Julie Griffith
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Julie Griffith (Character)
from "The Incredible Hulk" (1978)

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"The Incredible Hulk: Death in the Family (#1.2)" (1977)
Dr. David Bruce Banner: [Looking at a gravestone] That's my name.
Juliet Griffith: Griffith?
Dr. David Bruce Banner: David.
Juliet Griffith: That's my favorite name. Means 'beloved'.

Juliet Griffith: Hello, David.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: How are you feeling?
Juliet Griffith: Much better, thank you. You look a little better yourself.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: Well, I was pretty grubby before.

Michael: Now you two better git!
Dr. David Bruce Banner: No we're not leaving without you. Now Julie, I think you can walk. I think you can if you want to, if you need to.
Juliet Griffith: I can't!
Dr. David Bruce Banner: Well I can't carry both of you! Now you got to try.
Juliet Griffith: Look, why can't you just get mad or something and turn yourself back into that thing, then you can...
Dr. David Bruce Banner: It does'nt work that way! I can't control it!
Juliet Griffith: Well I can't control my legs either!

Juliet Griffith: You sure you won't stay?
Dr. David Bruce Banner: And have that creature turn up one night when I have a dream and become angry? No, I have to keep moving, till I can be certain this is never going to happen again.
Juliet Griffith: But David...
Dr. David Bruce Banner: Julie, the creature is wanted for murder. One that I can not prove that he or I didn't commit and you would be harboring a criminal.
Juliet Griffith: I don't care.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: I do.

Dr. David Bruce Banner: Julie, I think the whole thing is pschycological.
Juliet Griffith: Now why would I not want to walk?
Dr. David Bruce Banner: I don't know. You loved your dad a lot. Maybe you feel guilty because he died and you didn't.
Juliet Griffith: Oh come on, that has nothing to do with it. I mean why would it be my legs anyway?
Dr. David Bruce Banner: Guilt! People have lost things they love because of guilt! Painters have lost their eyesight. It does happen.

Juliet Griffith: [after Michael was bitten by the Rattlesnake she yells at the Hulk] Help him you said you were a Doctor
[slaps the hulks leg ]

Dr. David Bruce Banner: [David is sinking in quick sand] Julie the branch get it down get it down for me.
Juliet Griffith: I can't walk David.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: I'm not asking you to walk I'm asking you to stand.
Juliet Griffith: Oh God David I cant do it.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: [Starts hulking out] Julie JULIE!
Juliet Griffith: David don't let that happen no not that you'll make it worse.
Dr. David Bruce Banner: Julie for God's sake!
Juliet Griffith: David!