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Colonel Gregory Usher (Character)
from "Mission: Impossible" (1988)

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"Mission: Impossible: Holograms (#1.3)" (1988)
Colonel Gregory Usher: Do you think you need a bodyguard here, Mr Taggart?
Nicholas Black: [posing as drug dealer Myles Taggart] Well I watch the evening news, and things like assassinations at airports make me kind of nervous.
Colonel Gregory Usher: Uh, that was politics, Mr Taggart, this is business.

Colonel Gregory Usher: [speaking to Black] So I sell drugs. Americans buy drugs, but I'm the monster, I'm the one they indict. Well, they can indict me all they want. They'll never lay a hand on Colonel Usher. They can't touch me here.

Colonel Gregory Usher: [Usher in bed with Phelps sitting beside him. Duvall enters room] The boy! Did you find the boy?
Duvall: No, Colonel.
Jim Phelps: [posing as neurologist Dr. Frederic Quinn] Please try to calm yourself, Colonel. You've had a pretty bad turn.
Colonel Gregory Usher: No, I've had worse, Doctor. Why don't you stop patronizing me and tell me what's wrong with my body?
Jim Phelps: Well, according to what Major Duvall has told me about your medical history, you suffer from an arteriovenous malfunction. Now that's a...
Colonel Gregory Usher: [interrupting] Congenital defect. Too many blood vessels around the surface of my brain. I've heard it all before!
Jim Phelps: But it does explain your headaches.
Colonel Gregory Usher: Does it explain the *boy* Dr. Quinn?
Jim Phelps: Well, if the defect is in a specific area of the brain, it could cause, uh, hallucinations.
Colonel Gregory Usher: [bounds out of bed] People I sell drugs to have hallucinations. I don't!

Colonel Gregory Usher: Have the launch fueled and ready to shove off at dawn.
Duvall: Sir! I thought you would send someone to the island.
Colonel Gregory Usher: I want to go myself.
Duvall: But have you forgotten the Americans, the indictment? As head of security, I strongly advise against it.
Colonel Gregory Usher: As head of the country, I strongly advise you to do as I say!