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Mark Hoffman (Character)
from Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (2010)

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Saw VI (2009)
Mark Hoffman: [voice over reading Amanda's letter] Amanda, you were with Cecil the night Jill lost Gideon. You killed their child. You know it and I know it, so do exactly as I say. Kill Lynn Denlon or I will tell John what you did.

Mark Hoffman: Amanda will fail you.
Jigsaw: We'll see.

Amanda: Get used to me because I'm not going anywhere.
Mark Hoffman: You sure about that?

Amanda: So when's your test, Detective?
Mark Hoffman: I don't need one.
Amanda: [sarcastically] Oh yeah?

Dr. Heffner: [Showing photos from the Jigsaw victims] Look here. These are the jigsaw pieces cut from previous victims. This is the piece taken from the latest victim.
Mark Hoffman: Looks like all the rest.
Agent Lindsey Perez: Yeah, that's what we said too.
Dr. Heffner: The skin abrasions they're indicative of a knife with a partially serrated edge.
Mark Hoffman: So?
Dr. Heffner: So all of the other cuts were made of a near perfect blade of surgical quality.
Mark Hoffman: Obviously Strahm used a different knife than John Kramer.
Agent Lindsey Perez: Right but it got us curious so we pulled the files to compare. That same blade was used in only one other victim.
Dan Erickson: That victim was Seth Baxter. The man who killed your sister.
Mark Hoffman: You're telling me that you can tell a different knife was used from a photo?
Dr. Heffner: No, but I can. I was the one who examined that body. I've examined every victim of the Jigsaw killer.
Mark Hoffman: Good work.

Jill: [after Jill closes herself in her office with Hoffman] I didn't expect to see you here so soon.
Mark Hoffman: Change of plans. The game begins tonight.
Jill: Why?
Mark Hoffman: Because someone knows about the box that shouldn't.
Jill: Who?
Mark Hoffman: That's not your concern. All you need to know is that from now on I control all aspects of the game.
Jill: That's not what John wanted.
Mark Hoffman: Give me the envelopes. That's not a request!
[Jill hands him the envelopes]
Mark Hoffman: From now on, I work alone.
Jill: I know. I'm only carrying out John's final request.
Mark Hoffman: Well, John is dead... and his work is almost done!

Simone: He did this to me...
Mark Hoffman: Who did this?
Simone: Jigsaw...
Mark Hoffman: You didn't cut your own arm off?
Simone: I did... I did!
Simone: But he made me do it!
Mark Hoffman: And why is that?
Simone: [hesitates] Because what Eddie and I were doing was wrong.
Simone: We were ruining people's lives!
[starts crying]
Simone: He wanted us to learn!
Mark Hoffman: [coldly with no emotion] And did you?
Simone: [suddenly looks up at Hoffman] *LOOK* at me!
[Simon lifts up her severed arm]
[Hoffman glares]
[Hoffman walks away]
Simone: LOOK AT ME!

Mark Hoffman: What did you find?
Dan Erickson: Take a look.
Agent Lindsey Perez: The human fingerprint leaves an oily residue. Depending on how long it has been exposed to the elements it's highly susceptible to contamination.
Mark Hoffman: So what's the problem?
Agent Lindsey Perez: We found traces of Halomethane R-12.
Dan Erickson: She means Freon.
Agent Lindsey Perez: Production of R-12 ceased in 1994 so the question is, was the contaminant we found at the site already or did Strahm bring it in with him?
Dan Erickson: We're looking into the building's function before it was abandoned.

Dan Erickson: [pressing on Hoffman] You know, there is an alternative. Let's say that Strahm killed Seth Baxter specifically to set you up as an accomplice to Jigsaw...
Mark Hoffman: [tensing] Okay?
Dan Erickson: There is a problem with that, though. On further analysis of Strahm's fingerprints it was found that the Uric Acid levels were inconsistent for an individual with an active epidural metabolism.
Mark Hoffman: [setting his hot coffee cup on the table next to him] In other words...?
Dan Erickson: In other words, when you left his fingerprints on the latest victim, Strahm was already dead!

Mark Hoffman: [while stabbing Agent Perez] Who else knows about me?
Agent Lindsey Perez: [grabs Hoffman's face before she dies] Everyone!
Mark Hoffman: You lie...
[stabs Perez for the final time]
Mark Hoffman: You *fucking* lie!

Saw V (2008)
Agent Strahm: How did you walk out of that building?
Mark Hoffman: How did you?
Agent Strahm: On a gurney, with a fucking hole in my throat! And you, couple of scratches, and a story about how your arm straps broke. Jigsaw doesn't make mistakes.
Mark Hoffman: Is this you theorizing again? 'Cause Jigsaw's dead.
Agent Strahm: I'm not talking about him, I'm talking about you and your whole crooked department.
Mark Hoffman: My department's gone, they're all dead. There's no one left.
Agent Strahm: Besides you.
Mark Hoffman: I've been chasing Jigsaw from the beginning, and I got him. So unless you've got something else to say... back the fuck off.

Mark Hoffman: Hello Agent Strahm, if you are hearing this then you have once again found what you are looking for, or so you think. Your dedication is to be commended. But I ask you, if you have learned anything on your journey of discovery. As the old adage goes, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." The situation you find yourself in is, but of trust, so I ask you Special Agent Strahm, have you learned to trust me? The only way to survive this room is by entering the glass box before you. Pain will be incurred, but you have a chance of survival. However, if you choose not to, you will never be heard from again. Your body will never be found. You will simply vanish. I ask you, Special Agent Strahm, have you learned enough to trust me? Will you heed my warning? For if you do not, this room will forever be your tomb, and my legacy will become yours. Make your choice.

Mark Hoffman: What do you want from me!
Jigsaw: I want to know if you have what it takes to survive.

Mark Hoffman: [to Jigsaw] What do you want from me?

Mark Hoffman: So this is blackmail?
Jigsaw: No, no, no, no, no. This is redemption. Just giving you an option. That's all. Now, you can arrest me, but doing so, your life ends as you know it. Or, you could explore the method of rehabilitation that'll permit you to sleep at night.

Mark Hoffman: What floor are you going to?
[starts to draw his gun from his jacket]
Jigsaw: [pushes Hoffman into the corner of the elevator and injects a syringe into his neck] I think we're both going to the same place.

Mark Hoffman: You didn't see the blood. You didn't see what he did to her.

Saw IV (2007)
Hoffman: Game over.

Hoffman: You don't ever go through an unsecure door. Ever.

Agent Perez: [after Rigg walks out] Who's he?
Hoffman: Lieutenant Rigg, the SWAT commander.
Agent Strahm: What's his problem?
Hoffman: Everyone around him keeps dying.

Hoffman: Everyone around him keeps dying.

Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (2010)
Hoffman: You wanna know the only thing wrong with killing you, Jill? I can only do it once.

Hoffman: Hello, Gibson. Been a long time. What I want is simple. Give me Jill Tuck. You're protecting her despite the fact that she had direct knowledge throughout, which makes her complicit in every death. I'll make you a deal. Give her to me, the game stops, no one else dies. If not, everyone dies and you'll be to blame. Make your choice. The clock's ticking.