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Isidor Straus (Character)
from A Night to Remember (1958)

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A Night to Remember (1958)
Ismay: [trying to urge people to get in the boats] Women and children first.
Mr. Isador Straus: [sees Ismay past and tries to get his wife to follow Ismay's directions] Please, Rachel, get in the boat.
Col. Archibald Gracie: Yes, Mrs. Straus, you must.
Mrs. Straus: I've always stayed with my husband, Colonel. So why should I leave him now?
Mr. Isador Straus: Please, be sensible.
Mrs. Straus: We have been living together for many years, Isador. Where you go, I go.
Col. Archibald Gracie: I'm sure nobody would object to an old gentleman like Mr. Straus going in a boat. I'll ask the officer.
Mr. Isador Straus: No! I will not go before the other men.
Mrs. Straus: We stay.