Julius Gaw
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Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)
[boxing Jason]
Julius Gaw: Go ahead. Take your best show, motherfucker.
[Jason punches his head right off]

[after finding the dead bodies of some of the crew]
Julius Gaw: Now I saw we regroup and let's go find this motherfucker before he finds us, huh? Are you with me?
Charles McCulloch: Watch your mouth, young man! And you'll do no such thing. I'm in charge here!
Julius Gaw: School is out, McCulloch. Okay?

Julius Gaw: I was able to find some shit from the halls and game room. Go ahead, take what you want.
[Everyone takes something but Julius]
Wayne Webber: Well what are you gonna take, Julius?
Julius Gaw: Nothing...
[Everyone glares]
Julius Gaw: ...but this gun.

Charles McCulloch: Walking corpses are not real.
Julius Gaw: Oh, yeah? Yeah, well, these dead bodies are sure enough real, all right.

Julius Gaw: [to himself, right before starting a boxing match with Jason] Use the combos, keep the feet light. This is it.