Lucy Westenra
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Lucy Westenra (Character)
from Dracula (1931/I)

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Count Dracula (1977) (TV)
Wilhelmina 'Mina' Westenra: [after Mina removes Lucy's shawl and seeing the puncture wounds on Lucy's neck] Oh dear. How careless of me.
Lucy Westenra: What is it?
Wilhelmina 'Mina' Westenra: Oh, when I fastened the brooch I must have pricked you.
Lucy Westenra: I didn't feel anything.

Wilhelmina 'Mina' Westenra: [Mina has gotten a letter with information about Jonathan] It's nothing, really. Mr. Hawkins has had a letter from Jonathan.
Lucy Westenra: What does it say?
Wilhelmina 'Mina' Westenra: That he's on is way home and is waiting for the express at Bistritz.
Mrs. Westenra: Well, when does he leave?
Wilhelmina 'Mina' Westenra: June the 18th.
Mrs. Westenra: Then he should have been home weeks ago.

Lucy Westenra: Come to me Quincey. Come my love. Leave these others, and we can rest together for eternity.

[first lines]
Wilhelmina 'Mina' Westenra: You'll write often?
Jonathan Harker: Every day, Mina, I promise.
Wilhelmina 'Mina' Westenra: And I promise to study my shorthand so that I shall be able to do your letters when we're married.
Lucy Westenra: Jonathan! Jonathan! Time for you to go.
Jonathan Harker: Yes, of course.

Abraham Van Helsing: First, I must ask you, are you willing to believe what John Seward and myself have told you?
Quincey P. Holmwood: I'm sorry, Professor. I reckon I find it impossible.
Abraham Van Helsing: The wounds on the throat of that child; do they suggest nothing to you, concerning the death of Miss Lucy?
Quincey P. Holmwood: Are you saying that those small holes, in the child's throat, were made in the same way as Lucy's?
Abraham Van Helsing: Alas, no, I am not.
Quincey P. Holmwood: Well, what in Pete's name are you saying?
Abraham Van Helsing: They were made *by* Miss Lucy!
Quincey P. Holmwood: You're insane!
Abraham Van Helsing: She has already joined the ranks of the undead.
Quincey P. Holmwood: The... undead?
Abraham Van Helsing: The nosferatu. The walking dead. Those who cannot die. Who are cursed with immortality. Who must go on, age after age, adding new victims, multiplying the evils of the world!
Dr. John Seward: You see, Quincey, she became the prey of a vampire.
Abraham Van Helsing: She is now a vampire herself.
[gently, to Quincey]
Abraham Van Helsing: And now, I must tell you the terrible thing I propose to do.

Abraham Van Helsing: It is over. She is dead.
Quincey P. Holmwood: Oh God!
Quincey P. Holmwood: Why, why?
Dr. John Seward: Quincey!
Abraham Van Helsing: Come, come, Quincey, look at her. Now look at her well.
Dr. John Seward: She doesn't look sick anymore.
Abraham Van Helsing: God is merciful.
Dr. John Seward: She's at peace. It is the end.
Abraham Van Helsing: Not so, alas, - it is only the beginning.

Dracula (1979)
[talking about Dracula]
Lucy Seward: You dare try to confuse me! Tormenting him who is the saddest, the kindest of all!"
Prof. Abraham Van Helsing: Kind? If I could send his soul to everlasting, burning hell I would!

Count Dracula: Jonathan Harker tells me you speak some Romanian.
Lucy Seward: Well, hardly, I know...
[Dracula says a sentence in Romanian and Lucy smiles]
Count Dracula: There, you do understand.
Lucy Seward: [still smiling] Not really. I have no idea what you said.
Count Dracula: I said it would be nice to see you smile.
Lucy Seward: [pause] Then you should be pleased.
Count Dracula: Oh, I am.

Lucy Seward: Before you arrived we were looking at the ship's log.
Count Dracula: It wasn't lost at sea?
Lucy Seward: No. The very last entry was a strange word. A word that Mina thought meant "undead".
Count Dracula: Undead?
Mina Van Helsing: Yes. "Nosferatu".
Count Dracula: Ah! It means "not dead".

[Dracula, Lucy,and Mina are discussing "Nosferatu"]
Mina Van Helsing: Dead! Undead! I don't care, they all frighten me!
Lucy Seward: Oh, I love to be frightened!
Count Dracula: [glances at her, then, after a pause] *Do* you?

Count Dracula: Lucy, come! Come to me!
[Lucy runs into Dracula's arms, and he embraces her]
Count Dracula: No, you must go on a bit longer as a creature of the sun. Only until we have left behind those who would destroy us.
Lucy Seward: And then?
Count Dracula: Then you will join me on a higher plane... feeding on them. We will create more of our kind, Lucy.

Dracula 2000 (2000)
Lucy: You had him every night in your dreams and you never even shared!

Lucy: It *is* better than chocolate.

Lucy: I was named after the "Peanuts" character.

[Mary escapes from the vampiric Lucy and enters an eerie velvet hallway only to quickly encounter Valerie, also a vampire. Valerie screeches at a frightened Mary, who corners her]
Valerie Sharp: [demonic] So what makes you the one? What do you have that we don't have?
Solina: [distorted] Oh, I know.
[Solina crawls on the wall from the left]
Solina: I know your secret. Oh, yes.
Mary: [sobs] No.
Solina: Yeah, I can still taste it on your daddy's blood.
Valerie Sharp: Oh, yes. The essence.
[Solina hisses]
Valerie Sharp: What he took from Dracula, he passed on to you.
Solina: Born with his blood, but not like the rest of us.
Lucy: [appears from the right;sultry] Daddy's little prodigal.
Valerie Sharp: Sorry about your old man. We sucked him dry.

Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995)
[after becoming a vampire, Lucy comes on to Jonathan]
Jonathan Harker: But Lucy, I'm British!
[Lucy reveals her cleavage]
Lucy Westenra: But so are these!

Lucy Westenra: I know you've always wanted me, and I've always wanted you. Finally we can be together.
Jonathan Harker: But Lucy, I'm engaged to Mina... and you're dead.
Lucy Westenra: I'm not dead. I'm undead.
Jonathan Harker: Yes, well, I'm not unengaged.

Dracula (1992)
Lucy Westenra: Come to me, Arthur. Leave these others and come to me. My arms are hungry for you, my darling.

Lucy Westenra: Quincy... you're such a beast. Will you kiss me, Quincy?
[Pulls Quincy close]
Lucy Westenra: Kiss me. Kiss...
[snarls; growls]

Dracula (1931/I)
Lucy Weston: Lofty timbers, the walls around are bare, echoing to our laughter as though the dead were there... Quaff a cup to the dead already, hooray for the next to die!

Lucy Weston: [doing an impression of Dracula] It reminds me of the broken battlements of my own castle in Transylvania.
Mina Seward: Oh, Lucy, you're so romantic!
Lucy Weston: Laugh all you like. I think he's fascinating.
Mina Seward: Oh, I suppose he's all right. But give me someone a little more normal.
Lucy Weston: Like John?
Mina Seward: Yes, dear, like John.
Lucy Weston: [dreamily] Castle... Dracula... Transylvania!
Mina Seward: Well, Countess! I'll leave you to your count and his ruined abbey!
[both giggle]
Mina Seward: Good night, Lucy.
Lucy Weston: Good night, dear.

Nadja (1994)
[repeated line]
Lucy: Life is full of pain. But I am not afraid. The pain I feel is the pain of fleeting joy.

Dracula (2006) (TV)
[first lines]
Lucy Westenra: My Lord Holmwood.
Lord Holmwood: Lucy.

The Breed (2001)
Boudreaux: Be gone! You tamper with forces far beyond your comprehension.
Aaron Gray: He didn't just say that.
Lucy Westenra: Spare us the Anne Rice routine. We are not amused.