Xavier Chavez
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Xavier Chavez (Character)
from Saw II (2005)

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Saw II (2005)
Xavier: [turns round to Addison] Look who's talking, the only door you know how to open is between ya' legs!
Addison: [lunges towards Xavier in anger] Why don't you shut the hell up all right!
Xavier: [shouting] Why don't you shut the hell up?
Addison: [she lunges towards him and they begin fighting] I'm sick of your bullshit. You'd best bend over before I land one on the back of your cheek, asshole.
[they begin to fight more, but Jonas steps in and grabs Addison]
Addison: Get the fuck off me!

Amanda: If it's stuck, it's a trap.
Xavier: Lady, this whole house is a trap.

Xavier: The only door you know how to open is between your legs!

Xavier: [picking up Obi's note from Jigsaw] 'Obi'?
Jonas: What the fuck is a 'Obi'?
Obi: 'Ah-bi'. That's my name.

Xavier: It's not a fortress. It's a fucking house!

Jonas: All I'm saying is let's just take our time and come up with a game plan!
Xavier: Well you come up with a game plan. Alright? I'm getting out of here.

Laura: [to Obi] You're the last person I saw before I woke up here. You did this!
Jonas: Are you sure it's him? You better be sure.
Laura: I'm sure.
Obi: You would have done the same. I did what I had to do.
Xavier: I'll give you a choice.
[pulls a knife on Obi]
Xavier: You got 5 seconds to get us out of here!
Obi: I don't know the way out.
Laura: [smashes a glass bottle] Bullshit! You got us in here. You can get us out of here!
Obi: No I can't.
Xavier: Then you're a dead man.
Obi: So are you.

Addison: [Trying to open a door] It's stuck on something.
Xavier: Here, move, let me try. Move! Move! Come on!
[pushes Addison out of the way]
Addison: Would you take it easy? Jesus!
Xavier: Just back up! Alright?

Gus: Fuck! How do you just wake up in a room and have no idea where you are?
Xavier: I guess you've never been drunk before.
Gus: I've been drunk. I spent 3 years in college.

Xavier: Hey kid! Amanda! Where are you?

Xavier: Do not attempt to use this key on the door to this room. Fuck this!

Xavier: Do... not... run!

Addison: Somebody open the fucking door!
Xavier: I don't think anybody is listening. Man, what the fuck is this?
Laura: Somebody's listening.
[points to a camera mounted on the wall]
Daniel: No. Those types of cameras don't have sound.

Amanda: [referring to Daniel] He's gone.
Xavier: Doesn't matter. All I want is the number on the back of his neck and then yours.
Amanda: You still don't know your own number. How are you going to get it if I don't tell you?

Xavier: The only door you know how to open is between your legs!