Detective Allison Kerry
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Biography for
Detective Allison Kerry (Character)
from Saw (2004)

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Kerry was a detective, first seen in Saw, who had worked with David Tapp, Steven Sing, Eric Matthews, Rigg, and Hoffman during the course of the first three movies, while it was revealed in Saw IV that she was also an FBI contact working for agents Peter Strahm and Lindsey Perez.

Kerry had apparently worked on the Jigsaw-case since day one, right up until she herself was tested in an inescapable trap (called the angel trap) constructed by Jigsaw's first known apprentice, Amanda Young. She became known as the Jigsaw expert.

Apparently in Saw III, she was targeted by Jigsaw and Amanda Young. She was strapped to what was called "The Angel Trap" or the "Ribcage Harness". This trap ended up being inescapable, and it cost Kerry her life and second chance to live. Her body was found in Saw IV by Rigg and Hoffman.

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