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Mr. Daniels (Character)
from The Mummy (1999)

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The Mummy (1999)
Mr. Henderson: Get me a glass of bourbon.
Mr. Daniels: Alright.
Mr. Henderson: A-And a shot of bourbon.
Mr. Daniels: Yeah. Okay, okay.
Mr. Henderson: And a bourbon chaser!
Mr. Daniels: Yeah, yeah, I'll get your damn bourbon.

Evelyn: We must stop him from regenerating. Who opened that chest?
Mr. Henderson: Well, there was me, and Daniels here. Oh, and Burns, of course.
Mr. Daniels: And that Egyptologist feller.
Rick: What about my buddy, Beni?
Mr. Daniels: Nah, he scrammed out of there 'fore we opened the damn thing.
Mr. Henderson: Yeah. He was the smart one.
Rick: Well, yeah, that sounds like Beni.

Mr. Daniels: Stupid superstitious bastard.

Rick: This door doesn't open. She doesn't come out, and no one goes in.
[to Mr. Henderson]
Rick: Right?
Mr. Henderson: Right.
Rick: [to Mr. Daniels] Right?
Mr. Daniels: Right.
Rick: Let's go Jonathan.
Jonathan: Oh, well, I thought I could just stay at the fort and, uh, reconnoiter.
Rick: Now!
Jonathan: Yeah. Right. We're just gonna rescue the... Egyptologist.

Beni: [from deleted scene] It is three days down the Nile, then two days by camel, Barat'm.
Mr. Daniels: All the money we're payin' you, there better be something under that sand.
Mr. Henderson: Hamunaptra, Daniels. That's all you gotta keep telling yourself. Hamunaptra.
Mr. Burns: We're gonna find it, boys, and we're gonna make history.
Mr. Henderson: And get rich doin' it.
Dr. Allen Chamberlain: [to native workers loading equipment into the riverboat] Let's load it up! Let's load it up! Everything's in order, gentlemen.
Mr. Burns: Thank you, Doctor.

Mr. Henderson: [when Hamunaptra is revealed in the morning] Look at that!
Mr. Daniels: Can you believe it?
Mr. Burns: Hamunaptra.
Rick: Here we go again.

Mr. Henderson: [after finding the sacred jars] Say, O'Connell, what do you think these babies will fetch back home?
Mr. Burns: We hear you boys found yourselves a nice, gooey mummy. Congratulations.
Mr. Daniels: You know, if you dry that fellow out, you might be able to sell him for firewood.