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Quotes for
Marie (Character)
from Rocky (1976)

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Rocky Balboa (2006)
[Angie, a young woman approaches Rocky at the bar]
Angie: Yo! Yo, is that you? Is that really you?
Rocky Balboa: How you doin'?
Marie: [to Angie] I think he wants to drink alone.
Angie: [turning "Street Gangsta"] Well, then give him his drink then. I ain't stoppin' you. What's that, your man or somthin'? No, I don't think so!
[turns back to Rocky]
Angie: Anyway, me and my friends, we're right down there. You think - You think you can buy us a round? Come on, you got the money. Just one round.
Rocky Balboa: Hey, uh...
[pushes Angie hand down]
Rocky Balboa: Thank you.
Angie: What are y - What are you doin' pushin' my hand away like that?
Rocky Balboa: What's your name?
Angie: Angie. What do you wanna know for?
Rocky Balboa: Angie, don't be playin' a fool for that guy, all right?
Angie: [turning cross] A fool?
Rocky Balboa: Yeah.
Angie: [angry] A fool? I'm the fool? You're the fool, not me! You got it twisted. You're the fool. I'm a person, just like you. You ain't no better than me. You think you're a big shot? You ain't nothin! You ain't no better that me! NO better!

Rocky Balboa: Wow.
Marie: Glad you dropped in?
Rocky Balboa: I think the neighborhood's changin' a little.

Rocky Balboa: You know your kid sorta resembles ya. He's got that thick Irish hair, you know.
Marie: ...Yeah it's the other one.
[Rocky looks at the dark skinned one]
Rocky Balboa: ...Yeah?
Marie: His father was from Jamaica.
Rocky Balboa: Jamaica... European... Was you on a cruise ship or somthin' ?
Marie: [smiles] Not exactly.

Marie: It doesn't matter how this looks to other people. If this is something you gotta do, then you do it. Fighters fight.

Marie: Do you have a reservation?
Paulie: Do I look like a freakin' Indian?

Marie: [after Paulie walks into Adrian's after being let go from his job] Excuse me? Do you have a reservation?
Paulie: [laughs] Do I look like an indian?

Marie: The last thing to age on somebody is their heart

Marie: Don't get out. It's alright.
Rocky Balboa: No, Little Marie. It ain't alright.

Rocky (1976)
Marie: Hey Rocky! Screw you, creepo!

Rocky: Don't smoke that. It makes your breath like garbage.
Marie: Maybe I like garbage.
Rocky: [putting out the cigarette] Nobody likes garbage!

Marie: You're a bum!