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Lamont (Character)
from American History X (1998)

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American History X (1998)
[Inside prison laundry]
Lamont: [to Derek] Don't fuck with me 'cause I'm the most dangerous man in this prison. You know why? 'Cause I control the underwear.
Lamont: [They walk down to the underwear station] All right, pick 'em up over here and you sort 'em over there. I hope you can work out all right because the last guy they sent me didn't wear no drawers, couldn't read the sizes in the drawers, and he used to sniff the drawers. All right, we got two sizes, medium and large, all right? All you got to do is put the mediums with the mediums and the large with the large. All right, I know it's a borin' job, but it's better than that last shit they had me doin'. I spent two years in the kitchen...
[He laughs]
Lamont: ... scrubbin' hot ass pots and pans that you don't want to do, al right?

[Derek is leaving prison]
Lamont: 'Sup, man? You getting outta here? Well, c'mon man! What the fuck you waiting on?
Derek Vinyard: Yeah, you know, I got this funny feeling.
Lamont: Oh yeah? What's that?
Derek Vinyard: I'm thinking the only reason I'm getting outta here in one piece is you.
Lamont: C'mon man! Get the fuck outta here, man! You think I'm gonna put my neck on the line for some crazy-ass peckerwood?
Derek Vinyard: Yeah, right. Stupid.
[a moment of silence passes and Lamont looks away]
Derek Vinyard: That's what I thought. I owe you, man.
Lamont: Man, you owe me shit, a'ight?
Derek Vinyard: Yes, I do.
[Derek offers his hand and Lamont takes it]
Derek Vinyard: You'll be outta here in no time.
Lamont: C'mon man, it's a piece of cake, a'ight? You just take it easy on the brothers, a'ight? The *brothers*!

Lamont: [When Derek doesn't respond to his question, he laughs] Okay, I know your kind, right? Bad ass peckerwood with an attitude. Well, let me tell you something, man. You better watch your ass 'cause you're in the joint. You the nigger, not me.

Lamont: [From workprint director's cut] Nah nah nah, you were a little more harder then that. you uh, probably robbed some old lady huh? Nah, you probably fucked your sister huh?
Derek Vinyard: Kay, how about this? How about I killed two fucking niggers who tried to jack my car? If I had my way, I wouldn't spend five minutes next to your fucking nigger ass. I'm going to see you folding clothes and dreaming about what I would do to you if I found you on the street at night. Just fold your fucking underwear, keep your mouth shut and we'll pass the time fine.
Lamont: [laughs] Bad ass cracker with an attitude huh?