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Philos (Character)
from The Scorpion King (2002)

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The Scorpion King (2002)
[about the catapult in his laboratory]
Philos: It was meant to be a quick means of transportation, but there was a little problem with the landings.

[Mathayus enters a room where Philos is working]
Philos: Good lord. Are you going to kill me?
Mathayus: Maybe later.

Philos: Like ALL of my inventions, Memnon will try to use it for war.
Mathayus: Where is Memnon?
Philos: Ay, you mean to kill him, do you?
Mathayus: [raises his sword to Philos' throat] Yes.

[after getting inside the city gates]
Mathayus: All right, that was the easy part. Everybody know what to do?
Balthazar: Cripple the guards.
Philos: Ignite the powder.
Arpid: And try not to get killed.

[walking through the desert, Mathayus, Arpid, and Cassandra hear a huge explosion and a plume of smoke rises. Philos appears, soot-covered and grinning ecstatically]
Philos: It works! It works!
[sees them]
Philos: My lady! How lovely to see you out here in this desolate place! Let me show you! It works! Ha! Come, come, come, come!
[Cassandra runs to him]
Philos: My lady sorceress... you see? I worked it out. My Chinese formula. My magic powder works! All I needed was salt - peter salt. It was here all the time! Th-th-this place is just full of it! By the way, do any of you happen to have any water?