Tony Gazzo
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Tony Gazzo (Character)
from Rocky (1976)

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Rocky (1976)
[Rocky and Gazzo step out of the car for a talk]
Gazzo: [upset] How come you didn't break this guy's thumb like I told you?
Rocky: Well, how did you know I didn't...
Gazzo: You don't think I hear things? Did I give you a job this morning or didn't I, huh?
Rocky: Yeah.
Gazzo: So why didn't you break his thumb like I told you? When you don't do what I tell you to do, you make me look bad, Rock.
Rocky: [trying to come up with an excuse] I figured... look, I figured if I break the guy's thumb, he gets laid off, right? Then he can't make...
Gazzo: [cuts Rocky off] Yeah, well don't figure! Let me do the figurin', okay, Rock? From here on in, just let me do the figuring, you know? These guys think we're running some kind of charity or something. That they can get off light. From here on in, do what I tell you to do, because it's bad for my reputation! You understand? You got...
[shoves Rocky]
Gazzo: You got it, Rock?
Rocky: [beat] I got it.
Gazzo: Good. Now, tomorrow you collect 400 from Del Rio. And if I tell you to break a guy's nose or thumb as a "late payment notice", you do it!
Rocky: [to Gazzo as he walks back towards the car] Hey, how do you spell "Del Rio"?
Gazzo: [angrly] Look it up in a dictionary, Rock!
Rocky: What's a dictionary? Hey, come on! I won't let it happen no more about the thumb. You know?
Bodyguard: [to Rocky as he drives off with Gazzo] Hey... so long, meatbag!
Rocky: [to Buddy the Bodyguard as he drives away] I shouda broke your thumb!

[Repeated line]
Gazzo: Don't you think I hear things?