.
[Englehorn and Helstrom shake hands]
Carl Denham: Sit down.
[to Englehorn]
Carl Denham: Say, do you know who this is? The man who gave me the map of Kong's Island. And he wants to know if I remember him?
Carl Denham: Have a drink.
[pours Helstrom a drink]
Helstrom: [to Englehorn] So, that was your ship came in last night?
Englehorn: Mine and Denham's.
Helstrom: [to Denham] I heard about you in Singapore. How you captured the biggest animal on earth and taken him back to New York.

Carl Denham: If you want me to, I'll give Helstrom a tip that he's too thick with the crew.
Englehorn: Go ahead. It's bad for discipline.
Carl Denham: [sees Charlie leading a procession of the crew] Ha. We must be in Russia. Here comes the Committee of the Workers.
Charlie, the Chinese Cook: Captain Englehorn!
Englehorn: Well?
Charlie, the Chinese Cook: Captain, I went down in the forward hold.
Englehorn: What of it?
Charlie, the Chinese Cook: Captain, I found something!
Englehorn: What's the matter? Found what?
Carl Denham: [sees Charlie reach into the crowd of sailors and pull out Hilda, who was stowing away in the forward hold] Holy mackerel!

Carl Denham: Skipper, believe it or not, there's a little Kong!
Englehorn: What? A little K -... How little?