Spicer Lovejoy
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Spicer Lovejoy (Character)
from Titanic (1997)

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Titanic (1997)
Cal Hockley: [takes money out from his safe and puts it into the inner pockets of his suit jacket, takes the diamond necklace from the safe and puts it into the pocket of his trench coat] I make my own luck.
Lovejoy: [shows his gun opening the right jacket coat] So do I.

[after Jack "rescues" Rose from her suicide attempt, he holds Lovejoy back to scab some cigarettes]
Lovejoy: You'll want to tie those.
[He points at Jack's boots]
Lovejoy: It's interesting. The young lady slipped so suddenly and you still had time to remove your jacket and your shoes.

Lovejoy: What could possibly be funny?
Cal Hockley: I put the diamond in the coat. And I put the coat on her!