Jonathan Harker
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Biography for
Jonathan Harker (Character)
from Dracula (1931)

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Jonathan Harker is an intelligent, ambitious young lawyer, hardworking and devoted to his finace, and later his wife, Mina. Jonathan changes a great deal in the course of the story: at the beginning, he is enthusiastic and hopeful, bursting with curiosity about the strange lands in which he finds himself. By the end of the novel, after the ordeal of hunting down Dracula, he has become a serious and somber man, his hair turned prematurely gray by worry over Mina.

The first part of Dracula is told through Jonathan's journal, as he makes his way to Castle Dracula in Transylvania. After some strange and frightening experiences, he meets his client and host, the wealthy and reclusive Count Dracula. After showing Dracula the plans of the London property his firm has bought for the Count, Jonathan realizes that he is a prisoner in Castle Dracula. He encounters three ghostly women there who seem ready to attack him but are driven away by Dracula, and Jonathan finds mounting evidence that his host is not entirely human. After Dracula leaves for England, Jonathan makes a desperate escape attempt and the action moves to England, leaving us in suspense about his fate.

Jonathan does escape Castle Dracula and eventually ends up in a hospital in Budapest, where he recovers from his traumatic experience and comes to believe the whole thing was a dream. When Mina finds out where he is, she comes to Hungary and the couple are married. They return to England, where Jonathan's employer, Mr. Hawkins, dies, leaving the Harkers his fortune and Jonathan in charge of the law firm. Jonathan recognizes a man walking in the London streets as Dracula, and realizes that his Transylvania experiences are real and have come back to haunt him.

Jonathan and Mina join up with Van Helsing and the others, and Jonathan's journal provides key information for their efforts to track down Dracula. Jonathan takes part in the search, investigating the details of Dracula's land purchases and movements. His involvement becomes more personal when Mina is attacked by the Count. Guilt-stricken over his inability to prevent the attack, Jonathan's hair turns white overnight and he becomes fanatical in his desire to hunt Dracula down. He sails with the others to Varna, then rides along the river with Quincey Morris until the final showdown with Dracula.

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