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Enos the Truck Driver (Character)
from Friday the 13th (1980)

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Friday the 13th (1980)
Enos, the truck driver: All the girls up there gonna look as good as you?
Annie: I don't know.
Crazy Ralph: You're going to Camp Blood, ain't ya?
Enos, the truck driver: Goddammit, Ralph, get outta here! Go on, get! Leave people alone!
Crazy Ralph: You'll never come back again.
Enos, the truck driver: Oh, shut up, Ralph.
Crazy Ralph: It's got a death curse!

Enos, the truck driver: I tell ya, he's causing problems enough for your boss with all that talk... goddamn nuisance... Did he tell you anything?
Annie: Oh, I'll be cooking for fifty kids and ten staff. The campers will mostly be like inner-city children.
Enos, the truck driver: I mean about what happened.
Annie: No.
Enos, the truck driver: [shakes head]
Annie: Come on, there's something you're not telling me.
Enos, the truck driver: Quit. Quit now.
Annie: Quit? Why would I wanna quit?
Enos, the truck driver: Camp Crystal Lake is jinxed.
Annie: Oh, terrific. Not you, too! You sound like your crazy friend back there, Ralph.
Enos, the truck driver: Did Christy ever tell you 'bout the two kids murdered in '58? Boy drowning in '57? Buncha fires. Nobody knows who did any of 'em. In 1962, they was gonna open up... the water was bad. Christy'll end up just like his folks, crazy and broke. He's been up there a year fixin' up that place. He musta dropped 25 thousand dollars, and for what? Ask anybody, quit.
Annie: I can't.
Enos, the truck driver: Dumb kids. Know-it-alls. Just like my niece, heads fulla rocks.
Annie: You're an American Original.
Enos, the truck driver: [mocking] I'm an American Original. Dumb kid.