Sixth Officer James Moody
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Sixth Officer James Moody (Character)
from Titanic (1997)

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A Night to Remember (1958)
Sixth Officer James Moody: Sorry, only one more lady.
Edith Evans: You go first, you have children waiting at home.
Mrs. Brown: NO! I...
Sixth Officer James Moody: Quickly ladies! We haven't got much time.
[the woman, Mrs. Brown, steps in]
Sixth Officer James Moody: Still here Miss Evans? We'll get you off in the next boat.
Edith Evans: Thank you.
[Miss Evans looks around and sees that there are no more lifeboats left]

Lookout Frederick Fleet: [spots iceberg, rings warning bell and picks up bridge phone]
Sixth Officer James Moody: [picks up receiver on bridge] What did you see?
Lookout Frederick Fleet: Iceberg. Dead ahead, sir.
Sixth Officer James Moody: [repeats to Murdoch] Iceberg, dead ahead sir.
First Officer William Murdoch: [looks out bridge window, sees the berg and calls into the wheelhouse speaker] Hard-a-starboard.
Hitchens: [repeats order as he turns wheel] Hard-a-starboard, sir.
First Officer William Murdoch: [to Moody] Full-astern both.
Sixth Officer James Moody: [Moody repeats as he pulls the engine-room telegraph handles to full-speed astern] Full-astern both, sir.
First Officer William Murdoch: [looks out window again, then turns to other Seaman on the bridge] Close watertight doors.
Seaman: [repeats order and moves to watertight door control switches] Close watertight doors, sir.
Hitchens: [calls from wheelhouse] Hard-a-starboard it is, sir.

Andrews: Why have we stopped?
Sixth Officer James Moody: Bit of trouble, sir. With the Captain's compliments, will you please join him on the bridge?
Andrews: Now?
Sixth Officer James Moody: If you please, sir.

Titanic (1997)
Lookout Frederick Fleet: [spots an iceberg ahead of the ship and calls into the wheelhouse] Pick up you bastards!
6th Officer Moody: [comes into the wheelhouse with a cup of tea in hand and answers the phone]
Lookout Frederick Fleet: Is there anyone there?
6th Officer Moody: Yes, what do you see?
Lookout Frederick Fleet: Iceberg, right ahead!
6th Officer Moody: Thank you.
[hangs up phone]
6th Officer Moody: [rushes out to the deck to notify 1st Officer William Murdoch] Iceberg right ahead!
6th Officer Moody, 1st Officer William Murdoch: Hard a'starboard!

Jack: Wait! We're passengers! We're passengers!
[flushed and panting, Jack waves the tickets as he and Fabrizio run up the ramp to the 3rd class gangway entrance]
6th Officer Moody: [looks at the tickets as Jack and Fabrizio reach the end of the ramp] Have you been through the inspection queue?
Jack: [lying] Of course! Anyway, we don't have lice, we're Americans.
[motions the tickets back and forth between himself and Fabrizio]
Jack: Both of us.
6th Officer Moody: [nods] Right. Come aboard.