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Quotes for
Jay 'Ajju' Rehan (Character)
from Kaante (2002)

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Kaante (2002)
Jay Rehan 'Ajju': [to Major in Hindi] Will you only bark or will you bite?

Jay Rehan 'Ajju': [To the bodyguard in English] You know what this is brother? Its a gun... with bullets! Goes in real small... comes out real big
Marc Issak: *Shocked* So this gentleman also speaks english, huh?
Jay Rehan 'Ajju': Sometimes, I guess
Marc Issak: Man... seen so many bastards, but not one like you!

Yashvardhan Rampal 'Major': [To Ajju] Who in the blue hell gave you a passport?
Jay Rehan 'Ajju': Baali's mom!
Yashvardhan Rampal 'Major': [Major looks at Baali]
Raj Yadav 'Baali': She's been w... working in a passport office since childhood only!

Yashvardhan Rampal 'Major': Mak did the right thing by shooting Baali... Baali was mentally unstable
Jay Rehan 'Ajju': Major I agree Baali was mentally unstable but he also wanted to KILL a cop, not save a cop... who saved the cop??? He
Jay Rehan 'Ajju': did!

Jay Rehan 'Ajju': Who killed him
Jay Rehan 'Ajju': ?
Maqbool Haider 'Mak': I did... he was going to kill the cop...
Jay Rehan 'Ajju': So you killed Baali instead?
Maqbool Haider 'Mak': But how could we let him kill a cop?
Jay Rehan 'Ajju': Why couldn't we let him this bastard? I'll show you how you kill a cop... Watch
[Kills MacQuarrie]

Jay Rehan 'Ajju': Why are you all standing still? What did he say?? Is anyone going to tell me what did he say???
Raj Yadav 'Baali': He said... that one of us... is a cop!