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Frankenstein's Monster (Character)
from Frankenstein (1931)

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Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
The Monster: Alone: bad. Friend: good!

The Monster: We belong dead!

Doctor Pretorius: Do you know who Henry Frankenstein is, and who you are?
The Monster: Yes, I know. Made me from dead. I love dead... hate living.
Doctor Pretorius: You are wise in your generation. We must have a long talk, and then I have an important call to make.

The Monster: I want friend like me.

The Monster: Woman... Friend... Wife...

The Monster: Smoke? Friend?
Doctor Pretorius: Yes, I hope so. Have a cigar - they're my only weakness!
The Monster: Good! Good!

[repeated line]
The Monster: Friend, friend.

The Monster: Friend? Friend?
The Monster's Mate: Awwwwwwww!
Doctor Pretorius: Stand back! Stand back!
The Monster's Mate: Awwwwwwww!
The Monster: She *hate* me, like others.

The Monster: [realizes Doctor Pretorius isn't working] *Woork!*

The Monster: [speaking to Frankenstein and Elizabeth] Go, you live.
[turning to Doctor Pretorius]
The Monster: You stay, we belong dead.

Hermit: And now, for our lesson. Remember, this is bread. Bread!
The Monster: Bread.
Hermit: And this is wine - to drink.
The Monster: Drink!
Hermit: Drink!
The Monster: Good! Good!
Hermit: We are friends - you and I. Friends.
The Monster: Friends!
Hermit: Good!
The Monster: Good.
Hermit: And now, for a smoke!
[lights a match]
The Monster: No! No!
Hermit: No. No. This is good. Smoke! You try.
The Monster: Smoke?
[puffs the cigar]
The Monster: Good! Good!

Hermit: And this is fire.
The Monster: Arrrrrrr!
Hermit: No! No. Fire is good!
The Monster: Fire - no good. No!
Hermit: There is good. And there is bad.
The Monster: Good. Bad.

The Monster: You - make man - like me?
Doctor Pretorius: No. Woman! Friend for you.
The Monster: Woman? Friend! Yes!

The Monster: Frankenstein.

The Monster: Must - do it!

"Penny Dreadful: Resurrection (#1.3)" (2014)
[the Creature leaves a warning with Victor Frankenstein]
The Creature: You have not known horror until I have shown it to you.

[Victor Frankenstein's first undead Creature speaks to him for the first time]
The Creature: Did you think I wouldn't find you? Did you imagine that I was dead? That I could die? You know better, Frankenstein. I would seek you even unto the maelstrom of the blackest tempest of the darkest night. Stand and face me!
The Creature: [Victor stands up heavily breathing] Look upon this face anew. Is it not well made? Is the language not rich with felicity of expression? Are the eyes not alert? Are these not the eyes that you looked into... Once?
The Creature: [the Creature wipes his bloody hand over Victor's face] Hear how I bled.

[the Creature tells Victor Frankenstein the story of his birth]
The Creature: [the Creature awakens on a bloody table, narrating] That it was a difficult birth there can be no doubt. I was born in sheer, terrified agony. But surely this was not the Protean man you'd envisioned. This was not a golden triumph over mortality, the lyrical Adonais, of which Shelley wrote. This was abomination.
The Creature: [the blood-covered Creature reaches for Victor as he fleas away, narrating] And so you fled. The first human action that I experienced was rejection. So do not wonder my loathing of your species. I waited. But you did not return. Has there ever been a creature so alone? So utterly helpless? Was every new-born creature abandoned the moment they were born? Was this what life was?

[the Creature tells Victor Frankenstein how he learned to speak]
The Creature: [the Creature watches villagers outside the window, narrating] That upstairs window became my salvation and my tutor. I learned how people were. What the people of the village valued and what despised. How animals were treated. There was no doubt in my mind that I was an animal. How could there be a doubt? Was it not a countenance made for prediction?
The Creature: [the Creature sits with a pile of books, narrating] Eventually I learned words. Your beloved volumes of poetry were my primers. From your penciled notations I learned that you favored Wordsworth and the old Romantics. No wonder you fled from me. I am not a creation of the antique pastoral world. I am modernity personified. Did you not know that's what you were creating? The modern age.

[the Creature questions Victor Frankenstein on his actions of creating life]
The Creature: Did you really imagine that your modern creation would hold to the values of Keats and Wordsworth? We are men of iron and mechanization now. We are steam engines and turbines. Were you really so naive to imagine that we'd see eternity in a daffodil. Who is the child, Frankenstein, thee or me?
The Creature: [the Creature grabs Victor by the throat as he tries to run away] You ran away from me once. Never again. We are the Janus mask. Inseparable.

[the Creature tells Victor Frankenstein how he found him]
The Creature: Once I resolved to find you, I knew where to look. I knew in which occupation I would find you engaged. The cutting of flesh, the work of the surgeon and the butcher. And so I came to your city. London. Cruel as the Harlot's curse.

[the Creature tells Victor Frankenstein of the moment he learned mankind's hatred]
The Creature: [as The Creature is beaten to the ground for his malformed look, narrating] And so it was I learned mankind's capacity for hatred, and mercy, in a single night.
[when Vincet Brand finds The Creature on the ground]

[Vincent Brand asks The Creature if he needs work]
Vincent Brand: Do you need work?
The Creature: Yes.
Vincent Brand: Your... Visage, creates challenges?
The Creature: It is a horror.
Vincent Brand: Not everywhere.

[Vincent Brand gives The Creature the stage name of Caliban]
Vincent Brand: You know, occurs to me, given my total self-absorption, I never asked your name.
Vincent Brand: [the Creature hesitates to answer] Fear not. You shall have a nom de theater. Do you know 'The Tempest'?
The Creature: No.
Vincent Brand: You shall be Caliban.
The Creature: Caliban. Who's he?
Vincent Brand: Ah! We'll add it to the bill next week and you'll see. Of course in our version Caliban eats Prospero.

[the Creature tells Victor Frankenstein where he found a family and home]
The Creature: [the Creature works the stage for his fellow actors, narrating] Could there have been a more appropriate place for me? Night after night, the players died gruesomely and then came back to life again for the next show. They were undying, like me, creatures of perpetual resurrection. I was not welcomed by all. How could this face, this form, fit with ease amongst the mortal and the beautiful? I learned to stay in the shadows to protect such a heart as this you gave me. But still, I was a member of the company in my way and I proved an able and agile worker. You made me strong and tireless. If only you had made me handsome.

[Victor Frankenstein apologizes to The Creature]
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: What do you want of me? To suffer? You've done that. I'm sorry I left you. I'm sorry for the cruelty you've endured. That I inflicted upon you, but... I cannot unmake the past.
The Creature: I'm not concerned with the past, only the future. Rise and walk with me, Creator.
The Creature: [the Creature wipes the blood off his face] I'll show you what I want.

[Victor Frankenstein gives The Creature a name out of spite]
The Creature: [about Proteus] You gave him a name?
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: He picked it himself. He was called Proteus.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: [Victor covers his eyes] What do you want from me, demon?
The Creature: So now I have a name, and yet you will not look at me.

[Victor Frankenstein tells The Creature to stop tormenting him]
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Don't torment me.
The Creature: You say this to me?

[the Creature tells Victor Frankenstein he seeks a companion]
The Creature: In this life there are hungers that compel us. Food, shelter, warmth, even poetry. But one thing stands titanic. Name it.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Love.
The Creature: Top marks.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: I can never love you.
The Creature: I do not seek your love, demon. I do not seek what is not there. I would weep for you if I'd ever learned how. No. I seek a companion.
The Creature: [the two look to all of the Londoners around them] Look around. Take your pick.

[the Creature threatens Victor Frankenstein with life]
The Creature: You will make me an immortal mate. A woman. Like myself, everlasting. This you shall do. Or I will strike down all those you love and render your brightest day your darkest night.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: You seek to threaten me with death? If you seek to threaten me, threaten me with life.
The Creature: Do not test me, Frankenstein.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994)
The Creature: What kind of people is it in which I am comprised? Good people? Bad people?
Victor Frankenstein: Materials. Nothing more.
The Creature: You're wrong.
[Picks up recorder]
The Creature: Did you know I knew how to play this? From which part of me did this knowledge reside? From this mind? From these hands? From this heart? And reading and speaking. Not so much things learned as things remembered.
Victor Frankenstein: Slight trace waves in the brain perhaps.
The Creature: Did you ever consider the consequences of your actions? You made me, and you left me to die. Who am I?
Victor Frankenstein: You? I don't know.
The Creature: And you think that I am evil.

The Creature: I keep my promises.

The Creature: I'd keep my promises if I were you.

Victor Frankenstein: You do speak!
The Creature: Yes, I speak, and read, and think, and know the ways of men.

The Creature: I do know that for the sympathy of one living being, I would make peace with all. I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other.

The Creature: You gave me these emotions, but you didn't tell me how to use them. Now two people are dead because of us. Why?
Victor Frankenstein: There was something at work in my soul which I do not understand.
The Creature: And what of my soul? Do I have one? Or was that a part you left out?

The Creature: I will have revenge! FRANKENSTEIN!

The Creature: I am done with man.

[Walton finds the Creature weeping over Frankenstein's body]
Captain Robert Walton: Who are you?
The Creature: He never gave me a name.
[he continues to weep]
Captain Robert Walton: Why do you weep?
The Creature: He was my father.

The Creature: If you deny me my wedding night... I shall be with you on yours!

The Creature: Don't bother to scream.

"Penny Dreadful: And They Were Enemies (#2.10)" (2015)
[Victor Frankenstein faces his imaginary undead creatures]
Proteus: Like a lamb I was, Victor. How could you let me be hurt?
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: [Victor points to Mr. Clare] Him. It was him.
John Clare: What am I but an extension of you. All your sins emptied into me. I'm your other half... your truest self.
Lily: Don't blame the children for the father's cruelty.
Proteus: We were born innocent. You made us into monsters.

[the imaginary undead creatures tell Victor Frankenstein they didn't have a choice]
John Clare: Did we ask for this life?
Lily: Or was it your pride?
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: To conquer death is... an ennobled calling. I am a scientist. A scientist.

[the imaginary undead creatures blame Victor Frankenstein for his abuse]
Lily: And when you touched my naked body? Your fingertips running along my flesh. This was abuse... not science.
Proteus: I was your friend. I never had another.
John Clare: You walked away at the moment of my birth.

[the imaginary undead creatures remind Victor Frankenstein that they're his sins]
Lily: And so we walk with your sin... dead... and yet not fully alive.
John Clare: Haunting the twilight, living between.
Proteus: This is what you have made, Victor.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: If I could go back... it would be different.

[the imaginary dead figures tell Victor Frankenstein and Sir Malcolm to join them]
John Clare: [the undead creatures sit around Victor] You have the engines of the future all around you.
Lily: The needle. The scalpel. The noose.
Mina Harker: [the dead family stand around Sir Malcolm] The gun to the temple.
Gladys Murray: Take your razor and slit your throat.
Peter: Join your family.
Mina Harker: The final tombstone on the hill.
Lily: The sip of poison from the amber bottle.
Gladys Murray: The single bullet under the chin.
John Clare: There is no other peace for thee, Frankenstein.
Proteus: Walk into the river... let it bring you quiet. Enjoy our company.
Gladys Murray: One of us again.
Peter: Father.
Proteus: Husband.
Proteus: Father.
Lily: Lover.
John Clare: Brother.

[Victor Frankenstein and Sir Malcolm are embraced by the imaginary dead figures to take their own lives]
Lily: [Victor listens to his undead creatures] One last, great experiment, Victor.
John Clare: The greatest of all.
Mina Harker: [Sir Malcolm listens to his dead children] One last expedition into the unknown, father.
Peter: Terra incognito.
Mina Harker: Magical words.
John Clare: Piercing the tissue that separates life from death.
Lily: Your mission. Your calling.

[Octavia Putney tells Mr. Clare that she's surprised he hasn't started screaming from in his cage]
Octavia Putney: You haven't tried screaming yet.
John Clare: I was not made to scream.
Oscar Putney: Some scream, some cause others to scream, eh?

[Oscar Putney gives a proposition to the caged Mr. Clare]
Oscar Putney: I have a proposition I'd like you to consider. We have a future ahead of us now, do the Putney's. As ballyhoo's go, my crime scenes were an ace success. And my freak show will beggar that. Queues stretching from here to Hackney, we'll have... once we get a few more of you in. Why, right now I've a line on a limbless boy who sits in an apple crate, and some malformed doxie we can claim as 'Sister to the late and lamented Mr. Merrick, The Elephant Man.'
John Clare: And?
Oscar Putney: And you've a choice. You can share in on the success... or you can suffer. Join us, Mr. Clare.

[Mr. Clare tells Vanessa Ives he no longer has a dream]
John Clare: This dream I had... this... this long dream of kinship with those unlike me... it is gone.
Vanessa Ives: Yes.
John Clare: When you've seen that of which you are capable... when you have stood in blood long enough... what is there left but to wade to a desolate shore, away from all others?

[Vanessa Ives tells Mr. Clare she no longer has a dream]
Vanessa Ives: There is no place far enough. I've lost the immortal part of myself, you see. No. I've thrown it away.
John Clare: [Mr. Clare holds Vanessa's hand] No matter how far you have walked from God... he is still waiting ahead.
Vanessa Ives: You don't believe in God.
John Clare: But you do.
Vanessa Ives: That dream is gone.

[Mr. Clare asks Vanessa Ives to come with him to their desolate shore]
John Clare: Come with me? To our desolate shore.
Vanessa Ives: Mr. Clare... There is around me... a shroud that brings only pain. I won't allow you to suffer. Not you.

Van Helsing (2004)
Frankenstein's Monster: Let me go!
Carl: Where are you going to go? I don't know if you've looked in the mirror lately, but you kind of stick out in a crowd.

Anna Valerious: Oh, my God! The Frankenstein Monster!
Frankenstein's Monster: Monster! Who's the monster here? I have done nothing wrong, yet you and your kind still wish me dead!

[Van Helsing and Anna are both hanging off the sides of the carriage, hanging over the cliff. While the Monster is chained in his seat, Carl starts to pull Anna in, but Van Helsing's grip starts to fail]
Frankenstein's Monster: I can help!
Carl: You won't kill me?
Frankenstein's Monster: Only if you don't hurry!

Frankenstein's Monster: You've been bitten. Bitten by a werewolf. Now you will become that which you have hunted so passionately.
[Van Helsing takes out a tranquilizer blowgun]
Van Helsing: I am sorry...
Frankenstein's Monster: May others be as passionate in the hunting of you.

[Van Helsing appears to free the Monster]
Frankenstein's Monster: What are you doing? You must find the cure!
Van Helsing: My friends are doing it for me.
Frankenstein's Monster: Friends...
Van Helsing: Yes. You want one?

Frankenstein's Monster: [hanging from a rope] Help! Help me!
Carl: But you're supposed to die!
Frankenstein's Monster: I want to live!
Carl: ...All right.

Anna Valerious: What do you want?
Frankenstein's Monster: To exist.

Frankenstein's Monster: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. I *will* have my vengeance!

Van Helsing: I have to pull the bolts off... this is going to hurt!
Frankenstein's Monster: I am accustomed to pain...
Van Helsing: It lets you know you're alive!

Van Helsing: I have to pull the bolts off... this is going to hurt!
Frankenstein's Monster: I am accustomed to pain!
Van Helsing: It let's you know you're alive!

Frankenstein's Monster: Curse all you undead! You are nothing but dead bones and damned souls... you shall burn in the fires of hell!

"Penny Dreadful: Séance (#1.2)" (2014)
[last lines]
The Creature: [Victor Frankenstein kneels over the dead open corpse of Proteus, crying, as he stares up to see his first created undead Creature] Your first born has returned... Father.

[Victor has his new Creature choose his own name of Proteus]
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: [Victor flips the pages to a Shakespeare book, dropping his finger into the pages] Uuuuuuuummmmmm...
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Your turn.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: [Victor flips the pages, when the Creature slaps his finger down] Proteus.
Proteus: [Proteus says his first word] Proteus.

[Proteus begins singing a fisherman's song while sitting across from Victor Frankenstein]
Proteus: Oh the times was hard and the wages low / Leave her, Johnny, leave her! / But now once more ashore we'll go / An' it's time for us to leave her!

[Proteus sees a lit flame while strolling outside for the first time with Victor Frankenstein]
Proteus: [Proteus smiles] Fairy lights.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: What? No, that's something called gas lighting. It's an invisible chemical, which means you can't see it. It has combustible properties that produce flame, thus... illumination.
Proteus: Victor, fairy lights.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Who am I to argue?

[Proteus meets Brona Croft]
Proteus: Enjoy the fairy lights.
Brona Croft: [Brona smiles] I always do.

[Proteus and Victor Frankenstein discuss what friends are]
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: We met Mr. Ethan Chandler...
Proteus: And Miss Brona Croft. Our friends on the river...
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Well, perhaps not friends, passing acquaintances, more like.
Proteus: Why?
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Friends are something different. They're people you've known for a while. You're comfortable with, close to.
Proteus: [Proteus smiles] Like Victor.

[Proteus talks to Victor Frankenstein about having more friends]
Proteus: Will I have many?
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: If you're lucky.
Proteus: I shall have many. Ten. More than ten if we...
[when Proteus is stabbed in the back, looking down to see his chest open apart]

"Penny Dreadful: Fresh Hell (#2.1)" (2015)
[Victor Frankenstein asks Mr. Clare if he'll leave him in peace after he does as he wishes]
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: If this works, if I do as I've promised you, give you this thing living, will you leave me in peace?
John Clare: You would do better to ask your soul to leave you. We are bound on a wheel of pain, thee and me. I ask you, what is Dr. Frankenstein without his Creature?

[Mr. Clare asks Victor Frankenstein if the corpse of Brona Croft will remember her past life]
John Clare: Will she remember?
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: I don't know. I hope not.
John Clare: Why?
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Her life was benighted.
John Clare: [Mr. Clare talks to the dead body] We'll seek those shadows together, then.

[Victor Frankenstein and Mr. Clare lower Brona Croft's body in the tub of water]
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Now we wait on the weather.
John Clare: May Gods bring us storms.

[Mr. Clare meets Oscar Putney while seeking work at the wax museum]
Oscar Putney: No one wants to work here. People find it unnerving. But you don't?
John Clare: I find it familiar.

[Oscar Putney offers Mr. Clare a job at the wax museum after showing him his latest showcases]
Oscar Putney: This way. My chambers of crime! Homicide scenes plucked from the headlines, and recreated here in the most minute detail. Here's old Jack himself. The Annie Chapman murder. What we couldn't discover, we invented, of course. No one will know the difference. You tell the public a thing is real, it is. I'm preparing a series of 'em with all the ballyhoo one can muster. I need help with the construction and the tableaux , along with the usual custodial work throughout the museum. It's thankless work in dark rooms, but it's honest. What do you think?
John Clare: Yes.

[Mr. Clare meets Lavinia Putney after being hired at the Putney Wax Museum]
Lavinia Putney: Mr. Clare. May I touch your face?
John Clare: It is not a face for touching.
Lavinia Putney: Then I will never meet you. Please.
John Clare: If you must.
Lavinia Putney: [Lavinia runs her hands over the scars on Mr. Clare's face] It is good to meet you, Mr. Clare.

[Victor Frankenstein and Mr. Clare scream at the storm as they prepare to resurrect the corpse of Brona Croft]
John Clare: Please, let her live. Let her live, now! Let her live!
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Now!
John Clare: Let her live, now!
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Now!
John Clare: [Mr. Clare screams] Now!
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: [Victor screams] Now!

"Penny Dreadful: Above the Vaulted Sky (#2.5)" (2015)
[John Clare sits with Vanessa]
John Clare: Do you like poetry?
Vanessa Ives: All sad people like poetry. Happy people like songs.

[Lily and Mr. Clare talk for the first time, as Mr. Clare tells her a story of how they knew each other before]
John Clare: I remember, one night, we were walking through the village... and we came across some men outside a tavern, drunken they were. And they saw me with you... and they laughed and pointed and said, how could the likes of her be with the likes of him.
Lily: And what did you do?
John Clare: [Lily begins to cry a tear] It was more what you did. You took my hand... and you held it. And you looked at them. Then you raised my hand to my lips... and you held it there.
Lily: I don't remember.
John Clare: And yet it happened.
Lily: To someone else. I've no wish to cause you pain. Let us start by being friends, Mr. Clare. I can do no other.
John Clare: [Victor Frankenstein listens, hidden behind the steps] I understand.

[Mr. Clare talks with Vanessa about sharing his name with the dead poet John Clare]
John Clare: I've always been moved by John Clare's story. By all accounts he was only five feet tall, so... considered freakish. Perhaps due to this, he felt a singular affinity with... the outcasts and the unloved... the ugly animals... the broken things.
John Clare: [Mr. Clare begins quoting a John Clare poem, 'I Am'] I am yet what I am none care or knows. My friends forsake me like a memory lost. I am a self-consumer of my woes. They rise and vanish in oblivious host, like shadows in love's frenzied stifled throes. And yet I am, and live...
John Clare: [Mr. Clare continues as Vanessa joins in] Like vapors tossed...
Vanessa Ives: [Vanessa continues quoting the poem] I long for scenes where man hath never trout. A place where woman has never smiled or wept. There to abide with my creator, God. And sleep as I in childhood sweetly slept. Untroubling and untroubled where I lie.
Vanessa Ives: [Vanessa continues as Mr. Clare joins in] The grass below, above the vaulted sky.

[Mr. Clare talks with Vanessa about what love is between two people]
John Clare: [Mr. Clare describes it as] The kind touch of a hand.
Vanessa Ives: I saw it earlier. I was having coffee with a friend. He's in love with someone, though I don't know if he knows it. But... she touched his hand. And his face... something I had never seen before. A kind of peace, anyway.
John Clare: The cruelest kind. It's lethal, that touch... for it leaves your heart at the mercy of another. You're so unprotected.
Vanessa Ives: We're all awkward in love. Mine has always gone awry. When I have opened myself to it in the past, it's left me... damaged. The consequences are too grave.
John Clare: And what is our recompense? We who cannot cast out boats on that sea.
Vanessa Ives: [Vanessa smiles] And how are we to navigate the waters when they are so alien?

[Mr. Clare talks with Vanessa about meeting a girl whom he doesn't know how to act around]
John Clare: I've... met a woman recently, in fact. But I don't know how to behave.
Vanessa Ives: [Vanessa smiles] As yourself.
John Clare: [Mr. Clare scoffs] Or as anything but. I'm so maladroit Miss Ives. I can speak poetry to the end of days, but... I cannot take her hand in this hand, so... pale and ugly. All the stratagems of the battle are unknown to me. When to laugh... how to laugh. How to stand and sit and bow and dance.
Vanessa Ives: Ah, there at least, I can help. See this woman in me, Mr. Clare, and follow your heart. It's the curse of my class. I was taught dancing from a very young age.
John Clare: [Vanessa stands up with her hand out] Oh, no. Please, I can't.
Vanessa Ives: Come on.
John Clare: [Mr. Clare smiles] No.
Vanessa Ives: [Vanessa smiles] Mr. Clare... the sea is waiting for you. Set sail.

"Penny Dreadful: Grand Guignol (#1.8)" (2014)
[the Creature says goodbye to Vincent Brand]
The Creature: Thank you for your kindness, Vincent. I've not known much of it.
Vincent Brand: [the Creature holds out his hand, as Vincent hugs him] Remember us better than we are.

[the Creature asks why he was created to feel as Victor Frankenstein holds a gun to his head]
The Creature: What dreams I had of my mate. Of another being, looking into these eyes, upon this face, and recoiling not. But how could that happen? For the monster is not in my face, but in my soul. I once thought that if I was like other men, I would be happy and loved. The malignance has grown, you see, from the outside in, and this shattered visage merely reflects the abomination that is my heart. Oh, my creator, why... Why did you not make me of steel and stone? Why did you allow me to feel? I would rather be the corpse I was than the man I am.
The Creature: Go ahead. Pull the trigger. It would be a blessing.
[the Creature breathes shakingly, as Victor uncocks the gun]

[the Creature apologizes to Vincent Brand for ruining the theater rehearsal]
The Creature: I'm sorry, Vincent.
Vincent Brand: No, pet. Show business. All bitches.

[the Creature quotes the book 'Paradise Lost' to Maud Gunneson]
The Creature: 'O fleeting joys of paradise, dear, bought with lasting woes! Did I request thee, Maker? Out of my clay, to mould me Man.'

[Maud Gunneson asks The Creature if he has happiness]
Maud Gunneson: I suppose we take the happiness we can. Do you?
The Creature: I believe that lot is for others.
Maud Gunneson: What a sad thing to say. You don't have to hide your face from me. I'll see you later, then.
[Maud begins to walk away, only to walk back to kiss The Creature on the forehead]

"Penny Dreadful: And Hell Itself My Only Foe (#2.9)" (2015)
[Mr. Clare discusses what true evil looks like to Oscar Putney]
John Clare: True evil is... above all things, seductive. When the Devil knocks at your door, he doesn't have... cloven hooves. He is beautiful and offers your heart's desire in whispered airs. Like a Siren, beckoning you to her ruinous shore.
Oscar Putney: And what do you do, when that Siren sings?
John Clare: You save your soul... or you give it to her.
Oscar Putney: But then you're damned.
John Clare: But you're not alone.

[Mr. Clare and Oscar Putney discuss the exhibit of Pandora's box]
Oscar Putney: Interestingly, I thought about putting Pandora and her wicked box in the exhibit. But in the end I didn't. I mean, how could you show what the box contained?
John Clare: I could tell you. A mirror. Nothing but a mirror.

[Lavinia Putney talks to Mr. Clare after trapping him in his cell]
Lavinia Putney: It was ever so suspenseful. Would you question all the new construction? Would you creep in and take a look? But I told my parents you're a man of honor.
John Clare: You were mistaken.
Lavinia Putney: [Lavinia smiles] Then why are you in that cell, Mr. Clare? In truth, I'm all the glad it was I who got to entrap you so artfully. God, all those tedious discussions we had. Not everyone shares your mania for poetry.

[Oscar Putney talks to Mr. Clare in his cage]
John Clare: Why am I here?
Oscar Putney: It's your new home. Albeit a bit on the wee side... but you'll soon have compatriots to ease the boredom.
Octavia Putney: It's where he belongs. Animals are right in cages!

[Oscar Putney tells Mr. Clare he will be the Putney's freak attraction]
John Clare: You're to put me on display?
Oscar Putney: Not just you, pet. What can the carnival escapologist or fortune teller compare to living, breathing freaks?
John Clare: You can't keep me here.
Oscar Putney: But of course we can. That's the point, Sonny Jim. Scream your lungs out if you like. No one will hear. And even they could, who would care? You know Londoners. What care they for the suffering of malformed brutes? They will look and they will point... and they will pay. I've tasted success, Sir... and it's a meal I now wish to devour.

Young Frankenstein (1974)
Igor: What is this?
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Schwartzwalder Kirschtorte.
The Monster: [off-screen] MMMMMMM!
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Oh, do you like it? I'm not partial to desserts myself, but this is excellent.
Igor: Who are you talking to?
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: To you. You just made a yummy sound, so I thought you liked the dessert.
Igor: I didn't make a yummy sound, I just asked you what it is.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: But you did. I just heard it.
Igor: It wasn't me.
Inga: It wasn't me.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Well, now look here. If it wasn't you, and it wasn't you...
[he asks himself]
The Monster: [off-camera] Mmmmmm!

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: [singing] If you're blue, and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits...

The Monster: For as long as I can remember people have hated me. They looked at my face and my body and they ran away in horror. In my loneliness I decided that if I could not inspire love, which is my deepest hope, I would instead cause fear. I live because this poor half-crazed genius, has given me life. He alone held an image of me as something beautiful and then, when it would have been easy enough to stay out of danger, he used his own body as a guinea pig to give me a calmer brain and a somewhat more sophisticated way of expressing myself.

Frau Blücher: It's not rotten! It's a good brain!
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: IT'S ROTTEN, I TELL YOU! ROTTEN!
The Monster: [lunging at Dr. Frankenstein] RRAAAAAAAA!
Igor: Ixnay on the ottenray.

The Monster: [picks last petal off a flower and throws it into the well]
Little Girl: Now throw a kiss and say "Bye bye."
The Monster: [throws kiss, waves, and grunts "bye bye"]
Little Girl: Oh dear. Nothing left. What shall we throw in now?

"Penny Dreadful: Verbis Diablo (#2.2)" (2015)
[John Clare and Victor Frankenstein sit with Lily after her resurrection from the dead]
John Clare: [Mr. Clare looks into Lily's eyes] I want to fill her heart with poetry.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Let me fill her head with language first. Honestly, it will be a process. You'll understand that. She must learn the actions of living anew. Leave me to it. I've had experience.
John Clare: I've waited so long.
John Clare: [Lily tries to touch Mr. Clare's hand as he smiles] She needs poetry.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: She needs to eat.

[Victor Frankenstein and John Clare discuss the cause and effects of Lily's memory returning with her speech]
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: If Proteus was any model to go by, she'll pick up language quickly. Even more quickly since I reduced the trauma of the electrical charge. It will come back to her. So too human interaction and, well, perhaps memory.
John Clare: And then?
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: I don't know. Proteus was just beginning to regain the memory of his former life, when you killed him.
John Clare: [Mr. Clare walks in Victor's face] You don't need to remind me of my sins. Just never forget your own.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: [while Victor looks to Lily] And this? Creating another sin?
John Clare: Atoning for your first. All the love and companionship you denied me, visit upon her. She is our future, Creator. Tread carefully.

[Vanessa and John Clare speak about words and religion]
Vanessa Ives: [Vanessa whispers as the two see a group of nuns] They make me nervous.
John Clare: Who?
Vanessa Ives: The nuns.
John Clare: Why?
Vanessa Ives: I was raised in the faith. It was arduous for me. Have you religion?
John Clare: Are you offering it?
Vanessa Ives: Do you require it?
John Clare: I never have.
John Clare: Then I shan't offer. And I would be a poor advocate. The Almighty and I have a challenging past. Not sure we're speaking these days.
John Clare: [John chuckles] I read the Bible when I was younger. But. Then I discovered Wordsworth, and the old platitudes and parables seemed anemic. Even unnecessary.
Vanessa Ives: Mr. Wordsworth has a lot to answer for, then.
[John chuckles again]

[Vanessa and John Clare speak about life and God]
John Clare: Is it not this, Miss Ives, the glory of life surmounts the fear of death. Good Christians fear hellfire, so to avoid it, they are kind to their fellow man. Good pagans do not have this fear, so they can be who they are, good or ill as their nature dictates. We have no fear of God, so we are accountable to no one but each other.
Vanessa Ives: That's a profound responsibility.
John Clare: And why you do this, no doubt. Helping those in need.
Vanessa Ives: I came here for selfish reasons. Do you truly not believe in heaven?
John Clare: I believe in this world and those creatures that fill it. That's always been enough for me. Look around you. Sacred mysteries at every turn.
Vanessa Ives: But no exaltation in life beyond this?
John Clare: [John quotes William Blake] To see a world in a grain of sand / And a heaven in a wild flower / Hold infinity in the palm of your hand / And eternity in an hour
Vanessa Ives: With respect to Blake, I see no wild flowers here, only pain and suffering.
John Clare: [Mr. Clare smiles] Then you need to look closer.

[Vanessa and John Clare thank each other for the company]
John Clare: Thank you for the soup.
Vanessa Ives: Thank you for the conversation.
Vanessa Ives: [Vanessa pauses while smiling at Mr. Clare] You have beautiful eyes.

Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)
[from trailer]
Frankenstein: We're gonna need more time. Uh-oh.
[the tower falls down, explodes, then Frank is on fire, and runs around crazy, destroying every camp cabin]
Frankenstein: FIRE!
Griffin: Frank, calm down!
Murray: Stop, drop and roll!
Frankenstein: FIRE!
Wayne: Frank, no!
Murray: Stop, drop and roll!
Wayne: Frank, slow down!
Frankenstein: FIRE!
Wayne: Frank, wait!
[Camp kids takes out marshmallows on sticks, cheer and start coming to the fire to roast them]

Eunice: Baby proofing a guillotine? So you cut your finger off. It's part of the fun.
Frankenstein: She made me baby-proof the whole hotel.
[pretending to whisper in Eunice's ear]
Frankenstein: Someone's overprotective.

Frankenstein: [to Jonathan] You look like you got a baboon's butt on your head.

Murray: Dennis!
Dracula: Dennisavich
Mavis: He's not in his room.
Wayne: He's not by the pool
Frankenstein: [Drinks an entire bowl of soup] He's not in this pot of soup.

Frankenstein: The True Story (1973) (TV)
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: [to the Creature, viciously] Are you satisfied now? Have you punished me enough for giving you life?
[he calms down, then:]
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: I've wronged you, I know. I, I disowned you. I wanted to destroy you. How can I blame you for anything that you've done? Poor creature... you're as weary of life as I am. If only I could rid mankind of us both. I'm a weak human, I can't stay long in this terrible place. But your iron body will keep you alive against your will. You'll be all alone here. That would be too cruel. Forgive me. Please forgive me.
[the creature doesn't answer]
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: *Forgive me!*
[the shout and its echoes begin to cause an avalanche]
The Creature: [in a flashback to his "birth" and first words] Beautiful.
[In Henry Clerval's voice]
The Creature: Victor. Bravo. Bravo, Victor.
[as the ice cave crumble around them, they walk towards each other and the Creature places a hand on Victor's shoulder]
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Rest.

The Creature: [in Henry Clerval's voice] Do you still assume the authority of the almighty, Miss Fanschawe?

Elizabeth Fanschawe: [she and the Creature are face to face over Victor's unconscious body] What more do you want from him?
The Creature: Victor made me.
Elizabeth Fanschawe: God has forgiven him that sin. He has a child now.
The Creature: Child?
Elizabeth Fanschawe: What do you know of life, you thing of death?

The Creature: [hypnotized and speaking in Henry Clervel's voice] For God's sake, help me, Polidori!
Dr. John Polidori: I can't help you, Henry. And God certainly won't. Why should he? He didn't create this... freak.

"Penny Dreadful: Memento Mori (#2.8)" (2015)
[Mr. Clare tells Lily the two of them can be together as lovers]
Lily: You want to walk in the village and hold my hand. And when people are cruel, you want me to love you even more. Do I hurt you?
Lily: [Lily scoffs] You pathetic creature. How can you imagine that I could care for you? Does that face belong alongside this? Doesn't the world smile on us? Don't we make a beautiful couple, 'thee and me'? Shall we wander the pasture and recite your fucking poetry to the fucking cows. You are blind... like all other men.
John Clare: And you are unlike all other women.
Lily: [Lily pushes Mr. Clare back to the wall] You tell me how. We flatter our men with our pain. We bow before them. We make ourselves into dolls for their amusement. We lose our dignity in corsets and high shoes and gossip and the slavery of marriage! And our reward for this service? The back of the hand... The face turned to the pillow... The bloody, aching cunt as you force us onto your beds to take your fat, heaving bodies!
Lily: [Lily screams while punching Mr. Clare's chest] You drag us into the alleys, my lad, and cram yourselves into our mouths for two bob. When you're not beating us senseless! When we're not bloody, from the eyes, and the mouth, and the ass, and the cunt!
Lily: [Lily throws Mr. Clare to the floor as the two pant] Never again... will I kneel to any man. Now they shall kneel to me. As you do, monster.

[Mr. Clare lays on the floor trembling at the strength and anger of Lily]
Lily: My monster. My beautiful corpse. How clever he's been, our creator. But our little god... has brought forth not angels... but demons. Thee and me. And what should we do with this power, undead thing? You're a thoughtful man, a philosopher even. So tell me, why do we exist? Why have we been chosen? Tell me.
John Clare: I don't know.
Lily: Is it to suffer?
John Clare: Yes.
Lily: Must it be?
John Clare: How can it be other? We long for that we cannot have.
Lily: Women? I'll bring you a dozen. We'll fuck 'em together.

[Mr. Clare threatens Victor Frankenstein after Victor let's Lily go out for the night with another man]
John Clare: You made her for me. She is mine. She is not yours. She is not his. She is mine. I will take her. And when we are gone, far away from this place to a place for she and me alone, I will return... Creator. I will return to you. One day... one night... I will show you the monster you have made.

The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)
The Monster: [with Ygor's voice] I am... Ygor.

[last lines]
The Monster: [with Ygor's voice] Bohmer. Bohmer. I can't see! Bohmer! Where are you?
Doctor Bohmer: Here. Here, I am.
The Monster: I... can't see you.
Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein: Your dream of power is over, Bohmer. You didn't realize his blood is the same type as Kettering's, but not the same as Ygor's. It will not feed the sensory nerves.
The Monster: Bohmer! You played me a trick! What good is a brain without eyes to see? What good is a brain without eyes?

The Monster: [with Ygor's voice] I should kill you, Frankenstein. But after all, your father gave me life and you gave me a brain.

Frankenstein's Daughter (1958)
Oliver Frank aka Frankenstein: You've always treated me as a monster, Trudy. Now you're going to be one.

Elsu: Your father and grandfather never used a female brain.
Oliver Frank aka Frankenstein: No. The way the female's brain is conditioned to a man's world. Therefore it takes orders where the other one's didn't.

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't (1979) (TV)
Frankenstein's Monster: My feet hurt!
Count Dracula: Don't give me that! I happen to know those aren't your feet!
Frankenstein's Monster: What did you have to bring that up for?

Frankenstein's Monster: Are they gone yet?
Count Dracula: Yes, it's safe for you to come out now and protect my life!

"Penny Dreadful: Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places (#2.4)" (2015)
[Lavinia Putney attempts to guess Mr. Clare's eye color while working on a wax figure's eyes]
Lavinia Putney: What color are they? No, let me guess.
John Clare: Miss...
Lavinia Putney: Blue? No, you're no blue-eyed boy. No green, I sense. I'll say brown. Feathery brown like an owl's wing.
John Clare: No, not brown.
Lavinia Putney: Well, tell me.
John Clare: They're... yellow.
Lavinia Putney: Well, that makes a change! Not a lemon yellow, I hope. That would be alarming. More of a turmeric, would you say?
John Clare: [Mr. Clare smiles] Yes.

[Lavinia Putney talks to Mr. Clare about the wax figures she creates for her father]
Lavinia Putney: Father's murderers. All those figures screaming in his new crime scenes. Oh, Mr. Clare... it hurts me to create them. Like I'm bringing them to life and then torturing them. Like some sort of terrible African voodoo doll. They're all fresh when they come out the molds... and then I make them suffer.
John Clare: Some people think that's what life is. Born fresh to suffer.
Lavinia Putney: Do you think that?
John Clare: Uh... I did. Now I'm not sure.
Lavinia Putney: There's hope for you anyway. Don't give up on life just yet.

Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound (1990)
The Monster: You think that you have killed me. But I will be with you forever. I am unbound.

The Monster: What am I that you must destroy me?
Buchanan: An abomination, in the eyes of God.
The Monster: Then what are you?
Buchanan: I am...Frankenstein!

"Wishbone: Frankenbone (#1.17)" (1995)
Wishbone: [as Victor Frankenstein] You are an inhuman monster!
The Monster: You made me this way!

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)
[Trying to evade the monster, Wilbur puts on a black cloak over his face]
Wilbur Grey: [imitating Dracula] Back! Back!
The Monster: Yes, master.
Wilbur Grey: [takes off cloak and turns to Chuck] He thinks I'm Dracula!

Van Helsing (2004) (VG)
The Frankenstein Monster: I have known many monsters my friend. And you are not a monster.

"Frankenstein" (2004)
The Creature: The world has rejected me! I hoped my father would not.
Victor Frankenstein: I'm not your father!
The Creature: You made me what I am.

"Penny Dreadful: Demimonde (#1.4)" (2014)
[the Creature reminds Victor Frankenstein that he is his master]
The Creature: My bride must be... Must be beautiful.
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: To match her mate?
The Creature: [as The Creature grabs a hold of Victor's throat] What a simple thing it is to snap your neck. You are so fragile you mortals, such things of skin and air. Such things of the past. The future belongs to the strong, to the immortal races, to me and my kind. Look upon your master.

"Penny Dreadful: Ebb Tide (#3.7)" (2016)
Vanessa Ives: People are better than we think.
John Clare: Do you believe that?
Vanessa Ives: Almost.

Frankenstein (2011)
The Creature: I should be Adam. God was proud of Adam. But Satan's the one I sympathise with. For I was cast out, like Satan, though I did no wrong. And when I see others content, I feel the bile rise in my throat, and it tastes like Satan's bile!

The Monster Squad (1987)
Frankenstein: BOGUS! Bogus.

"Penny Dreadful: Glorious Horrors (#2.6)" (2015)
[Lavinia Putney holds Mr. Clare's hand when she feels its odd cold touch]
Lavinia Putney: It's too cold, I mean. It doesn't feel fully alive.
John Clare: Sorry, Miss. I've work to do.
Lavinia Putney: Wait! Mr. Clare... why does your hand not feel alive?
John Clare: I can't speak to that, Miss. It is how it is.
Lavinia Putney: Then why am I frightened?

"You Can't Do That on Television: Growing Up (#3.13)" (1982)
Doug Ptolemy: [in bed at night] Mommy, Mommy! Help! My chair! There's an ugly thing in my chair!
Valerie Prevort: [enters, snaps on the light, examines the gross thing sitting in Doug's chair] Oh, Dougie! Aren't you ashamed of yourself? It's nothing but a ferocious monster.
Monster: [in chair] Nahhhhhhh!
Doug Ptolemy: [relieved] I thought it was a pair of pants all bent and rumpled. I can't stand wearing rumpled pants.
Valerie Prevort: [leaving, snapping off the lights] Go to sleep.