Lt. Donald Thompson
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Lt. Donald Thompson (Character)
from A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Cop #3: [after seeing the crime scene in Glen's room] What the HELL did that, Lieutenant?
Lt. Donald Thompson: I don't know. What's the coroner got to say?
Cop #3: He's been in the John pukin' since he saw it.

Nancy Thompson: [talking on the phone with her dad] Hi, daddy. I know what happened.
[appealing to Glen]
Lt. Donald Thompson: I haven't been upstairs yet.
Nancy Thompson: Yeah, but you know he's dead, right?
Lt. Donald Thompson: Yeah, apparently he's dead.
Nancy Thompson: Listen, Daddy, I've got a proposition for you. Listen very carefully, please.
Lt. Donald Thompson: Nancy.
Nancy Thompson: I'm going to go and get the guy who did it, and I want you to be there to arrest him when I bring him out. Okay?
Lt. Donald Thompson: Just tell me who did it, I'll go get him, baby.
Nancy Thompson: Fred Krueger did it, Daddy. And only I can get him. It's my nightmare he comes to.

Lt. Donald Thompson: What was she doing there?
Marge Thompson: Hello to you, too, Donald.
Lt. Donald Thompson: [sarcastically] Marge.

Nancy Thompson: [At the police station] You know Tina, she dreamed this was gonna happen.
Lt. Donald Thompson: What?
Nancy Thompson: She had a nightmare, that someone was trying to kill her.
[to her mother, sobbing]
Nancy Thompson: That's why we were there mom. She just didn't wanna sleep alone.

Nancy Thompson: [to her father] The killer's still loose, you know.
Lt. Donald Thompson: You're saying somebody else killed Tina? Who?
Nancy Thompson: I don't know who he is, but he's burned and he wears a weird hat and a red and green sweater, really dirty. And he uses these knives, like giant fingernails...
Lt. Donald Thompson: [Cuts her off and guides her into the car]
Lt. Donald Thompson: [to Marge] You better keep her home, for a few days, until she really gets over the shock of this.
Marge Thompson: I've got something better. I'm going to get her some help.

Glen Lantz: We have reason to believe there may be something very strange going on.
Lt. Donald Thompson: You got that right.
Nancy Thompson: What are you doing here?
Lt. Donald Thompson: There's an unsolved murder and I hate unsolved murders, especially ones that my daughter is mixed up in, what are *you* doing here?
Nancy Thompson: Look I just gotta see that he's okay.
Sgt. Garcia: I just checked on him ten minutes ago, he's sleeping like a baby, he's not going anywhere.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)
Nancy Thompson: Daddy?
Thompson: I've crossed over, princess.
Nancy Thompson: Crossed over?
Thompson: I couldn't go without telling you how sorry I am for all the things I've done. I love you so much. I'll always love you.
Nancy Thompson: [hugs him] I'll always love you.
[Thompson turns into Freddy and stabs Nancy in her stomach]
Freddy Krueger: DIE.

Thompson: It's really you. I've killed you once before, you son of a bitch.

Thompson: Fred Kreuger is dead. You've always had such a hard time understanding that.
Nancy Thompson: You know what he did. He's doing it again.
Dr. Neil Gordon: She's telling the truth, sir.
Thompson: I don't think we've ever met, friend. This doesn't concern you.
Nancy Thompson: I think we can stop him. Stop him for good this time, but we need to know where his bones were hidden.
Thompson: It was good seeing you again, princess. Next time, don't stay away so long.

Thompson: [sees Freddy's burnt skeleton] It's really you!
[skeleton turns and nods]