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A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)
Rick Johnson: It's Avoid All Contact Day.

Alice Johnson: [Rick comes in and sits next to Alice, who is watching a video with Rick and Kristen in it in happier days] You made her so happy then.
Rick Johnson: Yeah, before all this Freddy shit.
Alice Johnson: [Turns to Rick] You know, I saw it in my dream. Th-There was this horrible man...
Rick Johnson: [Interrupting Alice with a tone in his voice] Oh, who, Freddy? Freddy? Look, I don't want to hear about Freddy, okay. I heard it all from Kristen and I don't want to hear anymore. So just stop it.
Alice Johnson: But I could smell the smoke, I can feel the fire. It wasn't a dream it was real!
Rick Johnson: I said stop it! She wasn't crazy and neither are you, so just stop it, please. God, why are you acting this way?
Alice Johnson: I don't know, Rick. Something happened in the dream and now... it's like she's a part of me.

Rick Johnson: Hey, Supergirl, it's dead. Give a bug a break.

Roland Kincaid: [to Kristen] Here comes your boyfriend. Can he give you a good night's sleep?
Rick Johnson: [to Kincaid and Joey] We don't kiss and tell. How about you guys?

Rick Johnson: Swish. Killed a fish.

Dan Jordan: So, uh, why the haunted house?
Kristen Parker: It's not just a house. It's his home. He waiting in there for me to dream.
Rick Johnson: Hey, it's okay. We're with you.
Kristen Parker: I told you, you can't help me. This isn't a normal nightmare. I'm history.

Rick Johnson: She told us a story about Freddy. Fred Krueger. He's a town legend. He was a child killer freed on a technicality.
Dan Jordan: So?
Rick Johnson: So, a lot of parents got pissed of and, according to Kris, they hunted him down and roasted him like a Thanksgiving turkey.

[wakes up from anesthesia and sees a doctor with a burned face]
Rick Johnson: Krueger!
Freddy Krueger: Well I ain't Dr. Seuss.