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Quotes for
Yashvardhan 'Major' Rampal (Character)
from Kaante (2002)

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Kaante (2002)
Yashvardhan Rampal 'Major': [Speaking to Ajju] Who gave you the passport to come here.

McQuarrie's partner: About the robbery, Tell us whatever you know about this...
Yashvardhan Rampal 'Major': I'll tell what I know and what I do know is that you've made a very very big mistake by bringing me here

Yashvardhan Rampal 'Major': Plan's changed.... all of you put your cellphones on the table... we are going to rob the bank tomorrow... not the day after...
Maqbool Haider 'Mak': Smart move Major! You're doing this so none of us can cheat on you...
Anand Mathur 'Andy': So what do we do tonight?
Yashvardhan Rampal 'Major': Tonight? We're gonna dance, sing, drink... what else?
Raj Yadav 'Baali': *Picks up the mobile* I will get some hot chics arranged right now!
Yashvardhan Rampal 'Major': Put the phone down Bali!

Yashvardhan Rampal 'Major': [To Ajju] Who in the blue hell gave you a passport?
Jay Rehan 'Ajju': Baali's mom!
Yashvardhan Rampal 'Major': [Major looks at Baali]
Raj Yadav 'Baali': She's been w... working in a passport office since childhood only!

Anand Mathur 'Andy': I'm sorry Major but I can't pay...
[About to Leave]
Yashvardhan Rampal 'Major': Wait... you're a software engineer and the Bank has a security password which needs to be cracked... so we need you anyways...
Raj Yadav 'Baali': B..but w...why do we need him to crack the password? Marc is our Tarzan... he will crack everything we need to get cracked
Marc Issak: Forget it Major... why are you explaining the situation to him
Marc Issak: ? He doesn't even know the difference between a software and an underwear!

Yashvardhan Rampal 'Major': Mak did the right thing by shooting Baali... Baali was mentally unstable
Jay Rehan 'Ajju': Major I agree Baali was mentally unstable but he also wanted to KILL a cop, not save a cop... who saved the cop??? He
Jay Rehan 'Ajju': did!