Dan Jordan
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Dan Jordan (Character)
from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)
Alice Johnson: Mind over matter.
[Walks away]
Debbie Stevens: Mind over matter? Sheila used to say that. God, every day she changes.
Dan Jordan: No. It's after every death.

Debbie Stevens: Mm, there's Dan Jordan. Mm-hmm! We are talkin' one major-league hunk!
[Alice's daydreams]
Alice Johnson: You know, you are one major-league hunk.
Dan Jordan: [laughs] Thanks, Alice.

Dan Jordan: [waiting for Alice outside of the diner] All the towns in America, and I gotta move to The Bermuda Triangle. That's great.

Dan Jordan: So, uh, why the haunted house?
Kristen Parker: It's not just a house. It's his home. He waiting in there for me to dream.
Rick Johnson: Hey, it's okay. We're with you.
Kristen Parker: I told you, you can't help me. This isn't a normal nightmare. I'm history.

Rick Johnson: She told us a story about Freddy. Fred Krueger. He's a town legend. He was a child killer freed on a technicality.
Dan Jordan: So?
Rick Johnson: So, a lot of parents got pissed of and, according to Kris, they hunted him down and roasted him like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Dan Jordan: All the towns in america and I got to move The Bermuda Triangle.

Alice Johnson: [in a continuous loop] Come on! We have to hurry!
Dan Jordan: What's going on?
Alice Johnson: I'm driving!

Alice Johnson: [after going through the loop twice already] He's going after Debbie! I've got to stop him!
Dan Jordan: You know, I get the weirdest feeling we've done this before.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989)
Dan Jordan: And as adults, we must now prepare for our new life outside this wonderful environment known as Springwood High. So let's blow this pop stand!

Dan Jordan: [possessed by Freddy Krueger] Hi, Alice. Want to make babies?

Mrs. Jordan: [on the radio] I'm calling about my wayward ex-son Daniel who's been acting like an ungrateful, unmanageable dickweed ever since he was seduced by that bimbo slut whore Alice!
Dan Jordan: Mom?
Freddy Krueger: [on the radio] If I were you, lady, I'd kill the ungrateful piggy.

Mark Gray: [seeing someone cut their hand on a beer bottle] God, I could have gone all night without looking at that.
Greta Gibson: You know, I think it's very strange how you draw your comics loaded with blood and guts. That freaks you out.
Dan Jordan: Yeah, it's just a little blood, guy.
Mark Gray: I know what it is, you big, dumb jock.