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Grant Collier (Character)
from "Mission: Impossible" (1988)

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"Mission: Impossible: The Princess (#2.3)" (1989)
Grant Collier: Camion? That's it?
Nicholas Black: Yeah, I think it's French. A carriage. A horse-drawn carriage or a cab.
Grant Collier: That's all she said?
Nicholas Black: Yeah, that's all she said, Camion. But does it mean anything?
Grant Collier: Yeah, means she's still alive. That's the main thing.
Nicholas Black: Yeah, well, the doctor said she's got every chance. She is strong and she's a fighter.
Max Harte: Well, thank God for that.
Max Harte: Well, maybe it's a trade name or a company.
Grant Collier: Lets give it a shot.
[runs Camion through the computer and then looks surprised at the results]
Grant Collier: Perfume!
[turns to a woman's magazine and finds a page where a ladies' perfume called Camion is advertised]
Grant Collier: Camion... She smelled perfume!
Max Harte: [astonished by the realization] Coyote's a woman!

[last lines]
Shannon Reed: Did you guys buy me all these?
Jim Phelps: Well, now just how many boyfriends do you need?
Grant Collier: Yeah?
Shannon Reed: Mm-hmm-hmm. Yeah, I suppose four are enough.

"Mission: Impossible: The Golden Serpent: Part 2 (#2.2)" (1989)
[first lines]
Grant Collier: Buddy, you all right? Man that was some fall up there.
Max Harte: Yeah. The last step was a doozy.

[last lines]
Grant Collier: We got it. The whole rotten setup.
Jim Phelps: The Golden Serpent... has lost its sting.

"Mission: Impossible: The Legacy (#1.5)" (1988)
Max Harte: [viewing tons of gold] It must have taken a dozen men with lifting equipment to bring it down here. How the hell are we supposed to get it out?
Grant Collier: Give me fifteen minutes.

[last lines]
Nicholas Black: Well, what's the penalty for murder in Switzerland?
Grant Collier: Life imprisonment.
Jim Phelps: So much for the Fourth Reich.

"Mission: Impossible: The Fuehrer's Children (#2.8)" (1989)
[last lines]
Max Harte: There's a plane waiting for them at the airport.
Shannon Reed: There'll be a team of doctors to greet them when they touch down in the States.
Grant Collier: Yeah, I think I'll ride along with them.
Nicholas Black: And what about Kester?
Jim Phelps: He's given away all their secrets. I think we can close the books on Richard Kester. Permanently.

"Mission: Impossible: Countdown (#2.5)" (1989)
[last lines]
Nicholas Black: Well, I'd hate to be in his shoes right now.
Grant Collier: Yeah, did you see the looks on those people's faces?
Jim Phelps: So, this is the way Xang Kai's world ends... not with a bang... but a whimper.

"Mission: Impossible: Spy (#1.14)" (1989)
Max Harte: Does it bother you this guy was heavyweight champion in every prison he was in?
Grant Collier: Not if it doesn't bother you.

"Mission: Impossible: War Games (#2.6)" (1989)
Max Harte: Did Szabos buy Shannon's story?
Grant Collier: Lock, stock and horoscope, baby.

"Mission: Impossible: Command Performance (#2.4)" (1989)
Max Harte: You scared of heights?
Grant Collier: Heights? Nah. It's hitting the ground I ain't too thrilled about.