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Mark Davis (Character)
from Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

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Freddy vs. Jason (2003)
Mark Davis: Somebody please wake me up! Please!

Mark Davis: Kurt, how many times do I have to tell you, man? I don't do checkers. I'm a UNO guy, all right? So go grab the fucking UNO deck and we'll play, OK?

[Bobby Davis appears in a bloody bathtub in Mark's nightmare]
Bobby Davis: Hey, Mark. You didn't forget about me, did you?
Mark Davis: Oh, God.
[Bobby speaks in Freddy Krueger's voice]
Freddy Krueger: Oh, that's right! Everyone forgot! That's why they weren't afraid anymore! That's why I needed Jason to kill for me to get them to remember. But now he just won't stop...
[Bobby shows Mark his slit wrists]
Freddy Krueger: That hockey puck!

[tormenting Mark in his nightmares]
Freddy Krueger: [disguised as Mark's brother] I need you to send a little message for me. That's all, just a little message.
Mark Davis: I'm not gonna do it. I won't do it!
[fully transformed back into himself]
Freddy Krueger: No?
[slams the gloved hand on the wall next to Mark's ear]
Mark Davis: I won't do it.
[grabs Mark by his shirt sleeves and points a bladed finger at him]
Freddy Krueger: I'll have to pass that message myself. Won't I, hmm?

[to Lori]
Mark Davis: Do you want some free advice? Coffee. Make friends with it.

[Lori is talking about her dream]
Lori: And there were these little girls, and they were singing this song like... like...
Mark Davis: One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Do you know why they sing that? Because that's when he comes for you.

Mark Davis: Do you want me to start having nightmares again?
Will Rollins: Don't start with that dream demon shit again. OK? You know that's all just in your head.
Mark Davis: Yeah, yeah, and who are you, the poster boy for sanity?

Mark Davis: [talking about Freddy] He's a child murderer. And some parents from around here burned him ALIVE. Then he came back; back for revenge in our nightmares.

Mark Davis: "Hypnocil." What does this shit do anyway? How come we all have to take it?
Kinsey Park: Keeps you nice and docile while I kick your little ass.
Mark Davis: [swallows pill with water] I'm fine with that.

Kinsey Park: [switches off the television] Sorry, Will. You know the rules.
Will Rollins: Turn that back on. I somebody who lives in that house. Come on, turn it back on, man. I never ask for anything. Just turn on the fucking TV, please.
[Male Nurse lays the tranquilizer kit in front of Will]
Will Rollins: Fuck you, man. What the fuck is your problem?
Mark Davis: [pulls Will away] What are you doing, man? You want 10 cc's of that pink tranquilizer in your ass?