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Daniel Briggs (Character)
from "Mission: Impossible" (1966)

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"Mission: Impossible: The Ransom (#1.8)" (1966)
Daniel Briggs: Now we'll exchange Gorman for the girl my way. You'll wait to hear from me. And one more little thing, Egan. If anything happens to that girl, anything... I'll finish you. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I'll find you and I'll kill you. And you know I can do it.

Daniel Briggs: This time, I'm *really* going to wake him up!

[first lines]
Daniel Briggs: What do you want, Egan?
Frank Egan: Well. You know me, Briggs. Good.
Daniel Briggs: I read the papers.

[last lines]
Daniel Briggs: You can't kill him, George. He's gotta face the Grand Jury this morning.

"Mission: Impossible: The Frame (#1.17)" (1967)
Cinnamon Carter: I'm just worried about getting out.
Daniel Briggs: The syndicate's never been know to kill a woman.
Cinnamon Carter: There's always a first time.

[first lines]
Female Administrator: Good morning. You're, um, Mr. Briggs, for the aptitude test?
Daniel Briggs: Yes.
Daniel Briggs: Fine. The , uh, test instructions will come over the speaker. All questions will be multiple choice. And just touch the button to the answer you select. Okay?
Female Administrator: Thank you.

[last lines]
Cinnamon Carter: What are they going to do when they open the safe and find out it's empty?
Rollin Hand, Daniel Briggs: Whatever they do won't help Wellman.
Daniel Briggs: Without him, they're out of politics.

"Mission: Impossible: Fakeout (#1.12)" (1966)
Cinnamon Carter: [Cinnamon is trying on a mask] How'd I look?
Daniel Briggs: Let's just say it works.
Cinnamon Carter: OK, I'll wear it.
Barney Collier: You might be starting a whole style.
Cinnamon Carter: Mm... Can I wear one with a pattern? Flowers, lace, something?
Daniel Briggs: Nope.
Cinnamon Carter: You have no fashion sense.
Daniel Briggs: Nope.

[first lines]
Daniel Briggs: It's a nice kit of fantails. Strain of Whittingham, aren't they?
Researcher: Here's a crossed Oriental Roller with Persom. Fancy Tumbler.
Daniel Briggs: Some people think pigeons are just pigeons.

[last lines]
Anastas Poltroni aka Ted Carson: Why, you're quite a miracle, aren't you? Quite a pair. How much are you gonna get for me, huh?
Daniel Briggs: For you? Two cents.

"Mission: Impossible: Pilot (#1.1)" (1966)
General Rio Dominguez: What use is all this? I will never give you any information. But if you forget your plan, I... I will give you amnesty. And my personal guarantee that the... the warheads will not be used against your country.
Daniel Briggs: Well, I'll give you the same guarantee, General. You read my meaning? Those things might go off, but it won't be in my country.

General Rio Dominguez: Are you insane?
Daniel Briggs: You leave me no choice, General.
General Rio Dominguez: Your chances are one in a thousand.
Daniel Briggs: Our chances are by random choice, but I won't just guess. I think the code is your national colors. Green, white, and blue. Right, General?
General Rio Dominguez: No! Not green.
Daniel Briggs: Red, white, blue. General, you not only have sense, you have a sense of the ironic.

[first lines]
Girl Clerk: Hello.
Daniel Briggs: I'm looking for a special recording. Collector series.
Girl Clerk: Well, I don't know. We have some record players in stock.
TV Floorman: I'll take care of the gentleman, Suzie. Uh, would you get me last week's invoices, please? Exactly what recording were you looking for?
Daniel Briggs: Pavane in G by Ernest Vone and the Pansymphonic Orchestra. 1963.

"Mission: Impossible: The Carriers (#1.10)" (1966)
Daniel Briggs: We did get an agent of ours in there once.
Cinnamon Carter: Did he say anything about getting out?
Daniel Briggs: As a matter of fact, he didn't.
Willy Armitage: Why not?
Daniel Briggs: He never got out.

[last lines]
Daniel Briggs: Will he be all right?
Roger Lee: Yes. But, as soon as we get across the border, we'll all have to get the treatment. We've all been exposed to him.
Barney Collier: So was Passik.
Cinnamon Carter: Yes, but he doesn't know it.

"Mission: Impossible: The Confession (#1.22)" (1967)
[first lines]
Daniel Briggs: My name's Briggs. I left some negatives here for enlargements.
Proprietor: Let's see. Those were 11-by-14 mattes, weren't they?
Daniel Briggs: No. 8-by 10s.
Proprietor: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I remember. I just finished them. They're still drying.
Daniel Briggs: I'd like to take a look at them.
Proprietor: Help yourself.
Daniel Briggs: Thank you.

[last lines]
Willy Armitage: You're not a bad actor, Rollin.
Rollin Hand: How were the ratings?
Barney Collier: It was on the entire network.
Cinnamon Carter: 40 or 50 million viewers.
Daniel Briggs: I'd say that Townsend and McMillan are suffering from overexposure.

"Mission: Impossible: Memory (#1.2)" (1966)
[last lines]
Daniel Briggs: Coastline's only four hundred yards. The boat's waiting. How was it?
Joseph Baresh: I forget.

Daniel Briggs: How much juice in that fence?
Barney Collier: Enough. You can't get deader than dead.

"Mission: Impossible: Operation Rogosh (#1.3)" (1966)
[last lines]
[Rogosh gets into a car with his boss]
Imre Rogosh: They tricked me.
Klimi: Imre, am I correct? You told them everything?
Imre Rogosh: But they tricked me, they tricked me.
[Mr. Briggs watches them drive off. Barney stands behind]
Barney Collier: I'm sorry we had to let a man like Rogosh live.
Daniel Briggs: We didn't.

Cinnamon Carter: If my life were at stake, I would hate to have you defend me.
Daniel Briggs: Thank you. My aim is to inspire a complete... lack of confidence.

"Mission: Impossible: The Diamond (#1.19)" (1967)
[first lines]
Proprietor: Can I help you?
Daniel Briggs: Yes, I'm looking for an authentic Franklin Roosevelt.
Proprietor: I have several.
Daniel Briggs: I want just the initials FDR, in his own hand.
Proprietor: They are hard to get. I only have one. It's on the flyleaf of a book. Would that be acceptable?
Daniel Briggs: If it's in ink.
Proprietor: It is. You'll excuse me, I have some work to do in the back.

[last lines]
Rollin Hand: I'm kind of sorry.
Barney Collier: Why?
Rollin Hand: Well, for a while there, I almost believed it really could produce diamonds.
Daniel Briggs: It did... the one we were after.

"Mission: Impossible: Old Man Out: Part 1 (#1.4)" (1966)
[first lines]
[a persistent knocking is heard at the theater door. The projectionist opens it]
Projectionist contact: We're closed.
Daniel Briggs: There's a short subject I'd like to see.
Projectionist contact: A cartoon?
Daniel Briggs: No, the documentary.
Projectionist contact: Fourth row, end seat on the right side.

Daniel Briggs: Crystal!
Crystal Walker: Yes, Dan?
Daniel Briggs: Better spend more time rehearsing your trapeze act.
Crystal Walker: Why? I've done it eight a week for two years.
Daniel Briggs: Not without a net.

"Mission: Impossible: A Cube of Sugar (#1.26)" (1967)
[first lines]
The Clerk: May I help you, sir?
Daniel Briggs: Yes, I'm looking for a Chateau Delacroix, 1959.
The Clerk: Oh, that's very difficult. We have an excellent Delacroix '57.
Daniel Briggs: I'd prefer '59. It's far superior.
The Clerk: Let me look in the back room. In the meantime you might find this an interesting wine.
Daniel Briggs: Thank you.

"Mission: Impossible: Snowball in Hell (#1.21)" (1967)
[last lines]
Daniel Briggs: He's on his way.
Rollin Hand: Okay, Willy. Now!

"Mission: Impossible: The Short Tail Spy (#1.14)" (1966)
[last lines]
Daniel Briggs: I owe you an apology. I lost confidence there a moment or two. I thought Fetyakov might have gotten to you.
Cinnamon Carter: I took the bullets, didn't I?
Daniel Briggs: Yes, you did.
[then gets up and leaves the room]
Cinnamon Carter: [by herself] Besides, you just can't explain it. You just had to be there. That's all.

"Mission: Impossible: Old Man Out: Part 2 (#1.5)" (1966)
[first lines]
Cinnamon Carter: [performing mind reading act] And now, will you try this one, signor?
Daniel Briggs: I believe it it a handbag.

"Mission: Impossible: A Spool There Was (#1.9)" (1966)
[first lines]
Daniel Briggs: Excuse me, I'd like to inspect one of your private suites.
Housekeeper: Our best rooms are on the top floor, sir.
Housekeeper: I know, but I'm looking for one with a red decor.

"Mission: Impossible: Zubrovnik's Ghost (#1.11)" (1966)
Ariana Domi: Dan, you know the truth about me. Why so much selling, so much loud confidence in me?
Daniel Briggs: Rollin and Barney are sure that you're as much a fake as Poljac. For the sake of the mission, I don't want them absolutely sure.

"Mission: Impossible: Shock (#1.25)" (1967)
[last lines]
Daniel Briggs: Josef Gort and Peter Kiri of the KVD.
Stephen Droker: You are under arrest!
Jonathan Davis: Carl
Cinnamon Carter: [to Dan Briggs] Good Shooting.
Daniel Briggs: Thank you.

"Mission: Impossible: Odds on Evil (#1.6)" (1966)
[first lines]
Daniel Briggs: I'm looking for an early talkie called Lydia's Indiscretion.
Man in Arcade: Yeah. Wasn't Norma Leslie in it?
Daniel Briggs: No. You're thinking of Norma Lester.
Man in Arcade: Come on in the back room.

"Mission: Impossible: Wheels (#1.7)" (1966)
Daniel Briggs: When in doubt, ask a policeman.

"Mission: Impossible: The Trial (#1.18)" (1967)
[last lines]
Zubin: Mr. Benton, the government takes no responsibility for the actions of Colonel Varsh. Nevertheless, on its behalf, I offer you an apology.
Daniel Briggs: Thank you, Your Honor.
Zubin: All charges against you are dismissed.
Rollin Hand: Congratulations, Mr. Benton.
Daniel Briggs: Thank you very much.