Frau Farbissina
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Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
Frau Farbissina: Send in the clone!

Frau Farbissina: [both on the Springer show] Scott, you are my love child with Dr.Evil.
Scott: I thought I was a test tube baby.
Frau Farbissina: Lies. All lies!

Frau Farbissina: I will never love another man.
Dr. Evil: [remembers Unibrau] That's true.

[before sex]
Dr. Evil: Don't worry, mama. Things won't get weird.
[after sex]
Dr. Evil: It got weird, didn't it?
Frau Farbissina: Ya.
Dr. Evil: Yeah. Right. I knew it.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)
Dr. Evil: [Dr. Evil is introducing his henchmen] Patty O'Brien: ex-Irish assassin. His trademark?
[Patty O'Brien is shown wearing a bracelet with trinkets on it]
Dr. Evil: A superstitious man, he leaves a tiny keepsake on every victim he kills. Scotland Yard would love to get their hands on that piece of evidence.
Paddy O'Brien: Aye. They're always after me lucky charms.
[Dr. Evil and Frau Farbissina laugh]
Paddy O'Brien: What? Why does everyone always laugh when I say that? They *are* after me lucky charms! What?
Frau Farbissina: It's a television commercial. With this cartoon leprechaun, and all of these children are trying to chase him, "Hey, leprechaun, leprechaun man, we want to get your lucky charms." Oh! And there are these little tiny pieces of mashmallow just stuck right in the cereal. So when the kids eat them they think, "Oooh this is candy, I'm having fun!"

Frau Farbissina: Remember when we froze your semen? You said that if it didn't look like you were coming back we should try to create an heir so a part of you would live forever?
Dr. Evil: Oh sure.
Frau Farbissina: Well, after a couple of years we got a little... impatient. Dr Evil, I would like you to meet your son.
Dr. Evil: My son?
Frau Farbissina: Ja. SCOTT!
[Scott enters]
Dr. Evil: Hello Scott.
Scott Evil: Hi.
Dr. Evil: I'm your father. Dr Evil.
Scott Evil: I haven't seen you my whole life and now you just show up and *expect* a relationship? I hate you. What?
Dr. Evil: Can I have a hug?
Scott Evil: No.
Dr. Evil: Give me a hug.
Scott Evil: No way.
Dr. Evil: Come on. Let's go. Pronto.
Scott Evil: What are you doing?
Dr. Evil: I'm with it. I'm hip. Well, don't look at me like I'm friggin' Frankenstein! Come here and give your father a hug.
Scott Evil: Get away from me, you lazy-eyed psycho!
[Dr. Evil runs after him with his arms out]
Dr. Evil: Hug, hug, hug.

Frau Farbissina: Send in the FEMBOTS!

Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)
Dr. Evil: Our early attempts at a tractor beam went through several preparations. Preparations A through G were a complete failure. But now, ladies and gentlemen, we finally have a working tractor beam, which we shall call... Preparation H.
[Scott snickers]
Dr. Evil: What?
Scott Evil: Why don't you just call it operation ass-cream, you ass.
Dr. Evil: I'm sorry, did you say you want some ice cream?
Scott Evil: Yes, I'd love some chocolate ass-cream.
Dr. Evil: Perhaps later.
Number 2: Dr. Evil, I love your plan.
Dr. Evil: You do?
Frau Farbissina: Yah. It's a really good plan.
Dr. Evil: Yes Frau, on the whole Preparation H feels good.
[Scott resumes snickering]
Dr. Evil: What is it now?
Scott Evil: No, I totally agree with you. Preparation H does feel good... on the hole.

Frau Farbissina: I have some news. It's your son. He wants to take over the family business!
Dr. Evil: [overjoyed] Scotty does?
Frau Farbissina: He's gotten so evil, he's even started losing his hair.

Dr. Evil: Lower the globe.
Frau Farbissina: LOWER THE GLOBE!
Dr. Evil: [Earth Globe lands on Dr. Evil's head and head goes through Globe] OW! Ow!
Goldmember: Shizer!
Dr. Evil: Well, Congratulations, Numb-Nuts! You've succeeded in turnin' me into a frickin' Jack-In-The-Box!Get it off. Get it off! It's Dark, it's dark!