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A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985)
[Freddy speaks to Jesse for the first time in Jesse's nightmare]
Freddy Krueger: [Freddy runs the knives of his glove over Jesse's head] I need you, Jesse. We got special work to do here, you and me.
Freddy Krueger: [Freddy then slams Jesse against the wall, slowly tilting his head to him] You've got the body...
Freddy Krueger: [Freddy takes off his hat and digs his own fingers into his skull] I've got the brain.
Jesse Walsh: [Freddy then tears back the flesh on his head exposing the top of his brain, as Jesse screams] Ahhhh!
[Freddy laughs wildly as Jesse wakes up screaming]

[Lisa finds Nancy's diary in Jesse's closet and reads the first page]
Lisa: 'Sometimes when I'm lying here in bed, I can see Glenn in the window across the way getting ready for bed. His body is slim and smooth, and I know I shouldn't watch him, but that part of me that wants him forces me to. That's when I weaken. That's when I want to go to him.'
Jesse Walsh: Can I see that?
Jesse Walsh: [Jesse begins to read the next page in the diary] 'March 15th - He comes to me at night, horrible, ugly, and dirty, under the sheets with me, tearing at my night gown with his steel claw.'
Jesse Walsh: [Jesse silently flips the page] 'His name is Fred. And he keeps trying to take me to the boiler room. He wants to kill me.'
Lisa: [Jesse flips the page, remaining silent] What is it?
Lisa: [Jesse hands the diary back over to Lisa, as she reads] 'Tina is dead.' Jesse are you okay?
Jesse Walsh: It's just something that Grady said... about the girl that used to live here. How she went crazy when she saw her boyfriend get murdered across the street.

[Lisa forces Jesse to try and fight Freddy from taking over his body]
Lisa: Jesse, fight him!
Jesse Walsh: [Jesse stands up] I can't!
Lisa: [the house window shuts and locks itself] Fight it, Jesse!
Lisa: [the front door closes and locks itself] You created him. You can destroy him! He is living off of your fear - Jesse, fight him.
Jesse Walsh: [Jesse yells out] I can't!
Lisa: Yes you can. Fight him! You are not afraid of him! He doesn't even exist!
Lisa: [the TV and fish tank explode as Lisa screams] No!

[Freddy walks at Lisa who has a knife]
Lisa: Jesse, help.
Freddy Krueger: [Freddy yells] There is no Jesse. I'm Jesse now!
Lisa: Get away from me! Get away from me!
Jesse Walsh: [Freddy speaks in Jesse's voice] Kill me, Lisa. Please, kill me.
Freddy Krueger: [Freddy laughs, screaming] Come on, Lisa. Kill him - Kill him!
Jesse Walsh: [Lisa begins to stab Freddy's shoulder, as Freddy chuckles, talking in Jesse's voice] I love you, Lisa.

[Jesse tries to hold Freddy behind the basement door when he calls out for his dad]
Jesse Walsh: Dad! Help!
Freddy Krueger: [Jesse turns to run away when Freddy appears, standing behind him] Daddy can't help you now!

[Jesse and Ron run on the school track as Coach Schneider hears them from the sidelines]
Jesse Walsh: Hey, Grady, do you remember your dreams?
Ron Grady: Only the wet ones.
Jesse Walsh: No talking!

[we see the view of something coming out from the basement, moving through the house, up the stairs, as Jesse enters into Angela's bedroom]
Freddy Krueger: [Freddy's voice speaks down to Angela in her bed] Wake up, little girl.
Angela Walsh: [Angela wakes up from sleeping and turns over, asking half asleep] What time is it?
Jesse Walsh: [seeing Jesse stand over her wearing Freddy's glove] It's late. Go back to sleep.

[Jesse tells Ron that something is inside of him and it's trying to get out]
Jesse Walsh: There's something inside of me. And last night it made me go in to my sister's room. And tonight with Lisa in the cabana, it started happening again.
Ron Grady: I think you are seriously losing it, bro.
Jesse Walsh: I'm scared, Grady. Something is trying to get inside my body.
Ron Grady: Yeah, and she's female, and she's waiting for you in the cabana. And you wanna sleep with me.

[Jesse goes to Lisa's house, telling her that Freddy Krueger is inside his body]
Lisa: Jesse, who is doing this to you?
Jesse Walsh: Fred Krueger! He's inside me, and he wants to take me again!
Lisa: No - No - Jesse? Jesse, this is not happening. It's got to be everything you've taken in - Schneider, the diary, the glove, only it's all mixed up.
Jesse Walsh: Christ - What do I have to do to make you understand me? Last night he made me try and kill my sister.
Jesse Walsh: [Jesse holds out his bloody hands] I got blood on my hands.
Jesse Walsh: [Jesse shivers, crying] He owns me.

[Jesse takes Lisa to school in his cheap car and starts it up by the wires for the car radio]
Lisa: Don't you ever use a key?
Jesse Walsh: Why?
Lisa: Well, somebody could steal your car, couldn't they?
Jesse Walsh: [Jesse smiles asking back to her] The deadly dinosaur?

[Jesse and Ron talk in the locker room about Coach Schneider]
Jesse Walsh: You know, Schneider shouldn't have called you out on that last play.
Ron Grady: Yeah, well, Schneider's got a stick up his ass today.
Jesse Walsh: [Jesse chuckles] Schneider's always got a stick up his ass.
Coach Schneider: Hello, dirtballs.

[Jesse asks his father about their house during the family's morning breakfast]
Jesse Walsh: Dad, how come it took them five years to sell this house?
Ken Walsh: Oh, I don't know. Just couldn't get the right price, I suppose.
Jesse Walsh: You didn't know anything about the murder across the street, and the crazy girl who lived here that saw the whole thing?
Ken Walsh: They told me something about it, yeah, but I...
Cheryl Walsh: You mean, you knew something about this, and you...
Ken Walsh: Oh, come on, Cheryl. How do think we got such a good deal, huh?
Jesse Walsh: Did they tell you that that girl lost her mind, and her mother killed herself in our living room?
Cheryl Walsh: [Cheryl yells out louder] What?
Jesse Walsh: Did they tell you that?
Angela Walsh: Mom, I'm scared.
Ken Walsh: [Ken signals for Angela to come to him] Come here.
Cheryl Walsh: [Cheryl tells her daughter] Oh, honey, it's all right. Daddy and Jesse are just pretending, that's all. I don't think this is something we should discuss here.
Ken Walsh: [Ken tells Jesse] See what you're doing here? I don't want to hear one more word about it, Jess. There is absolutely nothing, I mean *nothing*, wrong with this house. Come on.
Angela Walsh: Something burning?

[Jesse joins his parents for morning breakfast, as Angela digs in a cereal box for the toy prize]
Cheryl Walsh: Jesse, are you okay?
Jesse Walsh: It's just so hot up there. I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping.
Cheryl Walsh: I know - Ken, I wish you'd call somebody and have the air conditioning...
Ken Walsh: There's nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with that air conditioning, mom. It just needs a shot of Freon.
Angela Walsh: [Angela finds the toy prize] Here they are!
Jesse Walsh: Oh, no. Come on, dad, you're not trying to fix something again.
Ken Walsh: [Ken smiles] Nobody likes a smart ass, buddy boy.
Angela Walsh: [Angela holds up her hand wearing the Freddy look-alike Fu Man fingers] Look.

[Jesse gets hit in the head with a soft ball, as Coach Schneider goes onto the field to check on him]
Coach Schneider: You okay?
Jesse Walsh: Yeah, I'm fine.
Coach Schneider: Well, pay attention next time!

[Jesse and Ron do push-ups out in the sun side-by-side, as Ron asks him about Lisa]
Ron Grady: So, what about you and that rich babe you've been cruising to school with every day.
Jesse Walsh: What about her?
Ron Grady: Are you mounting her lightly or what?

[Ron tells Jesse about the house Jesse just moved into]
Ron Grady: So, you live around here or what?
Jesse Walsh: Yeah, my parents just bought a place on Elm Street.
Ron Grady: Elm Street? You telling me you moved in that big white house with bars in the window?
Jesse Walsh: Yeah, what about it?
Ron Grady: Shit. You can tell your old man's a real chump.
Jesse Walsh: What are you talking about now, Grady?
Ron Grady: Some chick was locked in there by her mother and she went crazy. She watched her boyfriend get butchered across the street by some maniac.
Jesse Walsh: You're full of shit, Grady.

[Jesse and the family talk about how hot it is in the living room]
Jesse Walsh: My, God - It is hot like an oven in here.
Angela Walsh: Shh! The birds are sleeping.
Ken Walsh: Cheryl, it's 97 degrees in here.

[Ken Walsh tries to check behind the oven for a gas leak, and if it was the cause of the family bird to explode]
Jesse Walsh: It isn't the gas.
Ken Walsh: Don't tell me it's not the gas. Your mother thought she smelled gas.
Cheryl Walsh: Well, Ken, I thought I did. I wasn't sure.
Ken Walsh: All right, then. What is it? I mean, bird rabies? It's that cheap seed you been buying.
Cheryl Walsh: Oh, please, Ken. Really...
Ken Walsh: Well, it could be. There's got to be a reasonable explanation. I mean, animals don't just explode into flames for no reason. Do they?

[Jesse's parents question him after arriving home with the police naked]
Ken Walsh: Two questions. You answer them, and we can all go to bed, all right? What are you taking, son? Who are you getting it from?
Jesse Walsh: I'm not taking drugs. Mom, I want to go to bed.

[Lisa takes Jesse to the burned down power plant that Freddy Krueger used to work at]
Lisa: Freddy Krueger kidnapped 20 kids and brought them here... and killed them.
Lisa: [Jesse looks around the burned down building] Do you feel anything?
Jesse Walsh: What do you mean?
Lisa: I don't know. I thought you might be able to make a connection or something.
Jesse Walsh: [Jesse tries to concentrate] I feel like a jerk.

[Jesse drives Lisa to school as she asks him if he's okay]
Lisa: You had another nightmare, didn't you?
Jesse Walsh: Yes, I had a bad night.
Lisa: Do you want to talk about it?
Jesse Walsh: My dad thinks I'm on drugs. My mom thinks I'm crazy. And, you know, at this point, I don't know if I don't disagree with her.

[Lisa tries to talk to Jesse around the school cafeteria table]
Lisa: I wish you would talk to me. You know, we can figure it out. We can figure it out together.
Jesse Walsh: There is nothing to figure out.
Ron Grady: [Ron butts in with a full mouth of food] I don't know why you're wasting your time with this guy. He's a basket case.
Jesse Walsh: [Jesse yells out] Shup up, Grady!
Ron Grady: [Ron continues to talk with a full mouth of food before getting up to walk away] You want me to shut up? Fine! I'll shut up. No problem!

[Jesse sits with Ron in his bedroom, asking Ron for help]
Jesse Walsh: I need you to help me. Okay?
Ron Grady: All right, man. What do you want me to do?
Jesse Walsh: Just watch me. And if anything starts to happen - If I start to act weird, or start dreaming weird, or try to walk out of here, you gotta stop me. I don't care if you have to hit me over the head, just don't let me leave. And, Grady... don't fall asleep.

[last lines]
Jesse Walsh: [Jesse sits on the bus with Lisa and Kerry, as the bus hits a bump] What is this? Am I going crazy, or is this bus going too fast?
Lisa: It's going fine.
Kerry: No problem.
Jesse Walsh: [the bus begins to pick up speed] No - This bus is going too fast. Lisa, it's starting to speed up.
Lisa: It's fine.
Jesse Walsh: [Jesse yells out to the bus driver] Driver - Driver, stop!
Jesse Walsh: [the bus slows down, as Jesse see's another kid get on] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Lisa: It's okay - It's all right.
Kerry: Jesse, it's okay. It's all over.
[as Freddy's hand rips through the front shirt of Kerry, the bus is shown driving out in the deserted field, hearing the screams of the kids on the bus and Freddy's laughter]

Ron Grady: Hey, what the fuck are you doing in my room?
Jesse Walsh: Listen, I'm in trouble. I need you to let me stay here tonight.
Ron Grady: Are you out of your mind?
Jesse Walsh: [fearfully whispering] I don't know...