Debbie Stevens
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A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)
Debbie Stevens: I don't believe in you.
Freddy Krueger: I believe in you.

Alice Johnson: Mind over matter.
[Walks away]
Debbie Stevens: Mind over matter? Sheila used to say that. God, every day she changes.
Dan Jordan: No. It's after every death.

Debbie Stevens: Mm, there's Dan Jordan. Mm-hmm! We are talkin' one major-league hunk!
[Alice's daydreams]
Alice Johnson: You know, you are one major-league hunk.
Dan Jordan: [laughs] Thanks, Alice.

Debbie Stevens: What 17-year-old has fatal asthma?

Jock: [in response to Sheila's inhaler] Hey, baby. You're sucking on the wrong nossil.
Debbie Stevens: Hey, yo, needle dick! I bet you're the only male in this school suffering from penis envy.

Debbie Stevens: How can you ride this health hazard? You know, it's no wonder that you have asthma.
Sheila Kopecky: No, you see, asthma is an inherited condition. Read a book now and then, you might know something.
Debbie Stevens: You know, speaking of books, isn't trig your favorite?
[Shelia nods yes and realizes what Debbie's asking]
Sheila Kopecky: "Dynasty" again?
[Debbie smiles]
Sheila Kopecky: Deb, do us a favor and get a VCR.

Debbie Stevens: I don't work out for hours everyday to let some nightstalker beat me!
Alice Johnson: You don't get it. He's not a nightstalker, and it'll take a lot more than bench presses to defeat him.