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Patrick (Character)
from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
Patrick: You know that girl we did last week? The one with the potatoes.
Stan: That girl? Yeah, that's this guy's girl.
Patrick: Yeah.
Stan: Right... Was. Took care of that.
Patrick: Well uh, I kind of fell in love with her that night.
Stan: What? You little fuck!
Patrick: What?
Stan: She was unconscious, man.
Patrick: Well, she was beautiful and... I stole a pair of her panties as well.
Stan: Jesus!
Patrick: What? It's not like - I mean they were clean and all.
Stan: Don't tell me this stuff! I don't wanna hear this shit!

Clementine: [Clem arrives home to see Patrick waiting for her] Patrick, get the fuck awa...
Patrick: -What's wrong?
Clementine: Get the fuck away from me!
Patrick: Do you wanna talk about it?
Clementine: NO! Get the fuck away!

Patrick: Baby, whats wrong?
Clementine: I don't know! I DON'T KNOW! I'm lost! I'm scared! I feel like I'm disappearing! MY SKIN'S COMING OFF! I'M GETTING OLD! Nothing makes any sense to me! NOTHING MAKES ANY SENSE!

Clementine: HEY! Lets go out dancing! You want to go out to Montauk with me?
Patrick: Montauk?
Clementine: Yeah, NO! Come out to Boston with me!
Patrick: Sure, we can go next weekend.
Clementine: NO! Now! Now! I have to go see the frozen Charles NOW!

Patrick: Mary hates me. I've never been popular with the ladies.
Stan: Maybe if you stopped stealing their panties.

[Patrick knocks on Joel's car window while parked in front of Clem's apartment]
Joel: Yes?
Patrick: Can I help you?
Joel: What do you mean?
Patrick: Can I help you with something?
Joel: No.
Patrick: What are you doing here?
Joel: I'm not really sure what you're asking.
Patrick: Oh, thanks...