Tommy 'Machine' Gunn
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Tommy 'Machine' Gunn (Character)
from Rocky V (1990)

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Rocky V (1990)
Tommy Gunn: You don't own me! You don't own me! Nobody does! I want my respect.
Rocky Balboa: Well come and get it!

Tommy Gunn: Why don't you become my manager?
Rocky Balboa: Manager? I ain't never been manager! The gentleman who owned this place was a manager! But me I was always the managed... guy.

Tommy Gunn: I'm nobody's puppet! Nobody's boy!

Tommy Gunn: [as Rocky goes back into the bar] Hey. Hey! I'm not done talking to you yet.
Rocky Balboa: Listen, Tommy. I've got notin' else to say to you okay?
George W. Duke: Rocky Balboa. Tommy Gunn wants to fight you in his next match. Do you, or do you not accept Tommy's challenge?
Rocky Balboa: [to Tommy] Listen, Tommy. This guy wants us to fight in the ring. When we were together, we were like, like brothers.
[Tommy shrugs to Duke in disgust at Rocky]
Rocky Balboa: You see, Tommy Duke wants us to fight, get us to fight in the ring. He don't care about you Tommy, he don't care about me either.
Paulie: C'mon Rock. Get out of here.
[Turns to Tommy]
Paulie: Tommy, you're a peice of garbage, you know that?
Tommy Gunn: Hey, stay out of it.
Paulie: No, you listen okay? Rocky, Rocky, he's the real champion, you're just a goddamn joke.
[Paulie pshes back Tommy and Tommy punches him back, Rocky comes back to console Paulie]
Paulie: [to Rocky] Yous hould've left him on streets where you found him.
Rocky Balboa: [to Tommy] Hey! You knock him down how 'bout tryin' knockin' *me* down.
George W. Duke: No, no. In the ring. In the ring. Tommy only fights in the ring.
Rocky Balboa: My ring's outside.

Rocky Balboa: Listen Tommy, we need to talk.
Tommy Gunn: Later Rock.
Rocky Balboa: No, no. listen Tommy. It's about Duke.
Tommy Gunn: I'm 22 and 0. Where's the money? The way I was going. I wasn't going to get a shot of the title for a long time. I am signing papers with the man tomorrow
Rocky Balboa: This is what Mick told me about. About the business, the dirty part of the business. These managers, when they represent these fighters, they promise them the world, then they, they suck' em dry, leave them, leave them in the gutter, broke Tommy.
Karen: C'mon Tommy. We're running late.
Rocky Balboa: This is what I'm talkin' about? You know Tommy? Duke. Duke, he's, he's like a vampire Tommy. He's living off of your blood Tommy.
Tommy Gunn: [Agravatingly interrupting] I ain't you and you ain't Mick. When are you gonna relize that this is a buissness? In a buisness you need...
Rocky Balboa: [Interrupting] What? Brains? you say that I don't have any brains Tommy?
Tommy Gunn: No. you said that, not me. Look, Rock. You took me as far as you could, but Duke gave my title shot, you didn't. If you still want to train me do it, but if you don't, don't. But it's my or it's the highway.
Tommy Gunn: [Drives off]

Tommy Gunn: Anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Merlin Sheets: Tommy, you're in his shadow. I don't know if there's any way out.
Tommy Gunn: [to Duke] This is your own man talkin'!