Josh Howard
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Josh Howard (Character)
from Ocean's 11 (1960)

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Ocean's 11 (1960)
Josh Howard: Look Vince - the brave ones don't come home. You stay scared.
Vince Massler: Yeah. You were always one of those guys who didn't want any brave ones on patrol with you, weren't you?
Josh Howard: It's simple enough - in my book "brave" rhymes with "stupid", and it still does.

Josh Howard: They way I figure it is like this: the eleven of us cats against this one city...?

Danny Ocean: [Josh starts chuckling] What's so funny?
Josh Howard: I knew this color would come in handy one day.
Sam Harmon: Hey, Josh...
Josh Howard: Yeah?
Sam Harmon: How do you get this stuff off?
Josh Howard: Well, I usually-
[stops midsentence, then laughs sarcastically]