Casey Becker
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Biography for
Casey Becker (Character)
from Scream (1996)

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Casey opens the film by answering the phone in a cheerful, friendly manner, which may give viewers a glimpse of the kind of young woman she was. However, what begins as an understanding about a wrong number quickly develops into anxiety and then terror for Miss Becker when the caller repeatedly phones her back; becoming more intimidating each time. Once the man implies for the second time that he can see Casey, she runs through the house to lock the doors.

We know Casey's favourite scary movie is 'Halloween', because she gives this as her answer when the killer questions her. "What's your favourite scary movie?" has since become arguably the film's most quoted line.

Casey may be interpreted as quite flirty, as she denies having a boyfriend, which we soon find out isn't true. She discovers that her boyfriend, Steve, is actually bound to a chair on her patio. From how distraught she is at the threat of Steve being killed, we can assume she cares deeply for him, yet she dares not go out to help him. For this, she may be seen as cowardly or selfish. Due to her incorrectly answering a question about the film 'Friday the 13th' (which we can presume she is a fan of, as she admits to having seen it twenty times), Steve is killed.

Once this has happened, Casey realises the caller intends to kill her, too. She was originally told that correctly answering questions could save her life, but she appears to give up this hope when a chair is thrown through the glass doors of the house. As she hides outside with a kitchen knife, watching the killer inside, her hope appears to be re-kindled by the sight of her parent's car driving toward the family home. However, after one close call, she is chased by her perpetrator and stabbed. Apparently a fighter, she continues to try and get away from the murderer; almost reaching her parents before she is attacked again. She is sadly unable to escape this time. She is stabbed at least twice more and is dragged (phone in hand) to a tree, where she is hung. The final shot of the Opening Credits is of Casey's hanging body.

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