Professor Lowe
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Professor Lowe (Character)
from Jason X (2001)

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Jason X (2001)
[Jason approaches Professor Lowe and reaches out for a machete sitting next to him]
Professor Lowe: [scared] Oh, you want your machete!
[laughs it off]
Professor Lowe: Shit, it's yours! Take it! Just remember who got it back for ya...
[Jason stares at him]
Professor Lowe: [calling out] Guys, it's okay! He just wanted his machete back!

Dieter Perez: You are one son of a bitch.
Professor Lowe: Soon to be a rich son of a bitch.

Professor Lowe: Can someone tell me what's on his face?
Janessa: Ahh... some kind of 20th century carbon filtration unit?
Tsunaron: It's a hockey mask.

[Rowan slaps the Professor hard as she awakes from cryo-suspension]
Kay-Em 14: Vital signs are normal and strong.
Professor Lowe: No shit.

Dieter Perez: The other viable is marked Voorhees. That's not Jason Voorhees, is it?
Professor Lowe: What do you know about him?
Dieter Perez: Jason Voorhees. He killed nearly 200 people and simply disappeared without a trace. Under the right buyer, he could be worth a fortune.
Professor Lowe: We've got him frozen here on the ship.
Dieter Perez: You worked list of ownership?
Dieter Perez: No list. He's my find. He's mine.
Professor Lowe: What about your students?
Dieter Perez: They're students. The educational experience will be enough.

Rowan: [sees Waylander with Jason's machete] Oh, whoa. Where did you get that?
Waylander: Uh, from your friend. The big guy with the hockey mask.
Professor Lowe: You brought him on board?
Professor Lowe: He's in the next lab. We're quite safe.
Rowan: Safe?
Professor Lowe: Our scans reveal him to be very dead.
Rowan: Could your scans be wrong? I think you just get rid of him, professor. He's too dangerous.
Professor Lowe: Well, that would be irresponsible and foolhardy. He's a valuable scientific artifact that must be carefully preserved. Much like yourself.
Rowan: He is an unstoppable killing machine. He's not dead.
Waylander: Believe me. He's definitely dead.
Rowan: Show me.