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Junior Hubbard (Character)
from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

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Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)
Sheriff Cal Tucker: Morning, Ethel. My, don't you look lovely today.
Ethel Hubbard: Horse shit! Now, Sheriff, you better hear me, and hear me good. I want this looney bin closed down. You hearin' me fella? Now these kids ain't nothing but trouble. They don't respect other's property, and they're all crazy!
Junior Hubbard: You tell 'em Ma! Ha hah.
Sheriff Cal Tucker: Ethel, these kids weren't doing...
Ethel Hubbard: Doing? Doing? You think I don't know what those two perverts were doing in my yard?
Junior Hubbard: Say it like you mean it, Ma!
Ethel Hubbard: Would you shut the fuck up?
[the kids laugh for a minute]
Ethel Hubbard: Now, I'm gonna tell all of ya, you mark my words, the next little bastard that comes near my farm, I'm gonn' blow your fuckin' brains out, you hear me?
[Tucker approaches]
Ethel Hubbard: Don't you come near me, Sheriff, I'm warnin' ya! I got a bomb on me. I swear to ya. You make one move toward me I'm gonna blow us all up. Start the engines, Junior!
[gets on motorbike]
Ethel Hubbard: That's it. My final words.
[gives them the finger as they drive off]

Ethel Hubbard: That is one fucking ugly man that goes there.
Junior Hubbard: That's one fucking ugly man, Mama.
Ethel Hubbard: Would you shut your trap? You ain't so pretty yourself, you know.
Junior Hubbard: I ain't so pretty myself, I know.

Ethel: [to chicken] I'm gonna chop you into itty, bitty little pieces, my friend. Just like they done to that piggo over at that fuckin' crazy farm. Eeeeyah!
[decapitates chicken]
Junior: Eeeeyah!
[imitates Ethel using spoon]
Junior: Ha ha ha ha.
Ethel: You big dildo. Eat your fucking slop! Ain't I make the best goddamned stew in the whole wide world?
Junior: Best goddamned stew in the whole wide world, Mama.