Lawrence 'Larry' Talbot
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Lawrence 'Larry' Talbot (Character)
from The Wolf Man (1941)

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The Wolfman (2010)
[from trailer]
Lawrence Talbot: I will kill all of you!

[from trailer]
Lawrence Talbot: [from trailer] I am what they say I am... I'm a monster.

Sir John Talbot: [from trailer] Lo and behold, the prodigal son returns. I hope you're not expecting a fatted calf.
Lawrence Talbot: [from trailer] Hello father.

[from trailer]
Lawrence Talbot: You have to leave.
Gwen Conliffe: What are you afraid of...?

Lawrence Talbot: [from trailer] What happened?
Sir John Talbot: [from trailer] Your brother's body was found in a ditch. He'd been torn to pieces.

Lawrence Talbot: I must confess, I envy my brother. The days he had with you, what joy he must have felt. I would have given anything I own to have known you in another life. I must get back to Talbot Hall and end this.

Sir John Talbot: Are those Singh's silver bullets in my gun?
Lawrence Talbot: I'm sorry.
Sir John Talbot: You have me at a disadvantage. It makes me happy.
Lawrence Talbot: What does?
Sir John Talbot: Well, seeing you here like this. My son returned. It is glorious, isn't it?
Lawrence Talbot: No, it's hell.

Lawrence Talbot: [his eyes open after being shot by a silver bullet and transforming back into a human] Gwen?
Gwen Conliffe: [crying] I'm sorry...
Lawrence Talbot: It had to be this way.
Gwen Conliffe: I'm sorry.
Lawrence Talbot: [he holds her hand] Thank you.

Sir John Talbot: She exerts enormous power, doesn't she?
Lawrence Talbot: I wish things were different.
Sir John Talbot: Never look back, Lawrence. Never look back. The past is a wilderness of horrors. Lawrence... I'm glad you're home.

Lawrence Talbot: I get your implication, and resent it. You're clearly aware of my personal history, as I believe I'm aware of yours. Weren't you in charge of the ripper case a couple of years back?
Det. Aberline: You're a direct man. So I'll be equally direct with you. I am not your enemy, Mr. Talbot. You've been seen as Hamlet, Macbeth, Richard III, all with that same face. A prudent man would ask who else might be living inside that head of yours?

Lawrence Talbot: You killed my mother.
Sir John Talbot: Yes, I suppose I did.

Gwen Conliffe: What's happened?
Lawrence Talbot: You have to leave. Please pack your things.
Gwen Conliffe: Did I do something?
Lawrence Talbot: It's not safe here. You must return to London tonight.

Gwen Conliffe: Lawrence, please let me help you.
Lawrence Talbot: You already have.

Gwen Conliffe: What are you afraid of?
Lawrence Talbot: If anything ever happened to you I'd never forgive myself.

Lawrence Talbot: Do you believe in curses?
Singh: This house has seen it's fair share of tragedy. Your mother. Your brother. Yes, I believe in curses.

[Sir John has just saved Lawrence from a mob of angry villagers by warning them that Singh is on top of the mansion with a reloading rifle]
Lawrence Talbot: Thank you father.
Sir John Talbot: You can thank Singh. Whenever he gets back from the village. You're not the only one in this family who can act.

Lawrence Talbot: You should kill yourself.
Sir John Talbot: Oh, I cannot tell you how often I've considered that. But life is far too glorious, Lawrence, especially to the cursed and the damned, like myself.

[Sir John begins playing the piano which startles Lawrence. Lawrence points the shotgun at his father]
Sir John Talbot: I will arise and go to my father and I will say unto him, 'Father I have sinned against heaven and before thee. I am no more worthy to be called thy son'.
[He stops playing and looks at Lawrence]
Lawrence Talbot: Lo and behold there he stands, the prodical son, for he is returned.
[Sir John stands up and begins moving toward Lawrence who raises the shotgun]
Sir John Talbot: Shall I have my own robe brought to be placed upon your shoulders? Rings for your fingers? Shoes for your feet?
Lawrence Talbot: What you should do is pray. But we both know it wouldn't do any good.
Sir John Talbot: Are those Singh's silver bullets in my gun?
Lawrence Talbot: I'm sorry.
Sir John Talbot: You have me at a disadvantage. It makes me happy.
Lawrence Talbot: What does?
Sir John Talbot: Well, seeing you here like this. My son returned. It is glorious, isn't it?
Lawrence Talbot: No, it's hell
Sir John Talbot: Hell? No. The beast is the beast. Let it run free.

[repeated line]
Lawrence Talbot: I'll kill you.

Sir John Talbot: You sure you won't stay one more night?
Gwen Conliffe: My father has lodgings at the inn, and that's more convenient for the train so...
[She turns to Lawrence]
Gwen Conliffe: When do you return to London?
Lawrence Talbot: Not till I find out what happened to my brother.
[Gwen turns and climbs into the carraige. She and Lawrence exchange a brief glance before the driver pulls away]
Sir John Talbot: Lawrence, that's all well and good, but I think your inquiry could wait until tomorrow. The moon is full tonight and I'd prefer that you stay inside in the event that your raving lunatic theory is correct. I don't want to lose you too.

Lawrence Talbot: Miss Conliffe. I am Lawrence.
Gwen Conliffe: I know who you are.
Lawrence Talbot: I'm sorry we're meeting like this. These were Ben's. He'd want you to have them.
[He hands her a bag, a ring, and a picture of her]
Lawrence Talbot: If there is anything you need, anything at all, please let me know.
Gwen Conliffe: I want to know what happened to him.
Lawrence Talbot: I'll do everything I can.
Gwen Conliffe: Thank you. Thank you for coming.

Lawrence Talbot: [Seeing the silver bullets] Singh, I didn't know you hunted monsters.
Singh: [Ominously] Sometimes monsters hunt you.

The Wolf Man (1941)
Maleva: Whoever is bitten by a werewolf and lives becomes a werewolf himself.
Larry Talbot: Ah, don't hand me that. You're just wasting your time.
Maleva: The wolf bit you, didn't he?
Larry Talbot: Yeah. Yeah he did!

Jenny Williams: Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.
Larry Talbot: [after hearing it twice already] You know that one too ah?

Larry Talbot: It isn't a wolf... it's a werewolf!

Larry Talbot: You wouldn't wanna run away with a murderer wouldja?
Gwen Conliffe: Oh Larry, you're not. You know you're not.
Larry Talbot: I killed Bela. I killed Richardson. If I stay here any longer, you can't tell who'll be next.

Sir John Talbot: You can't run away.
Larry Talbot: That's it! That's what she said.
Sir John Talbot: Who?
Larry Talbot: The gypsy woman.
Sir John Talbot: Gypsy woman? Now we're getting down to it. She's been filling your mind with this gibberish. This talk of werewolves and pentagrams. You're not a child Larry, you're a grown man and you believe in the superstitions of a Gypsy woman!

Gwen Conliffe: [Gwen and Larry are taking a moonlight walk] So you're a fortune teller?
Larry Talbot: Uh-huh.
Gwen Conliffe: Is that how you knew about the earrings?
Larry Talbot: Well, no exactly. You see, a telescope has a mighty sharp eye. It brings the stars so close that you feel you can almost touch them.
Gwen Conliffe: [shocked] A telescope?
Larry Talbot: Sure. And it does the same thing to people in their rooms - that is if you point it in the right direction.
Gwen Conliffe: Oh you wouldn't.
Larry Talbot: Well, now, I was only testing the refractor. I didn't know about you and all of sudden there you were.
Gwen Conliffe: From now on I'll be sure to draw the curtains.
Larry Talbot: Oh, don't do that, I mean, not on account of me.
Larry Talbot: I mean, well, you know what I mean.
Gwen Conliffe: [grinning] Yes, I'm afraid I do.

Larry Talbot: Don't try to make me believe that I killed a man when I know that I killed a wolf!
Doctor Lloyd: [patronizing Larry] Yes, yes. We're all a little bit confused.

Maleva: You killed the wolf.
Larry Talbot: Well, there's no crime in that is there?
Maleva: The wolf was Bela.
Larry Talbot: You think I don't know the difference between a wolf and a man?
Maleva: Bela turned into a wolf and you killed him. A werewolf can only be killed by a silver bullet, or a silver knife...
[looks down at Larry's walking stick]
Maleva: ...or a stick with a silver handle.
Larry Talbot: You're insane! I tell you, I killed a wolf! A PLAIN, ORDINARY WOLF!

Col. Paul Montford, chief constable: [showing Larry's stick to him] Is this your walking stick?
Larry Talbot: Why, yes. That's the stick I killed the wolf with.
[Sir John Talbot and Col. Montford look at Larry with great concern]
Sir John Talbot: Larry, Bela the gypsy was killed last night. Your walking stick was found next to the body.
Larry Talbot: You mean, Bela the fortune teller? But... I only saw a wolf.

Larry Talbot: Oh its all Greek to me!
Sir John Talbot: Well, it is Greek.

Sir John Talbot: Yes, that's the sign of the werewolf.
Larry Talbot: That's just a legend though, isn't it?
Sir John Talbot: Yes, but like most legends, it must have some basis in fact. It's probably an ancient explanation of the dual personality in each of us. How does it go? "Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and Autumn moon is bright."

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)
Wilbur Grey: Mr. Talbot, and I thought you were such a nice man too. Look at you, you're a mess.
Larry Talbot: Last night I went through another one of my horrible experiences. Many years ago I was bitten by a werewolf. Now, whenever the full moon rises I turn into a wolf myself.
Wilbur Grey: Oh pal. That's all right; I'm sort of a wolf myself.

Larry Talbot: I know you'll think I'm crazy, but in a half an hour the moon will rise and I'll turn into a wolf.
Wilbur: You and twenty million other guys.
Larry Talbot: [slamming Wilbur into a locker with Chick going in behind him] Listen! I might tear you limb from limb!
Wilbur: [turning to Chick in the locker] Is that serious?
Chick Young: He'll murder ya!
Wilbur: [turns to Talbot] That's serious.

Larry Talbot: Soon the moon will rise. I've taken the room across the hall; here's the key, lock me in.
Wilbur Grey: Lock you in?
Larry Talbot: Yes, please. Hurry.
[to Chick]
Wilbur Grey: He's scared too.

Chick Young: Why don't you get down to the police station and tell them you know the story of Dracula and Monster they'd be very interested.
Larry Talbot: I can't do that because then I'd have to tell them who I am and how I know what I know.

Wilbur Grey: I've got a date. In fact I've got two dates.
Larry Talbot: But you and I 'have a date with destiny'.
Wilbur Grey: Let Chick go with Destiny.

Larry Talbot: I just got a line on Dracula and the Monster. A certain Dr. Lajos has been receiving a lot of electrical equipment - just the type necessary to revive the Monster.
Wilbur Grey: So what? I'm way out on an island. I got my own problems.
Larry Talbot: Yes, but listen... I believe you're in the house of Dracula right now!

Larry Talbot: So! We meet again, Count Dracula.
Dracula: Dracula?
Wilbur Grey: Yes. That's who he says you are.
Dracula: Oh. My costume perhaps?
Chick Young: [jokingly] No. Talbot here thinks you're the real thing.
Wilbur Grey: Uh-huh. Right out of McDougal's House of Horrors.
Dracula: What an odd hallucination. But, the human mind is often inflamed with strange complexes. I suggest you consult your physician, Mr. Talbot.
Chick Young: [referring to Wilbur] And take him along with you, please.

Dr. Lejos/Dracula: Miss Raymond, would you honor me with a dance?
Larry Talbot: No, I warn you, he is Count Dracula.
Joan Raymond: How interesting. Tell me more.
Dr. Lejos/Dracula: Let "me" tell you, while we dance. Pardon me, Mr. Talbot.

Larry Talbot: Have you seen Chick Young or Wilbur Grey?
Waiter: Seen 'em? I don't even know them.

Larry Talbot: [gives Wilbur a key] Lock me in, and no matter what you hear or what you might think, don't let me out!

Chick Young: What's the matter?
Larry Talbot: I know you'll think I'm crazy, but... in a half-an-hour the moon will rise and I'll turn into a wolf.
Wilbur Grey: You and 20 million other guys!

House of Frankenstein (1944)
Ilonka: What's your name?
Lawrence Talbot: Lawrence.
Ilonka: Lawrence? Do they call you Larry?
Lawrence Talbot: They used to.

Lawrence Talbot: Who are you? Why have you freed me from the ice that imprisoned the beast that lived within me? Why?

Ilonka: You're not Daniel.
Lawrence Talbot: No, Daniel's back with the doctor.
Ilonka: Who are you?
Lawrence Talbot: Just the driver.

Lawrence Talbot: No earthly power can help those that are marked by the sign of the pentagram.
Dr. Gustav Niemann: You came here to ask Frankenstein for help, didn't you?
Lawrence Talbot: Yes, but I was too late. He was dead. I wanted to die too.

Lawrence Talbot: [speaking of Frankenstein's monster] He wanted life and strength. I wanted only death. Yet, here we are.

House of Dracula (1945)
[last lines]
Lawrence Talbot: Get out! It's the Frankenstein monster!
Mob Bursting Into Lab: [multiple ad libs] Get out... The Frankenstein monster...
[unintelligible noises and shouts, as they turn and run]

Lawrence Talbot: Dr. Edelman, this thing destroyed Frankenstein. It's brought death to all who have tried to follow in his footsteps.
Dr. Edelman: Is that poor creature responsible for what he is?

Lawrence Talbot: Who are these people? Get them out of here. I didn't come here to be put on exhibition.