Robert 'Rocky' Balboa Jr.
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Robert 'Rocky' Balboa Jr. (Character)
from Rocky V (1990)

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Rocky V (1990)
Rocky Balboa Jr.: You remember how you were telling me all about deceptions and to watch out for them?
Rocky: Yeah.
Rocky Balboa Jr.: You're the one that should have watched out.

Rocky Balboa Jr.: [after Rocky and Rocky Jr. run up the steps, and Rocky Jr. beats Rocky up the steps] Come dad you can do better then that.
Rocky Balboa: Oh no way... It's like these steps keep growing taller every year, my goodness.
[Rocky looks at the steps]
Rocky Balboa: I can't believe it kid, this is where it all started for me. Runnin' up and these steps you know...
Rocky Balboa Jr.: [Looks at his watch] Dad we're gonna be late.
Rocky Balboa: Oh right... Hey kid what's wrong with your ear?
Rocky Balboa Jr.: What's wrong with it?
Rocky Balboa: You got somthin' growing in it like a, like a bump.
Rocky Balboa Jr.: What bump?
Rocky Balboa: This bump.
[Rocky as a trick takes his necklace out from his sons ear, and gives it to him. Rocky Jr. eyes it in awe]
Rocky Balboa Jr.: Thanks dad!
[Hugs Rocky]
Rocky Balboa: Hey you deserve it. Thank you for bein' born. Thank you, thank you.
Rocky Balboa Jr.: [Holds the necklace to his ear as an earing] What do you think, the new me?
Rocky Balboa: Well, um... You look like the daughter i've always wanted.
Rocky Balboa Jr.: [Fake punches Rocky jokingly] What you talkin' about.
Rocky Balboa: [jokingly] Hey yo kid don't punch me, i'm getting brittle as it is... Look at this, you know. I've been running up and down these steps for 20 years, and i never knew there was valuable pictures in this building.
Rocky Balboa Jr.: Well your never to old to learn somthin' new. Your gonna love Piccaso.
Rocky Balboa: Yeah, yeah well I love almost everybody.

Rocky Balboa: This neighborhood's coming down with tooth decay.
Rocky Balboa Jr.: It's called urban blight.

Rocky Balboa: 'Cause you're smarter than me, and that's a fact.
Rocky Balboa Jr.: No, I'm not.
Rocky Balboa: Yeah, you are. It's like every day you learn something new, and every day I forget something new,

Rocky Balboa Jr.: [Rocky gives his son the Rocky Marciano cufflink necklace that Mick had given him] Thanks Dad!
Rocky Balboa: Thank you for being born!

Rocky Balboa (2006)
Rocky Jr.: [questioning his father wanting to fight again] Don't you think you're a little, you know, old?

Rocky Jr.: You cast a big shadow.

Rocky Jr.: [talking to Rocky as he is getting ready for Round Three] Hey, stay on him! Everybody thought this was a joke, including me! Now, nobody's laughing! Stay on him!

Rocky Jr.: Don't take any more chances out there than you have to. There's nothing more to prove, Pop! There's nothing more to prove!
Rocky Balboa: I gotta go out the way I gotta go out.

Rocky III (1982)
Rocky Jr.: [Rocky as he reads the story about Goldilocks to his son] Then what happened to Goldilocks?
Rocky Balboa: Happened to her? I'm not exactly sure.
Paulie: Busted for trespassing and got 30 days in the cooler.
Rocky Balboa: Oh, that's real nice, Paulie.