Jeff Reinhart
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Jeff Reinhart (Character)
from Saw III (2006)

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Saw III (2006)
Jeff: I forgive you.

Danica: I didn't do anything to you!
Jeff: That's exactly it, you didn't do anything.

Tim: What the fuck are you doing?
Jeff: [Presses play on tape recorder]
Jigsaw: Hello, Jeff. If you are listening to this, that means that the confrontation you so long dreamed of... is finally unfolding. In your head, he is a cipher. A symbol of your life changing. A symbol of death. I present him to you now, as a simple human being. His name is Timothy Young. He's 27 years old. A medical student with a mother and a father, just like you. A man who's life also changed the day your son died.
Jigsaw: That day he made a terrible mistake. You believed he didn't pay for that mistake. And now is your chance to make him pay. The device Timothy is strapped to is... my personal favorite. I call it "The Rack".
Tim: [Screams]
Jigsaw: The human body is a miraculous creation. Ever wonder how far an arm can twist? This device is going to start twisting. There is a chance he might live though, with your help. To your right is a box. At the back of the box, is a key. It is tied to the trigger of a shotgun. The question you'll have to ask yourself, is this. Are you willing...
Tim: Have mercy!
Jigsaw: ...To take a bullet for the man who killed your son? Does "do on to others as you would have them do on to you" apply here, Jeff? Make your choice.
[device begins to twist]

Judge Halden: Jeff, just standing there, you're accomplice to murder. Are you a murderer Jeff?
Jeff: I've been wanting to kill him for two years.
[Timothy Young starts screaming in agony]
Jeff: Yeah. Maybe I am.

Jigsaw: Hello, Jeff. I made this tape as an insurance policy, if you will. And if you're listening to it, then it's time to collect. I was your final test of forgiveness and if you're listening to this, then you've failed. Now you must pay the price. The price for living for nothing but vengeance. Now I will give you something to live for. I told you that you couldn't kill me, Jeff, but I didn't tell you why. The answer is simple. I am the person responsible for the loss of your child. I am the only person who knows where your daughter is. She only has a limited supply of air, Jeff, and if you want to get her back, you'll have to play a game.
Jeff: No!
Dr. Lynn Denlon: Jeff!
[Lynn's collar detonates]

Jeff: [while the Judge is screaming for his life] Shut the fuck up...

Jeff: I forgive him!

Jeff: [comes into Corbett's room looking for Dylan's stuffed animal] Where is it?
Corbett: What?
Jeff: [sees her holding it] How many times? How many times do I have to tell you before you get it in your head?
Corbett: I just wanted to sleep with something.
Jeff: No, no you just nothing! You don't touch things in Dylan's room! Okay?
Corbett: I'm sorry, daddy.
Jeff: You know I love you, don't you?
Corbett: [nods] Yes.
Jeff: What do you think mommy would say if she saw us like this?

Jeff: He died in my arms! My 8 year old son died in my arms.

Saw IV (2007)
Agent Strahm: Let me see your fucking hands!
Jeff: [screaming] Where is my daughter? You mother...