Dana Lambert
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Dana Lambert (Character)
from "Mission: Impossible" (1966)

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"Mission: Impossible: The Rebel (#5.11)" (1970)
[first lines]
Soldier: Your identification papers.
James Phelps: Yes, uh, we're Americans. I'm Professor Edwards, Lennox University Archaeological Institute.
Soldier: Your occupation, Miss... Ward?
Dana Lambert: I'm a student in archaeology at the university.
James Phelps: She's working with me on the excavations at Agafa.
[soldier hands back identifications]
James Phelps: Thank you.

"Mission: Impossible: My Friend, My Enemy (#5.6)" (1970)
[last lines]
Dana Lambert: How do you feel?
Paris: Feel, like, uh, like somebody just took something out of my head.
[referring to dog that had implant]
Paris: Is that him?
Barney Collier: That's him.

"Mission: Impossible: Flip Side (#5.2)" (1970)
[last lines]
C.W. Cameron: You're not really even Cindy, are you?
Dana Lambert: There was a real Cindy Dawson, once, Mr. Cameron. But she died, just last year, in Haight-Ashbury of an overdose.

"Mission: Impossible: The Missile (#5.16)" (1971)
[last lines]
Paris: Is Jim all right?
Dana Lambert: I reached him. I hope it was in time.
Barney Collier: [on the phone] Give me the police.

"Mission: Impossible: The Field (#5.17)" (1971)
[last lines]
James Phelps: Did you talk to the base?
Paris: Yes, no further explosions, and they're shutting down Sector 21.
Dana Lambert: That means Barney should be able to make it.
James Phelps: It's 4:00 A.M.

"Mission: Impossible: Blast (#5.18)" (1971)
[last lines]
Gregory Tolan: I wasn't going to kill you. I really wasn't going to kill you.
Dana Lambert: Who was going to do it? Brace?