Riley Denbo
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Riley Denbo (Character)
from Land of the Dead (2005)

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Land of the Dead (2005)
[last lines]
Riley: Take us north.

Charlie: Nice shooting.
Riley: Good shooting, Charlie. No such thing as nice shooting.

Arena Policeman: What the hell is going on here?
Riley: Someone shot the little fat man.

Mike: They're pretending to be alive...
Riley: Isn't that what we're doing? Pretending to be alive?

Riley: [about the fireworks] Put some flowers in the graveyard.
Charlie: Put some flowers in the graveyard. How come you call them that, Riley? I don't get it. There here ain't the kind of flowers you lay on the ground, these here are sky flowers. Way up in heaven...
Riley: That's why I love you, Charlie, 'cause you still believe in heaven.

Slack: What's your story, Riley?
Riley: I don't have one, nothing bad ever happened to me.

Riley: [Slack shoots open the door, startling him] What the fuck are you doing?
Slack: I'm making myself useful!
Riley: [gets attacked by a zombie] *Now* shoot!

Cholo: [Riley shows up] You were always the smart one, Riley, much smarter than me.
Riley: [under his breath] Not saying much.

Riley: Make sure she doesn't hurt herself.
Slack: I can take care of myself, ok?
Riley: Fine. Charlie, make sure she doesn't hurt anyone else.

Cholo: Still workin' for the man. Kaufman send you to kill me, huh?
Riley: Yes.
Cholo: Takes a true friend to stab you right in the front, doesn't it.

Slack: [referring to Charlie] He thinks he's taking care of you.
Riley: He does. Without his guns I'd be dead by now.
Slack: Without you he'd be dead by now.
Riley: Fair trade.

Riley: Put that thing away and put on your best Sunda smile. Just, just try to be friendly.
Charlie: I *am* friendly.