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Quotes for
Champ Foster (Character)
from "Mission: Impossible" (1988)

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"Mission: Impossible: The Haunting (#1.9)" (1989)
Tu: Good afternoon, Sir. Uh, your mother is in the sanctuary with Mr. Eisenhower.
Champ Foster: Eisenhower? Who the hell is Eisenhower?
Tu: Uh, he said he was a friend of yours and that his mother named him after her favorite president.
Champ Foster: [in disbelief] Oh, yeah.

Champ Foster: [answering the phone] Champ Foster.
Max Harte: Hello Champ. How's my old buddy?
Champ Foster: Who is this?
Max Harte: [laughs] 'Who is this?' This is Elvis, man. Elvis Presley. You remember me, don't you?
Champ Foster: Look, if this is some sort of a joke...
Max Harte: No joke, man. I'm just a lonely guy looking to make a rich friend. Hey... look out your window. You'll see me on your boat. You see, I know who you are, and I know what you've been doing to all those pretty girls.
Champ Foster: I don't know what sort of crank you are, but...
Max Harte: Crank? Oh man... listen, you might say Doctor Cruz sent me. You remember Doctor Cruz, don't you? He was the head shrink at that private hospital you spent some of your teenage years in. You remember? For killing that little friend of yours? What's the matter, Champ? Cat's got your tongue?

Champ Foster: What else did he tell you?
Max Harte: Oh, a lot of things, man. First, he wouldn't say anything. Real stone wall. After I broke a couple of his ribs, I got his attention. Had to grab him by the hair. Man, I told him, "My name's Hitler, man. Maybe you heard of me? Adolf?" Real bad guy Hitler. And your face is Poland, and I'm gonna march all over it.
Champ Foster: I don't suppose you've got a drink?
Max Harte: Hey, man, I've gotta tell you, from one friend to another, that stuff's poison. You know your body is a temple.

Champ Foster: What do you want from me?
Max Harte: I told you this morning. I'm gonna be your friend.
Champ Foster: Well, most of my friends have names, so what do I call you, President Eisenhower or just plain Elvis?
Max Harte: Are you making fun of me?

[last lines]
Police Officer: Honolulu Police! Get on your feet! I'll take it from here, Mr. Foster! Hands up!
Champ Foster: Mother!