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Quotes for
Andy (Character)
from Toy Story (1995)

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Toy Story (1995)
Woody: [Feeling miserable for what he'd done, lying on the seat of Andy's Car] How am I gonna convince those guys it was an accident?
[Woody spots Buzz up at the Sunroof, staring down at him]
Woody: Buzz!
[Buzz leaps down onto the seat right next to Woody, furious, covered in leaves and twigs]
Woody: Buzz! You're alive! This is great! I'm saved! Andy will find you here, he'll take us back to the room, and then you can tell everyone that this was all this all just a Big Mistake. Huh?
[Buzz glares at him, speechless]
Woody: Right? Buddy?
Buzz: I just want you to know that even though you tried to terminate me, revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet.
Woody: Oh. Well, that's good.
Buzz: But we're not on my planet, are we?
Woody: No. Daaaah-oof!
[Buzz attacks Woody, knocking them both out of the open car door]
Woody: Okay, come on. You want a piece of me?
[Buzz punches Woody in the face, having it spin around for a brief momemt, then he gets knocked down by Woody, he closes his helmet on Woody's hand]
Woody: Ow!
Buzz: [Through his button speakers whilst as Woody attacks him] Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue.
Andy's Mom: [Andy and his Mum just re-enter the car] Next stop...
Andy: Pizza Planet! Yeah!
[Woody and Buzz stop fighting and pause]
Andy: Andy!
[Andy and his Mum drive off as Woody and Buzz watch in horror, leaving them behind at the Gas Station]
Woody: [Walks away from Buzz, and pauses] He doesn't realise I'm not there?
[Sulking out loud]
Woody: I'm lost! I'm a lost toy!

Sergeant: [He and the Other Green Soldiers leap out of the bucket onto Woody] There he is men! Get him!
Mr. Potato Head: Let's string him up by his Pull String!
[He and the other toys, apart from Slinky and Bo Peep rush on over toy Woody, and attempt to throw him out]
Bo Peep: Will you boys stop it?
Andy: Ok Mum, I'll be right down. I've just gotta get Buzz!
[All the toys return to their places as Andy enters his room, looking for Buzz]
Andy: Mum have you seen Buzz?
Andy's Mom: He should be right in your room, where you left him?
[Mr. Potato Head looks grimly from behind Etch, having drawn a hangman noose]
Andy's Mom: Andy, I'm heading out the door!
Andy: Mum, I can't find him!
Andy's Mom: Well honey, just take some other toy. Now, come on!
Andy: [Picks up Woody and heads to the Car] OK.

[last lines]
Woody: Buzz? Buzz Lightyear? You're not worried, are you?
Buzz: Me? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Are you?
[camera pans out]
Woody: Now Buzz, what could Andy possibly get that is worse than you?
Andy: [from downstairs] Oh, oh, what is it? What is it? Wow, a puppy!
[camera zooms back in]
Woody, Buzz: Heh, heh!

[Andy and his mom stop at the gas station]
Andy: Can I help you fill up?
Andy's Mom: Sure, I'll even let you drive.
Andy: Really?
Andy's Mom: Yeah, when you're 16.
Andy: Yup, yup. Very funny, Mom.

[first lines]
Andy: [playing with and mimicking the voices of his toys; holding Mr. Potato Head] All right, everyone! This... is a stick-up. Don't anybody move! Now empty that safe!
[empties Hamm the piggy bank and coins fall out]
Andy: Ooh, hoo hoo! Money, money, money!
[has Potato Head "kiss" the money; as Bo Peep]
Andy: Stop it! Stop it, you mean old potato!
[as Potato Head]
Andy: Quiet, Bo Peep! Or your sheep get run over!
[as the sheep, on a toy car track]
Andy: Help! Baaa! Help us!
[as Bo Peep]
Andy: Oh no! Not my sheep! Somebody do something!
[brings Woody into view on his bed. In front of the other toys, he pulls Woody's string]
Woody: [voice box] Reach for the sky!
Andy: [as Mr. Potato Head] Oh no! Sheriff Woody!
[as Woody]
Andy: I'm here to stop you, One-eyed Bart!
[pops off Mr. Potato Head's right eye; as Mr. Potato Head]
Andy: D'oh! How'd you know it was me?
[as Woody]
Andy: Are you gonna come quietly?
[as Mr. Potato Head]
Andy: Ya can't touch me, Sheriff! I brought my Attack Dog,
[Andy places down Slinky Dog]
Andy: with a built-in force field!
[as Woody]
Andy: Well, I brought my dinosaur!
[brings out Rex]
Andy: Who eats force field dogs!
[making sound effects first as Rex then as Slinky whom he drags away]
Andy: Arr rawr rawr! Yipe, yipe-yipe-yipe!
[as Woody]
Andy: You're going to jail, Bart. Say goodbye to the wife and tater tots.
[Andy places Mr. Potato Head in Molly's crib; she laughs and picks up Mr. Potato Head, and drools on him. His ear and arm fall near Woody]
Andy: You saved the day again, Woody!
[pulls Woody's string]
Woody: [voice box] You're my favorite deputy!

[Woody and Buzz drop in from the roof onto a Cardboard Box in Andy's Car]
Andy: Wow, Woody, Buzz!
Andy's Mom: How nice. Where did you find them?
Andy: [Overjoyed] Here in the car.
Andy's Mom: See? What did I tell you? Right where you left them.

[Andy walks down to the car with Woody to go to Pizza Planet, confused of how Buzz would mysteriously disappear]
Andy: I couldn't find my Buzz. I know I left him right there.
Andy's Mom: Honey, I'm sure he's around. You'll find him.
[Buzz, shown be be alright, pops out from the bushes angered with Woody, and hops onto the Rear Bumper of Andy's Car as it drives off]

Toy Story 3 (2010)
Andy's Mom: [from trailer]
[speaking to someone else]
Andy's Mom: Andy's going to college. Can you believe it?
Andy: Mom, I'm not leaving 'til Friday.
Andy's Mom: [about Andy's toys in the toy chest] What are you going to do with these old toys?

Molly: [Andy is climbing up the ladder to the attic to put his toys away when Molly walks out of her room carrying a box] Uh!
[a small heavy ball falls out of the box]
Andy: You need a hand?
Molly: I got it!
Andy: Here.
[he puts the ball back and picks up the box]
Andy: So, you gonna miss me when I'm gone?
Molly: If I say no, do I still get your room?
Andy: [they walk down the stairs] Nope.
Molly: Then, yes, I'll miss you.

Andy: [opens box, and takes out Jessie] This is Jessie, the roughest, toughest cowgirl in the whole west. She loves critters, but none more than her best pal, Bullseye!
[pulls out Bullseye, and makes a whinnying sound]
Andy: Yee-haw!
[holds the two toys out to Bonnie]
Andy: Here.
Bonnie: [shyly walks over and takes Jessie and Bullseye, a smile on her face]
Andy: [pulls out Rex] This is Rex! The meanest, most terrifying dinosaur who ever lived! RAWR! RAWR!
Bonnie: [recoils a little, but then giggles, and takes Rex too]
Andy: [pulls out Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head] The Potato Heads: Mr. and Mrs. You gotta keep them together because they're madly in love.
[Andy sets them down in front of Bonnie, before pulling out Slinky Dog]
Andy: Now Slinky here, is as loyal as any dog you could want.
[Andy then pulls out Hamm]
Andy: And Hamm, he'll keep your money safe, but he's also one of the most dastardly villains of all time: Evil Dr. Porkchop!
[Andy then places the two with their friends, before pulling out the three aliens]
Andy: These little dudes are from a strange alien world: Pizza Planet!
[Andy sets them down before reaching into the box again]
Andy: And this, is Buzz Lightyear, the coolest toy ever! Look! He can fly, oh, and shoot lasers!
[Andy pops open Buzz's wings, and fires his laser]
Andy: He's sworn to protect the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg!
Bonnie: [Bonnie takes Buzz from Andy, and presses one of the buttons on his spacesuit]
Buzz Lightyear: To Infinity, and Beyond!
Andy: Now, you gotta promise to take good care of these guys. They, mean, alot to me.

Andy: Now Woody, he's been my pal for as long as I can remember. He's brave, like a cowboy should be. And kind, and smart. But the thing that makes Woody special, is he'll never give up on you... ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what.

Andy: [taking a last look at his toys before he heads off to college] Thanks, guys.

Andy: Molly! Stay out of my room!
Molly: I wasn't in your room!
Andy: Then who was messing with my stuff?

[Woody jumps on to a train of orphaned Troll dolls. He pulls the brake to try and stop the train before reaching the broken bridge, but they still fall into the canyon]
Jessie: No!
[Suddenly, Buzz Lightyear appears, lifting the train and its passengers out of the canyon]
Buzz Lightyear: Glad I could catch the train!
Woody: Now let's catch some criminals!
Buzz Lightyear: To infinity and beyond!
[Cut to the Potato Heads and the aliens in their car, counting money and laughing evily]
Aliens: [pointing at the sky] Ooh!
[Buzz flies above the bandits and slices their car with his laser. After the criminals tumble to the ground, Woody, Buzz, and Jessie enter]
Woody: Reach for the sky!
Mr. Potato Head: You can't touch me, Sheriff. I brought my attack dog with a built-in force field!
[Mr. Potato Head calls Slinky Dog over with a whistle. Slinky bounces down from the mountains and forms the force field around the Potato Heads and aliens]
Woody: Well, I brought my dinosaur who eats force field dogs!
Jessie: Yodel-ay-hee-hoo!
[the ground cracks apart, and Rex emerges. He roars at the evildoers, but then notices something]
Rex the Green Dinosaur: Huh?
Buzz Lightyear: [a pig-shaped spaceship suddenly appears. Its driver is Hamm, portraying Dr. Porkchop] Evil Dr. Porkchop!
Hamm the Piggy Bank: That's *Mr.* Evil Dr. Porkchop to you.
[Hamm teleports the Potato Heads, the aliens, and Slinky onto his ship. He also pushes a button reading, "Death by Monkeys," trapping our heroes with a flood of plastic red monkeys. As Mr. Potato Head reaches toward a button activating a destructive ray, the scene suddenly cuts to Andy's bedroom. The whole scene actually took place in Andy's imagination, as he plays with the toys and a cardboard spaceship]
Young Andy: [as Woody] Buzz, shoot your laser at my badge!
Young Andy: [as Buzz] Woody, no! It'll kill you!
Young Andy: [as Woody] Just do it!
[Andy shields Buzz's eyes and pushes the laser button. He uses his finger to trace the laser bouncing off Woody's badge, then knocks the spaceship and its evil passengers towards the ground]

Toy Story 2 (1999)
[In Woody's dream, Andy came home from the cowboy camp. Woody then yells at the other toys that Andy's back. The toys ran back to their places. Andy ran up to his bedroom, riding on his stick with a horse head on. He then sees Woody]
Andy: Hey, Woody! Did you miss me?
[Takes Woody and plays with him]
Andy: Giddyup, giddyup, giddyup, ridin' cowboy!
[notices Woody's broken arm]
Andy: [depressed] Ohh, I forgot, you're broken. I don't wanna play with you anymore.
[In slow motion, Andy drops Woody on the cards. Woody fell through the cards and into the trash can. Woody then got scared in the trash can and the arms and hands reaches out to grab him. Woody then wails for Andy]
Woody: No, Andy, no, no, Andy, no!
[now choking]
Woody: Andy. Andy.
[the silhouette of Andy came and looks at Woody]
Andy: [echo] Byyyyyyyyyyyyyye, Woodyyyyyyyyy.
Woody: No, no! ANDY!
[Andy closes lid and Woody's nightmare ends. Woody wakes up, screaming, and sees his broken arm tangled around his neck]

Andy's Mom: Andy, honey, come on! Five minutes and we're leaving.
Andy: Five minutes? Hmm...
[cut to a setup Andy has made for a quick playtime]
Andy: [as Bo Peep] Help, help, somebody help me!
[as Woody]
Andy: Let her go, evil Doctor Pork Chop!
[as Hamm or Dr. Pork Chop]
Andy: Nevar! You must choose, Sheriff Woody. How shall she die? Shark? Or death by monkeys?
[Andy picks up some of the "monkeys-in-a-barrel"]
Andy: Ooh ooh ooh, ah ah ah!
[as Hamm]
Andy: Choose!
[as Woody]
Andy: I choose Buzz Lightyear!
[Andy grabs RC's remote, puts Buzz on top and speeds him towards Hamm]
Andy: [as Hamm] What? That's not a choice!
[RC flies through the air and knocks Hamm off the Bucket O' Soldiers]
Andy: [as Buzz] To infinity and beyond!
[Hamm falls off and coins clatter on the floor]
Andy: [as Woody] I'll save you, Miss Peep!
[as Bo Peep]
Andy: My hero! Mwa mwa mwa mwa!
[he has her kiss him]
Andy: [as Woody] Thanks, Buzz!
[as Buzz]
Andy: No problem, buddy!
[he links their arms]
Andy: You should never tangle with the unstoppable duo of Woody and Buzz Lightyear!
[Andy pulls too hard and Buzz's arm makes Woody's tear slightly at the shoulder]
Andy: Oh no!
Andy's Mom: Andy? Let's go! Molly's already in her car seat!
Andy: But Mom, Woody's arm ripped!
Andy's Mom: Oh no! Well maybe we can fix him on the way.
Andy: Nah, just leave him.
Andy's Mom: I'm sorry, honey, but you know, toys don't last forever.

[Woody back home in Andy's Room safe and sound, is having his arm fixed by Andy after it was re-torn at the Airport, but Andy never knew what happened while he was at Camp]
Andy's Mom: Andy, time to go. Hey, you fixed Woody.
Andy: Yeah, glad I didn't take him to Cowboy Camp. His *whole arm* might've come off.