Barney Collier
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Biography for
Barney Collier (Character)
from "Mission: Impossible" (1966)

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Barnard ('Barney') Collier is the namesake behind 'Collier Electronics' and is one of the most successful African-American businessmen in America, which is remarkable especially during the mid-1960's at a time when it was rare for blacks to achieve such incredible accomplishments. However, it was not all that he was successful at. Sometime during the decade, Barney was selected as one of the original members of the Impossible Missions Force.

The IMF was an elite team of covert operatives that when called upon used their unique abilities to infiltrate various countries to help ward off a wide variety of would be dictators and other threats to the west. Barney's electronic devices and his ability to manipulate mechanical devices puts him at the top of the list whenever the IMF is called into action. Also, from time to time Barney also works undercover from time to time posing as everything from a political prisoner to a drug dealer.

On the personal front, little is known about Barney except for the fact that he did have a newspaper reporter brother named Larry, who was murdered while trying to gather information on a criminal organization. Barney, with the help of his IMF teamates would later gain the evidence to bring Larry's killers to justice. Also, it was revealed several years later that Barney had a son named Grant who, like his father, was an electronics genius. In fact, Grant would later become an IMF agent in his own right and would help the team rescue Barney from a Turkish prison.

It is no wonder why Dan Briggs and his successor Jim Phelps would regard him as probably the most valuable member of the Impossible Missions Force.

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