Will Rollins
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Will Rollins (Character)
from Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

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Freddy vs. Jason (2003)
Kia Waterson: Oh, come on. We all know who the real virgin is here.
Lori Campbell: Kia!
Kia Waterson: Oh, come on, Lori. I know that you never made it with Will. Why would he want to, when he can fuck somebody like me?
Will Rollins: [laughs] Let's tie the bitch up.

Will Rollins: Freeburg, time to go. We gotta go. Now. Come on.
[Possessed By Freddy Krueger]
Bill Freeburg: Let me handle this, bitch.

Mark Davis: Do you want me to start having nightmares again?
Will Rollins: Don't start with that dream demon shit again. OK? You know that's all just in your head.
Mark Davis: Yeah, yeah, and who are you, the poster boy for sanity?

Kinsey Park: [switches off the television] Sorry, Will. You know the rules.
Will Rollins: Turn that back on. I somebody who lives in that house. Come on, turn it back on, man. I never ask for anything. Just turn on the fucking TV, please.
[Male Nurse lays the tranquilizer kit in front of Will]
Will Rollins: Fuck you, man. What the fuck is your problem?
Mark Davis: [pulls Will away] What are you doing, man? You want 10 cc's of that pink tranquilizer in your ass?

Will Rollins: Let's go, we can't help her anymore.
Lori Campbell: No, I'm staying.
Will Rollins: Are you crazy? You got what you wanted, you pulled Freddy out. Now he's fighting Jason. Come on, what more do you want?
Lori Campbell: He killed my mother, Will. It was Freddy. My father covered it up to protect me. He didn't do it.
Will Rollins: Oh, my God.
Lori Campbell: Look, he has taken everything from us. He has ruined both of our pasts. And I am not leaving until I see him die.
[Freddy and Jason begin their fight]

Will Rollins: The reason I was sent to Westin is because I saw your dad kill your mom.
Lori Campbell: Will, mom died in a car accident.
Will Rollins: Well, he wanted you to believe that, but I was there, Lori.