Doug Robert
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Doug Robert (Character)
from "Mission: Impossible" (1966)

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"Mission: Impossible: Takeover (#5.14)" (1971)
Doug Robert: You saw what happened. There isn't anyone who would believe that wasn't you out there.
Mayor Steve Tallman: It's a frame. The whole thing's a frame.
Paris: Who would ever believe it?
Mayor Steve Tallman: You've been shot.
Paris: Just a scratch. You've got one too.

[last lines]
Mayor Steve Tallman: What about my daughter?
Doug Robert: She wasn't real, either. That bother you?

"Mission: Impossible: Kitara (#5.20)" (1971)
John Darcy: How long will Kohler stay black?
Doug Robert: About a week. After which, both he and Maxfield will probably turn very red.