Austin Powers
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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)
Austin Powers: Jimi Hendrix deceased, drugs. Janis Joplin deceased, alcohol. Mama Cass deceased, ham sandwich.

Austin Powers: Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later? How do you like to do it? Do you like to wash up first? You know, top and tails... whore's bath? Personally, before I'm on the job, I like to give my undercarriage a bit of a 'how's your father'!

Alotta Fagina: Some sake, Mr. Cunningham?
Austin Powers: Sake it to me baby!

Austin Powers: I've been frozen for 30 years. I've got to see if my bits and pieces are still working.

Austin Powers: That ain't no woman! It's a man, man!

Vanessa Kensington: Mr. Powers, I would never have sex with you, ever! If you were the last man on earth and I was the last woman on earth, and the future of the human race depended on our having sex, simply for procreation, I still would not have sex with you.
Austin Powers: What's your point, Vanessa?

[last lines]
Austin Powers: What say, you, we go out on the town and swing, baby? Yeah!

Austin Powers: She's the village bicycle! Everyone's had a ride.

Austin Powers: That's Dr. Evil's cat!
Vanessa Kensington: How can you tell?
Austin Powers: I never forget a pussy... cat.

[returning Austin's personal property after reanimating him]
Quartermaster Clerk: One Swedish-made penis enlarger.
Austin Powers: [to Vanessa] That's not mine.
Quartermaster Clerk: One credit card receipt for Swedish-made penis enlarger signed by Austin Powers.
Austin Powers: I'm telling ya baby, that's not mine.
Quartermaster Clerk: One warranty card for Swedish-made penis enlarger pump, filled out by Austin Powers.
Austin Powers: I don't even know what this is! This sort of thing ain't my bag, baby.
Quartermaster Clerk: One book, "Swedish-made Penis Enlargers And Me: This Sort of Thing Is My Bag Baby", by Austin Powers.

Vanessa Kensington: Look, I know I'm being neurotic, but I can't shake off this suspicious feeling about that Italian secretary. You know, Miss Fagina. I don't want to sound paranoid, but I've had some bad relationships in the past, and I have been known to be jealous. I'm sorry.
Austin Powers: No, don't be sorry, baby. You're right to be suspicious. I shagged her.
Vanessa Kensington: What?
Austin Powers: I shagged her rotten, baby, yeah!
Vanessa Kensington: I don't believe you, Austin! I mean, she was repellant.
Austin Powers: Saucer of milk, table 2. Meow.
Vanessa Kensington: Well, did you use protection?
Austin Powers: Of course. I had my 9mm automatic.
Vanessa Kensington: You know I meant 'did you use a condom'?
Austin Powers: No. Only sailors use condoms, baby.
Vanessa Kensington: Not in the 90's, Austin.
Austin Powers: Well they should, those filthy beggars. They go from port to port.

Austin Powers: Yeah, baby, yeah

[filling out a form]
Austin Powers: Name? Austin Danger Powers. Sex? Yes please!

[entering the Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swingers' Club]
Austin Powers: This is my happening and it freaks me out!
[c.f. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)]

Austin Powers: Judo chop!

[Austin and Vanessa see a man decapitated]
Austin Powers: Not the time to lose one's head.
Vanessa Kensington: No.
Austin Powers: That's not the way to get ahead in life.
Vanessa Kensington: No.
Austin Powers: It's a shame he wasn't more headstrong.
Vanessa Kensington: Hmm.
Austin Powers: He'll never be the head of a major corporation.
Vanessa Kensington: Okay, that'll do.
Austin Powers: Okay.

Vanessa Kensington: Always wanting to have fun, Austin. That's you in a nutshell!
Austin Powers: No, this is me in a nutshell.
[acts as if he were in a nutshell]
Austin Powers: Help! I'm in a nutshell! How did I get into this nutshell? Look at the size of this bloody great big nutshell! What sort of shell has a nut like this? This is crazy!

Austin Powers: Au contraire baby, you can't resist me.

Austin Powers: That's not your mother, it's a man, baby!

Austin Powers: That really hurt! I'm gonna have a lump there, you idiot! Who throws a shoe? Honestly! You fight like a woman!

Austin Powers: Actually, my name is Austin Powers. Danger is my middle name.

Austin Powers: Does that make you HORNY?

Austin Powers: Do I make you horny? Randy? Do I make you horny, baby, yeah, do I?

Alotta Fagina: In Japan, men come first and women come second.
Austin Powers: Or sometimes not at all.

Basil Exposition: Austin, the Cold War is over!
Austin Powers: Finally those capitalist pigs will pay for their crimes, eh? Eh comrades? Eh?
Basil Exposition: Austin... we won.
Austin Powers: Oh, smashing, groovy, yay capitalism!

Austin Powers: Allow myself to introduce... myself.

Austin Powers: I won't bite... hard.

Austin Powers: My god, Vanessa's got a fabulous body... I bet she shags like a minx... How do I let them know because of the unfreezing process, I have no inner monologue? I hope I didn't just say that all out loud just now.

Vanessa Kensington: Mr. Powers, my job is to acclimatize you to the nineties. You know, a lot's changed since 1967.
Austin Powers: No doubt, love, but as long as people are still having promiscuous sex with many anonymous partners without protection while at the same time experimenting with mind-expanding drugs in a consequence-free environment, I'll be sound as a pound!

Austin Powers: Only two things scare me and one of them is nuclear war.
Basil Exposition: What's the other?
Austin Powers: Excuse me?
Basil Exposition: What's the other thing that scares you?
Austin Powers: Carnies. Circus folk. Nomads, you know. Smell like cabbage. Small hands.

Austin Powers: No, you're right to be suspicious! I shagged her!
Vanessa Kensington: What?
Austin Powers: I shagged her rotten, baby, yeah!

Basil Exposition: [after Austin punched Basil's mother and attempted to pull her hair out] You have a lot of explaining to do!
Austin Powers: I'm sorry, Basil. I thought she was a man.
Basil Exposition: Dammit, man! You're talking about my Mother!
Austin Powers: Well, you have to admit, she is rather man-ish.
Basil Exposition: [shocked] Austin!
Austin Powers: Well, no offense, but if that is a woman it does look like she was beaten with an ugly stick!

Austin Powers: I think you're shagedelic baby! You're switched on! You're smashing!

Austin Powers: Smashing Baby! When this ship comes a' rockin', don't come a' knockin', baby!

Austin Powers: It's freedom, baby, yeah!

Austin Powers: What exactly do you do, Mr. Number Two?
Number Two: That's my business. Now if you'll excuse, I have to go to the little boys' room.

Austin Powers: Yeah, and I can't believe Liberace was gay. I mean, women loved him! I didn't see that one coming.

Cowboy: Whoo! That is one crazy get-up, mister... Are you in the show?
Austin Powers: No, actually, I'm English.
Cowboy: Oh... I'm sorry.

Austin Powers: Come again?
Alotta Fagina: Alotta Fagina
Austin Powers: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just not getting it, it sounds like you said your name was a lot of um... never mind!

Austin Powers: Wait Vanessa, I can explain. You see, I was looking for Dr. Evil when the Fembots came out and smoke started coming out of their jomblies. So I started to work my mojo, to counter their mojo; we got cross-mojulation, and their heads started exploding.

Casino Dealer: 17.
Number Two: Hit me.
Casino Dealer: You have 17, sir.
Number Two: I like to live dangerously.
Casino Dealer: [Hit for four] :21. Very good, sir.
[to Austin]
Casino Dealer: :5.
Austin Powers: I'll stay.
Casino Dealer: I suggest you hit, sir.
Austin Powers: I also like to live dangerously.
Casino Dealer: 20 beat your 5 sir. I'm sorry, sir.
Austin Powers: Well I must admit, cards aren't my bag, baby.

[Austin Powers is drowning a man in the toilet]
Austin Powers: Who does Number Two work for? Who does Number Two work for?
Cowboy: Yeah, that's it! You show that turd who's boss.

Basil Exposition: The shouting is a temporary side-effect of the unfreezing.
Austin Powers: Yes... I'm having difficulty controlling THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE.

Alotta Fagina: How dare you break wind before me.
Austin Powers: I'm sorry I didn't realize it was your turn.

Austin Powers: [holding Scott hostage] It seems the tables have turned again, Dr. Evil.
Dr. Evil: Not really. Kill the little bastard, see if I care.
Scott Evil: But dad, we just had a breakthrough in group.
Dr. Evil: I had the group LIQUIDATED, you little shit! They were insolent!

Austin Powers: Allow myself to introduce myself. My name is Richie Cunningham, and this is my wife, Oprah.

[Austin tries to resist to Fembots]
Austin Powers: [muttering] Baseball, cold showers, baseball, cold showers.
[One of the fembots stands over him and opens her legs]
Austin Powers: Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day! Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!

[Austin Powers sees a man sitting in the corner of the restroom]
Austin Powers: Excuse me, but you didn't happen to see...
[Austin looks at the man and sees that he is blind]
Austin Powers: ...anything at all.

Austin Powers: [has just farted in Alotta's hot tub] Pardon me for being rude, it was not me it was my food, it just popped up to say hello, but now it's gone back down below.

Austin Powers: Its time to swing, baby.

Austin Powers: Dr. Evil, do you really expect them to pay?
Dr. Evil: No, Mr. Powers. I expect them to die.

Austin Powers: Ooo, Behave!

Austin Powers: Why take the escalator when I have a perfectly good canoe right here?

Austin Powers: Relax, Vanessa, don't have a thrombo.

Austin Powers: That's fascinating, Vanessa. Listen, why don't we go in the back and shag?
Vanessa Kensington: What?
Austin Powers: I've been frozen for 30 years. I've gotta see if my bits and pieces are still working.
Vanessa Kensington: Excuse me?
Austin Powers: My Wedding tackle.
Vanessa Kensington: I'm sorry. Uh...
Austin Powers: My meat and two veg. My twig and berries. H-ello, lads, are you still awake?
Vanessa Kensington: Mr. Powers... Mr. Powers, please! I'd appreciate it if you could concentrate on our mission and give your libido a rest...

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
Austin: Let's hop on the good foot and do the bad thing.

Austin: Yes, Yes, Yes! NO NO!

Austin: [referring to Felicity sleeping with Fat Bastard] Well how could you do it?
Felicity Shagwell: I was just doing my job.
Austin: No, I mean, literally, HOW could you do it? The man's so fat, the sheer mechanics of it are mind-boggling.

Austin: Those are skin tight. How do you get into those pants baby?
Felicity Shagwell: You can start by buying me a drink.

[Driving on an English road]
Austin: You know what's remarkable? Is how much England looks in no way like Southern California.

Robin Swallows: Tell me, Mr. Powers. Do you swing?
Austin: Are you kidding, baby? I put the "grrrr" in swinger, baby! Yeah!

Felicity Shagwell: Austin Powers, I presume.
Austin: Powers by name, powers by reputation.
Felicity Shagwell: Felicity Shagwell, CIA. Shagwell by name, shag-very-well by reputation.
Austin: Oh, be-have.
Felicity Shagwell: Not if I can help it.

Ivana: Do you know how we keep warm in Russia?
Austin: I can guess, baby.
Ivana: We play chess.
Austin: I guessed wrong.

Ivana: When did you get "The Clapper"?
Austin: November, 1964, Dutch East Indies, shore leave.

Dr. Evil: [deep voice] Austin, I'm your father.
Austin: Really?
Dr. Evil: No, not really. I can't back that up.
Austin: Right. Idiot. Yes.

[massaging Felicity]
Austin: How does that feel, baby?
Felicity Shagwell: Mmm, lower.
Austin: [deep voice] How does that feel, baby?

Felicity Shagwell: So Austin tell me about the future.
Austin: Well everyone has their own flying car, entire meals come in pill form, and the Earth is run by DAMN DIRTY APES.
Felicity Shagwell: Oh My God.

Ivana: My name is Ivana, Ivana Humpalot.
Austin: Come again?
Ivana: Ivana Humpalot.
Austin: Well I vana toilet made out of solid gold, but it's just not in the cards now is it?

Felicity Shagwell: I want to see what happens in the 70s and 80s.
Austin: The 70s and the 80s? You're not missing anything, believe me. I've looked into it. There's a gas shortage and A Flock of Seagulls. That's about it.

Austin: You shut your mouth, you bastard,
Austin: who is fat.

[Austin picks up a boiling pot, with a stool sample from Fat Bastard inside]
Austin: Cor! This coffee smells like shit!
Basil: It *is* shit, Austin.
Austin: Oh, good. Then it's not just me.
Austin: [Smacks lips] It's a bit nutty.

[repeated line after photography sessions]
Austin: And I'm spent.

Vanessa Kensington: Do you smoke after sex?
Austin: I don't know, baby, I never looked.

Austin: [about to have a threesome with Felicity and his past self] Paging Dr. Freud!

Austin: Hello, Mummy. Can I have some chocolates? I want some Mars Bars. Don't smack my bottom, Mummy...
Felicity Shagwell: Austin?
Austin: Sorry, love. I got stuck in your dirty pillows.

Austin: Who sent you?
Mustafa: You have to kill me.
Austin: Who sent you?
Mustafa: Kiss my ass, Powers!
Austin: Whose sent you?
Mustafa: Dr. Evil.
Felicity Shagwell: [Surprised] That was easy.
Austin: That was easy.
Felicity Shagwell: Why did you tell us?
Mustafa: I can't stand to be asked the same question three times. It just irritates me.
Austin: Where's Dr. Evil hiding?
Mustafa: Why would he tell me? I'm just one of his low-level functionaries.
Austin: Where's Dr. Evil hiding?
Mustafa: You'll have to torture me. I'll never tell you.
Austin: Where's Dr. Evil hiding?
Mustafa: Damn, three times. He's hiding in his secret volcano lair.
Austin: Where's Dr. Evil's secret volcano lair?
Mustafa: [spits] I spit at that question.
Austin: Do I really have to ask you two more times?
Mustafa: Go to hell, Powers.
Austin: Fine. Where is Dr. Evil's secret volcano lair?
Mustafa: I will take it to the grave with me!
Felicity Shagwell: Ah ha! You have to answer. He asked you three times.
Mustafa: No no no! The second question was 'Do I really have to ask you two more times?'. So that would be the first question in a new line of questioning, and wouldn't count in the other line of questioning.
Austin: He's right.

Austin: [the guard has just fallen in molten lava] What a... burn?
Austin: That sort of thing could get a man... fired?
Austin: I think he was... hot... for... you?
Felicity Shagwell: That's enough.
Austin: Yeah.

Austin: Me spuds are boiling.

Austin: I've lost my mojo.
Felicity Shagwell: Oh, so that's why you...
Austin: Yes! Yes!
Felicity Shagwell: [smiles] I thought you didn't like me!
Austin: Oh no, baby. You're very shagadelic. I just didn't want to fall in love again, and I thought you'd never love me without my mojo. It's not you. You're fab, you're switched on, you're a bit of alright! YES!

Austin: I can't believe Vanessa, my bride, my one true love, the woman who taught me the beauty of monogamy, was a fembot all along. Wait a tick, that means I'm single again! Oh behave!

Austin: Let me ask you a question. And be honest. Do I make you horny, baby? Do I? Do I make you *randy*?
Ivana: [gets up from the table] No more games. Dr. Evil sent me here to kill you, but I find you so
Ivana: sexy! Just make love to me. Now, Austin Powervich! Hurry!
[Austin rips his shirt open]
Ivana: Oh, you are hairy like *animal*!
Austin: Grr, baby! Very grr!
Ivana: Make love to me, monkey man!

Austin: Wait a tick. Basil, if I travel back to 1969 and I was frozen in 1967, presumeably, I could go back and visit my frozen self. But, if I'm still frozen in 1967, how could I have been unthawed in the '90s and traveled back to...
[goes cross-eyed]
Austin: Oh, no, I've gone cross-eyed.
Basil: I suggest you don't worry about those things and just enjoy yourself.
[to camera]
Basil: That goes for you all, too.
Austin: Yes.

Dr Evil: Well, looks like you have a choice, Mr. Powers. Save the world, or save your girlfriend.
Felicity Shagwell: Austin!
Past Austin: Felicity!
Felicity Shagwell: Don't worry about me, Austin! You've got to save the world!
Austin: [arrives from the time machine] I choose love baby!
Past Austin: Wait a tick. Who are you?
Austin: I'm you ten minutes from now.
Past Austin: Damn it. You are handsome, baby, yeah!
Austin: [laughs] I was just thinking the same.
Past Austin: We are sexy!
Austin: We are sexy bitches, yes!
Dr Evil: Alright, this is re-goddamn-diculous. Kill them both!

Rebecca Romijn: Austin Powers, I've heard a lot about you. I'm Rebecca Romijn. I don't believe I've had the pleasure.
Austin: Well, of course you haven't had... the pleasure, Rebecca. We just met, baby, yeah.

Austin: [shooting photos] OK, you're an animal! Yes, there we go. You're a tiger! You're Tony the Tiger! You're grrreat! Very good. Loving it. Now you're a lemur. Running as a pack. We go left. We go right. There's a predator out of the jungle. What's going on? Burrow! That's right, you're a lemur. That's all you've got. You don't have sharp teeth capable of biting. Make an interconnected series of tunnels like the Viet Cong. And look. I'm not even shooting you. It's crazy. And I'm spent.
[gives away a camera]

Robin Swallows: My name is Robin Swallows.
Austin: Swallows - that's an interesting name.
Robin Swallows: Maiden name's Spitz.
Austin: Which is it, baby, Spitz or Swallows?

[Checking to make sure his groin is intact after surviving an explosion]
Austin: Oh thank God.

Austin: [Answering a call after the Vanessa fembot explodes] Hello Basil.
Basil: Hello, Austin. How was your honeymoon?
Austin: It turns out that Vanessa was a fembot.
Basil: Yes. We knew all along, sadly.
[Then, without pausing for a moment]
Basil: Anyway, I have a new assignment for you.

[while fighting, Austin's glasses get knocked off and Mini-Me brings them to him]
Austin: No more! I can't take it anymore... Oh. You brought me my glasses. Bless your little heart.
[Mini-Me suddenly gets pissed off and gives him the finger]
Austin: That's not right...

Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)
Austin Powers: [after he causes the Britney Spears fembot to explode] Oops. I did it again, baby.

Nigel Powers: [rubs throat] Ow...
Austin Powers: What's wrong with your neck?
Nigel Powers: I took a Viagra, got stuck in me throat, I've had a stiff neck for hours.
Nigel Powers, Austin Powers: I thank you!

Austin Powers: [to a Japanese industrialist named Mr. Roboto] Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

Austin Powers: [to Foxy Cleopatra] You may be a cunning linguist, but I am a master debater.

Foxxy Cleopatra: You have the right to remain sexy, sugar.
Austin Powers: Oh, I hope there's a search involved.

Austin Powers: You know, Dr. Evil, I have always thought you were crazy, but now I can see you're nuts.
[speaking to the camera]
Austin Powers: I thank you.

Austin Powers: Your spy car's a Mini?
Nigel Powers: It's not the size mate, it's how you use it.

Austin Powers: I am a sexy beast.

Fook Mi: [runs to Austin] Austin Powers! You're so great and so sexy!
Austin Powers: Thanks, baby! Now what's your name?
Fook Mi: Fook Mi!
Austin Powers: Can you kiss your mother with that mouth?
Fook Mi: No! Fook Mi! Like this!
[turns away so Austin can see Fook Mi written on her bag]
Austin Powers: Oh! Your name's Fook Mi!
Fook Mi: Would you like a drink?
[runs away to get drink]
Austin Powers: Actually I have a private bar...
[Fook Mi's twin sister, Fook Yu arrives]
Fook Yu: Here you go!
[gives him drink]
Austin Powers: [thinking she's Fook Mi] Fook Mi, that was fast!
Fook Yu: Fook Yu!

Austin Powers: Mr. Roboto is lying to us.
Foxxy Cleopatra: Tell me something I don't know.
Austin Powers: I open-mouth kissed a horse once.
Foxxy Cleopatra: Say what?
Austin Powers: That's something you don't know.

Austin Powers: What do you know about my father's where... about... s?

Austin Powers: Mole. Bloody mole. We aren't supposed to talk about the bloody mole, but there's a bloody mole winking me in the face. I want to c-u-u-t it off, ch-o-o-p it off, and make guacamole.

Steven Spielberg: So, Austin, what did you think of the opening credits?
Austin Powers: Well, I can't believe Sir Steven Spielberg, the grooviest film maker in the history of cinema, is making a movie about my life. Very Shagadelic, baby, yeah.
Austin Powers: Having said that, I do have some thoughts.
Steven Spielberg: [holding an Oscar] Really? Well, my friend here thinks it's fine the way it is.
Austin Powers: Well, no offense, Sir Stevie, but you gotta have mojo babe, yeah. Hit it.

Austin Powers: Like I'd ever let Goldmember get away.
Foxxy Cleopatra: [entering shot] Austin? Goldmember's getting away.

Austin Powers: Nice to mole you... meet you. Nice to meet you, Mole.
[to Foxxy as Basil & The Mole leave]
Austin Powers: Don't say mole.
Foxxy Cleopatra: Now stop.
Austin Powers: I said mole.
Foxxy Cleopatra: Stop.
[Basil gestures him to hush]
Number Three: Bye.
Austin Powers: Mole.
[Basil & the Mole try again to leave]
Austin Powers: Mole.
[Basil warns him again to hush]
Austin Powers: Mole.
Basil Exposition: Oh, shut up!
Austin Powers: [Basil and The Mole walk out and Austin lets loose] Moley, moley, moley, moley, moley!

Goldmember: Would you like a shmoke und a pancake?
Austin Powers: A what?
Goldmember: A shmoke und a pancake. You know, a flapjack und a shigarette? No? Shigar und a waffle? No? Pipe und a crepe? No? Bong und a blintz? No? Well, then there ish no pleashing you.
Austin Powers: That's not right...

Austin Powers: You're insane, Goldmember.
Goldmember: And that's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it
Goldmember: KC and the Sunshine Band.

Dr. Evil: Using my time machine I shall travel back to 1975, pick up Goldmember and bring him back to the future. And the best part of this plan is... no one can stop me. Not even... Austin Powers.
[All laugh maliciously]
Austin Powers: Not so fast. You're surrounded, Doctor Evil.
Dr. Evil: Shit

Austin Powers: Smashing, Basil. A pimp-mobile.
Basil Exposition: Yes, yes. I knew it would tickle *your* fancy.
Austin Powers: What can I say?
[Grabs dice on rear-view mirror]
Austin Powers: Cough!
[pretends to cough]

Austin Powers: You really are a fat bastard!
Fat Bastard: You know, that hurts my feelings! I tried going on a diet, you know. The Zone, you know, "Carbs are the enemy," eh?
Fat Bastard: [extension from deleted scene] But the portions were so wee I ate the delivery man.

Dr. Evil: Quid pro-quo, Mr. Powers.
Austin Powers: Yes, squid pro row.

Fat Bastard: I've been tryin' to go legit.
Austin Powers: Of course...
Fat Bastard: But when you're an overweight child, in a society that demands perfection, your sense of right and wrong, fair and unfair will always be tragically skewed...
Austin Powers: Did you just soil yourself?
Fat Bastard: Maybe.
Fat Bastard: It did sound a little wet, there didn't it? Right at the end! Oooh! Heh heh heh. Let's have a smell, all right? Oh, everyone likes their own brand, don't they? Oh, this is magic! Hmmm, wafting, wafting. Ok, analysis. Ooh, smells like carrots in throw-up! Oh that could gag a maggot! It smells like hot sick ass in a dead carcass! Even stink would say that stinks! You know when you go into an apartment building and you smell the other people's cooking on each floor and you go "What are they cookin'?" That, plus crap!

Fook Mi: Do we make you sleepy?
Austin Powers: Well, you make me many things but sleepy's not one of them.

Austin Powers: Twins, Basil. Twins.

Young Dr. Evil: [deleted scene]
[Young Austin in standing naked behind Young Dr. Evil holding a book labeled "Balzac"]
Young Dr. Evil: Would it kill you to put on some clothes? Honestly it's like living with frickin Sasquatch.
Young Austin Powers: Hey, have you seen my Balzac?
Young Dr. Evil: I'm looking at your Balzac right now.
Dr. Evil: [cuts back to Dr. Evil in the cell] No,no. You got it all wrong, it wasn't Balzac.
Young Austin Powers: [cuts back to Young Austin Powers and Young Dr. Evil, this time, holding a book labeled "Dickens"] Have you seen my Dickens?
Young Dr. Evil: I'm looking at your Dickens right now.
Dr. Evil: [cuts back to Dr. Evil in the cell] No. It wasn't "Dickens" either.
Young Austin Powers: [cuts back to Young Austin Powers and Young Dr. Evil, this time holding a book labeled "Longfellow"] Have you seen my Longfellow?

Dixie Normous: Hi, I'm Dixie. Dixie Normous. I may be just a small-town FBI agent slash single mother, but I'm still tough... and sexy.
Famous Austin: Well, Miss Normous... shall we shag now, or shag later?

[first lines]
Famous Austin: Yeah Baby.