Lisa Casey
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Lisa Casey (Character)
from "Mission: Impossible" (1966)

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"Mission: Impossible: Invasion (#6.9)" (1971)
Lisa Casey: [Pretending to be the "error voice" on the telephone] Because of the national emergency, telephone service has been temporarily suspended.

James Phelps: [Pretending to be a People's Tribunal chief judge] Ellen, you are the secretary to the Assistant Director of Civilian Defense, Los Angeles area.
Lisa Casey: [Pretending to be a secretary rounded up as a security risk] But I don't know anything! I'm just a secretary! I'm nobody!
James Phelps: [Unmoved] You are an enemy of the people.
[Rings the bell]
Lisa Casey: [Soldiers are about to drag her away to get "shot"] No! You can't! Please! I've got babies! They need me! Please!

"Mission: Impossible: The Tram (#6.3)" (1971)
[last lines]
Lisa Casey: Did you get the number of the Swiss account?
James Phelps: In Roman numerals. on the back of his Saint Francis.

"Mission: Impossible: Reprisal (#1.17)" (1989)
[last lines]
Lisa Casey: Will he ever come back?
Jim Phelps: Not from where he's going.

"Mission: Impossible: The Miracle (#6.6)" (1971)
Lisa Casey: Anybody want a dead fish?
Alvin Taynor: Young lady... nobody wants a dead fish.

"Mission: Impossible: The Fighter (#7.18)" (1973)
[last lines]
James Phelps: So, your father's agreed to turn state's evidence, Susan. He's already told the Attorney General enough to rip open the whole Syndicate infiltration of the fight business.
Susan Mitchell: But he'll still have to go to prison?
Barney Collier: Yes. He'll have to serve some time.
Lisa Casey: But I think it'll make it a lot easier on him, Susan, if he could see you.
Willy Armitage: We've arranged for you to meet with him, if you want to.
Susan Mitchell: Of course... and I'll wait.
Pete Novick: No. We'll wait.

"Mission: Impossible: Mindbend (#6.4)" (1971)
[last lines]
Lisa Casey: Are you sure there won't be any aftereffects?
Barney Collier: None at all, Casey. Not even a hangover. I've been given a clean bill of health. I'm ready to go home.